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Updated: Sep 6, 2023
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santiago veraguas, Panama,
Jun 11, 2020,

concern novice trader

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Ok, I've been hearing a lot about this software, I've read Every Review on it and Seen YouTube Videos from People who Seems like their actually making Money with this system, I started to take interest in Crypto Master Bot following on YouTube this guy from the BLW group and another guy the host a program "sit on my bits" from London or England "IDK", then while checking out Crypto master bot researching online? then I was brought to Algo-signal and was told their the Original and that Crypto Master bot is the fake... now after reading multiple review on ALGO-SIGNAL?the Only Question I have is? why don't they say who are their TRUSTED BROKER?, on every Review I've read it always say's that they deal with trusted broker's but never mentions Who it is?, Finally I sign up to them to see how they are and try the software and later that day I get a Call and an Email From "GSI Markets Ecn Connect" which I've never Heard of or I never Sign on to them!, they stated that they received my Enrollment which I never sign up to them, and started to ask Questions, I asked if they were Affiliated or do business with "ALGO-SIGNAL", they stated that their a seprate company and they were based out in Columbia, now I live in Panama so that's not very Far so I started Investigating them and Found that this Company doesn't have any good rating online, so therefore How can I be sure of any Review on Algo-signals to be True?, Algo-signal nor the Person who say's that they Review the software never Mentions the TRUSTED broker that ALGO-SIGNAL WORK WITH? do they Work with this GSI Markets Ecn Connect? or not or who do they Work with thats a Trusted Broker?