4.667 • 4 REVIEWS
Updated: Mar 11, 2024
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4.667 • 4 REVIEWS

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Aadesh Chaudhary
Bodeh, Indonesia,
Oct 14, 2020,

Tasty spreads and fees

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Cryptology is definitely good with its spreads, sometimes they can be up to 10 times lower than in some brokerage firms. So, I can say, Cryptology is my favorite place for trading crypto now.
I trade on Exchange here and I surely like it. The charts are very simple and easy to use. Yeah, there are no advanced features, clients can use only two types of chart mode: Candlesticks and Line. Also platform offers an Order Book. It's convenient to determine what prices users prefer for buying and selling assets.
Commissions are also quite tight there and they decrease as the volume of traded currency increases. Accordingly, in terms of costs, this is a very advantageous platform for people who want to make money with trading crypto. It’s simple enough and suits to both newbies and experienced traders, in my opinion.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Oct 13, 2020,

Easy-to-use platform

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I'm not very advanced trading, for me cryptoinvesting is more just for fun, not to make money, so Cryptology trading platform was exactly I was looking for. For more advanced traders, there may be a lack of technical analysis tools or brackets, but for me, its functionality is just what I was looking for. It's quite native, so I don't waste time on learning and fast-responsoring, even with slow internet connection, so I know my trade would be executed. In general, that's all I need.
Johor Bahru, Malaysia,
Oct 12, 2020,

My way for trading crypto

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I'm using cryptology not for exchanging but for trading only. There are different opinions about crypto itself but that's one of the most promising asset in 2020, so I decided to try cryptotrading. I've reviewed many platforms, including that one and I wanted to choose a company that specializes in cryptotrading, so I finally chose Cryptology. There were several reasons for that.
First of all, it has positive reviews, I haven't found any sufficient negative ones.
Secondly, it offers reasonable spreads, usually around 0.2-0.4 pips.
And the last one, there's convenient, I can say even extremely convenient mobile app. I'm using it 70% of my trading time too manage my trades.
Esidor Nhlapo
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Oct 1, 2020,

Interesting alternative

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I mined crypto since 2017 and sold my farm in 2018. Recently I had a feeling I'm missing smth in my life and remembered you can trade crypto, not only mine it.
I guess it might sound a bit naive, but it only matters what comes out of this experiment, correct? I like the fact that here I don't have to invest $1000 to start trading. As far as I understood the essence of futures contracts is leverage, so I invested only $100 and trade as if I had $1000 on account. My mistake was to start trading with only 1 contract. You need at least 10 to make changes on account visible. Overall I like the experience, yet we'll see how successful I can get here. So far so good.