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1.182 · 6 REVIEWS
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Conrad O.,
Dec 24, 2007,

Although the EuroX2 recorded some losses for me, I later found out that I could have reduced these if I reduced the 'max trade' to 2.

As for AutoMoney, that's still my most preferred software so far. I tried it, while reducing the risk to 1.0, and it worked well. I've even tested it on several brokers platform, with different startup capital.
Mike H,
Dec 21, 2007,

These guys are a joke. I stupidly paid for their 'signals' because if you look at the past results, they are quite good. The problem is, they tell lies in the results.
When they send out the signals, they follow up with 'exit' signals. They may have several exit signals for each trade.
However, at the end of the signal period (usually about 2 hours of frantic trading) they say ' Thats all the signals for today, we made 180 pips !)'
What about the trades that went the wrong way ? They are conveniently left off the posted statistics.
Also, if you use their software for backtesting on MT4 (i think it's called) it makes huge profits. But the same problem exists, they ignore all the bad trades !
You are left with a couple of huge bad trades which negate all your profits.
These guys are either idiots, or a scam.
south africa,
Nov 16, 2007,

no way to contact these guys
i had a problem to subscribe to there daily "interesting result"signal
and it is cheap
i wanted to subsc, but i couldnt, everytime it gives me a message from paypal, that they r unable to proceed my payment, that shows they r scammm, as no proper location to proceed the payement
pls inform me if someone was able to register to their signal
Carlos Castillo,
Bogotá, Colombia,
Nov 5, 2007,

be careful!!!
I bought AutoIntrady because the demo version worked so fine. But the real version doesn't work at all. It doesn't recognize the trend, they don't give you any support, the software delivery is POOR, they don't give you an user manual, and if this software would be free, would be very expensive.
I am very dissaponited with it. I send an e-mail asking about some parameters, and they didn't answered my questions. It was at august.
This software is a SCAM.
Oct 18, 2007,

John from SA.....quite scary, but here's what my FX broker had to say:
I would just say this, and you can take it however you would like. I wouldn't believe everything that is written. Now if this did happen then it was with a broker that allowed EA's to be stored on their servers. We do not have EA's stored on our servers, they are computer based. So there is no way for an EA to be "turned on" without it being turned on by the person operating his computer.
I do not know of any brokers that allow EA's to be stored on their servers.
Nevertheless,regarding EuroX2, when I ran it on Strategy Tester as demo, it always seemed to build up equity nicely, up to a point where suddenly it lost all equity in 3 or 4 trades that were open between 10 and 20 days. So I thought that's a snafu in SR, and spent the $ 100 to let it run on a demo account for a while. As soon as it had opened the first trade, I realized that there is no original Stoploss, only a supposed trailing stop of 20 pips, but that doesn't show up on the order. Idiotic as it seems to write a currency trading program without a stop, but that explains the ultimate complete loss after long open trades. Don't waste your money! I did that for you.
Oct 15, 2007,

Had a problem with the subscription. No way to contact them.
south africa,
Oct 9, 2007,

before you buy the eurox2 read this report