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4.613 • 23 REVIEWS
Updated: Apr 14, 2024
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4.613 • 23 REVIEWS

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Timisoara, Romania,
Apr 14, 2024,
Registered user

Great value!

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Ever since I joined, the service only got better and better, through constant updates regarding the courses, the addition of a psychology coach to the group and more. Miad is a great mentor, learnt quite a bit from him in terms of analyzing fundamentals and he is always helpful and quick to respond in regards to all sorts of questions. Highly recommend!
UK, United Kingdom,
Apr 12, 2024,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Been with Miad and his group 2 months now and have already learnt way more than I ever knew about macro. Extremely knowledgable, Miad is always available to answer your questions if you are unsure of anything. He has created a great learning environment and I thoroughly recommend him!
Slovenia, Slovenia,
Sep 15, 2023,
Registered user

Constant improvements

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been a member of Miad's group for a year now and I have learned a lot. From purely technical point of view to stuff that is not so typical for trading courses/groups. Miad also talks about small habits and other details that make a huge change in your perception of the markets and, most importantly, your reaction to what is happening. Needles to say I'm staying with Miad also in the future.
Brisbane, Australia,
Feb 1, 2022,

A Great Mentor

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Miad has a great wealth of knowledge and so much different to other so called gurus. He is patient and makes analytical decisions based on fundamentals. He manages the risks and always there to answer any questions and support his team. Best trading mentor I have ever met. I wish the very best for Miad and his great Speculators Trading community.
Nov 26, 2021,

Miad is a ledge

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Been with Miad for about a year now and it’s very safe to say that he has elevated my trading. I went to Miad because some moves in FX left me scratching my head. I had follow him on twitter for about a year before and used his tweets on CB rate differentials to confirm biases. I joined his group trying to understand the macro better. I usually intraday trade but joining Miad’s group has allowed me to hold onto trades for longer now or get in trades I never thought of before.

He always answers a question, usually right away. Supports the group in any way he can, has helped a lot of people get funded.

Overall Ledge, great guy.
Keys, United Kingdom,
Apr 18, 2021,

Low risk and Long term results

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I was looking for a coach that can help me achieve long lasting profits with low risk.
I did not want to have a yoyo equity curve anymore so decided to find someone to help me get steady returns.

Understanding fundamentals has changed the way I look at risk taking. I am much more composed and my feelings don't effect my trading anymore. I am very happy with this service and grateful that they offer their services..
lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 30, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
To me i have always wanted to sound more professional as a trader. i usually take my trade based on MA and stochastic swing point before but i feel i need to step up my game by knowing more about what drives the market so that when someone ask you reason why you execute that trade you could sound more professional. Miad of speculator trading took my knowledge of fundamental to another level. There's is a fundamental sentiment that drives every market MOVES and Miad digs out this fundamentals sentiment like a pro and it gives you confidence to stay on that trade to maximize the number of pips rather close it because MA has turn.i turned 100dollar to 400dollar in one week using trade calls coming from miad trading room.
UK, United Kingdom,
Nov 27, 2020,

Not worth the money

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Tbh most of the things that Miad posts leaves you a lot of room for interpretation and most of the time you leave thinking "what?". Yes sometimes he gets good trades but most of them are hit and miss. Sometimes he would post ridiculous entries like shorting into support or going long into resistance and then say "oh this market is confused".

LondonFix strategy that he is selling for an insane amount of money is 100% not worth it....it's simple levels that you can trade of even without knowing about "London Fix". He concentrates into this London fix thing but barely can use it himself and this idea itself is not his...if you google for London fix strategy then you can find old articles about it.

Traders chat room is just funny in a sad way.... a bunch of people who have no idea what they talking about sharing trade ideas...

Read Investopedia, learn basic technical analysis( supply/demand level) and you will be better off than subscribing here
Birmingham, United Kingdom,
Mar 11, 2019,

A review below could have actually been written by me and has compelled me to submit my own. I am still prescribed to their room but i no longer go in. This should be matketed as a trade call service (not a very good one during my time there)

I understand some people might be happy to sign up for an education service only to be told you need to read up on say oil a good start is wikipedia or babypips these are free sites. Think about that you pay someone to tell you to go to free websites and figure it out for your self.

I think the review below was kind about the price action course, maybe something got lost in translation but a course they are definitely not.

The way miad talks about trades will leave you thinking does he mean buy or sell? Or wow this must be a great trade, unfortunately not i lost money on most of their calls only to see miad boasting on social media how well hes done.

The final straw for me was the continuous attempts at trying to find a different way to trade. A Guinea pig is not what i signed up for
Manchester, United Kingdom,
Feb 10, 2019,

I don't normally leave reviews but I have to give my honest opinion on my time with this group

I was asked late last year by Miad to leave a review which I didn't do because I knew it wouldn't be positive but looking at the reviews left I feel I should give my experience to balance things out.

I joined the 3 month spec program as I was looking for a better understanding of fundamentals having spent 4 years concentrating on technical analysis, the program its self teaches you nothing there are sections on oil, monetary police, interest rates etc but each section for the 3 months tells you to go and read up about them your self and recommends wikipedia and baby pips. There are some price action courses as well but each course just shows 1 or 2 trade examples with no more than a paragraph of writing about it.

I wanted a copy of the COT spread sheet but you had to be an annual subscriber for that so I paid just to get the sheet which overall is very good but soon noticed theres another educator out there with almost the exact same one which they claim to have developed them selves. Who knows?

My time in the room was very confusing Miad would say buy X currency pair and then you would see him re-tweet someone on Twitter saying sell the same pair. They would also tweet things that happen in the room that never happened once, I got into a heated discussion about that as it was totally misleading to people that would see the tweet.

Leo is a nice guy and I really liked him but overall my time in the room I was massively down financially, taking two big hits one on usdtry we was told to enter with no stop as it was a long term play this trade was never mentioned again until I sent a message questioning it when it was heavily under water had I not questioned it and closed for a bigger than usual loss the hit would have been very damaging. Same with a gbpaud its had a good run up then when the markets opened on Sunday Miad said in the room don't even question it buy now it's going to RIP, it came down well over 300 pips, again the trade didn't get another mention. I left the room 2 months into my 12 month subscription as almost every day I was left in total confusion couldn't risk losing anymore than I had.

This review is miles away from others here and what is portrayed on Twitter but it's my own honest review of my time there.