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Out of business
Updated: May 12, 2023
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business

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nick violaris
UK, United Kingdom,
Nov 28, 2020,

Real Scam

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I made a mistake in allowing them to manage my account with Hot Forex Seychelles and quite systematically they managed to wipe it clean. They even promised a guarantee if they loose me any money! A total lie.
I think they have an agreement with an obviously corrupt Hot Forex and they shared my losses
India, India,
Oct 30, 2020,
Registered user

Andrew Host is a scammer

Okay, I haven't started with Fxsyndicate.org but I have valid reasons to tell you why they're scammers!

Andrew Host used to be a close friend of Ninoslav Golubovic and a manager in Profit-ForexSignals.com, the biggest scam site ever made.

I know because I remember clearly speaking with Andrew Host 5-6 times when I was signed up for Trade Copier service with Profit-ForexSignals, he made me believe that they're the best and they haven't seen any drawdown above 20%.

I intentionally had a chat with Fxsyndicate.org after coming to know the CEO is Andrew Host. Again, with his wishy-washy convincing tactics he started convincing me how they never seen a bigger drawdown etc etc.

When I told him that I remember him from Profit-forexsignals from 4 years ago, he started telling me that Nino and Anna were scammers(which is true) and how he(Andrew) himself wanted to help people(which I can't believe).

A person, who served a scamming company for 4-5 years cannot turn into a great trader overnight. He left profit-forexsignals.com because clearly he didn't get his cut from those two scammer couple.

Also, whoever reading this, still wants to trade with them thinking that Andrew might have changed, NO!, he is still using some old tactics he learned from Profit-ForexSignals.com, that is, duping people with MyFxBook performance.

Just check both the sites' performance in MyFxBook, both of them have "all demo" accounts and the track record isn't even verified.

I have lost enough in PFXS, so I don't need to put my money in fxsyndicate.org to tell you how they operate.

In fact, whoever tells you they make more than 10% roi per month and the trader doesn't reveal his face, be careful.

Stay safe.
Home, Philippines,
Jun 8, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used

I did not invest since the site and its content is so suspicious.

The accounts linked to myfxbook.com are all Demos!

The Investor Q&A is ridiculous and not so customer centric. It’s as if they are the world’s best traders. Lol

You can find it here: https://www.fxsyndicate.org/client-type

A certain Andrew Host kept messaging me for the past few years. At that time, there were no reviews about this company which is why I decided to ignore them. When they messaged me today and searched for reviews again, surprisingly, one user was scammed.

I felt like they are so desperate in scamming people most specially during these times when I received a message from them again today.
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Baku, Azerbaijan,
Jan 7, 2020,
Registered user

Not what they claim to be

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months

I want to report on fxsyndicate.org for misleading people about how successful they are. They promise no Margin Calls^ no scams, however, they finished my 5k account in just couple of months time and now do not even bother to reply to my questions.

I'm going to write a thorough review about their scam activites soon, but wanted to warn you as well.
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