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TradeStation is a stock broker. Trade Station offers online trading through mobile app. offers,stocks, ETFs, options and futures for your personal investment and trading options.
October 2017:  The FPA is informed that TradeStation no longer offers forex.  The company now allows clients to trade stocks, options, and futures.

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1.833 · 44 REVIEWS
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Oct 13, 2011,

Customer service has been good and the accounf was very easy to set up so not sure what all the other reviews are on about. But major problems with the platform constantly crashing. Tech guys tried to help but to no avail. Could be an issue my end with internet provider but have no problems with more basic platforms such as MT4 or java based platforms, so sorry TS, its a thumbs down from me.
Jun 10, 2011,

TS is fairly shitty at opening account, transferring funds, customer services, etc.
you have to open multiple accounts for each asset class which is worse as you have to do a wire transfer or set up various ACHs. + you have to pays fees on both side of transfer. in addition, everything is done via fax and paper so there is digital trace for you.

data and chart functionality is simliar to every other broker. the worse part is the taxing season as TS does not provide consolidated 1099 you will have to reconcile your trades yourself and manually verfiy the data.
Feb 23, 2011,

service is lacking, try calling in and wait, an office full of salesmen, i do not think any of them have traded themselves, for the fees they charge i would think you could get help on there platform,
Jan 26, 2011,

Terrible broker. Very inflexible. Will not improve your profitability. Charting is so-so and way overrated, relying on the "Tradestation" charting platform name before the brand was used as brokerage firm. Their low commissions become illusory.
Michigan USA,
May 7, 2010,

Poor platform, slow loading of charts, diconnects from server several times a day during heavy volumn, wide spreads (use gain capital for forex clearing house), adds commision to each trade not to mention the vairable spreads from gain capital. If you plan to trade forex only, go to a broker that uses MT4, which is a free platform, Tradestation charges $100 a month for their platform use.
Apr 23, 2010,

Horrible fills...for example if your selling to close a position, youll see higher prices executing on the time and sales than what you have your limit order set for and yet your order will still not be filled....horrible!!!!
Los Angeles,
Mar 3, 2010,

What in hell has Tradestation been doing all these years? Tradestation is inadequate for Forex trading: (1) NO PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS to test multiple strategies and securities into one concise report (2) NO EFFECTIVE SCROLLING or scanning capability to quickly run through currency pair charts (3) TOO AGGRESSIVE size for new traders, Interbank has penny trades for a lot of practice in this impossible market. (4) FEES, FEES, FEES (5) Gain Capital is so far your worst rating nightmare.
Dec 17, 2009,

stops filled without price actually touching (4 pips off), attempts to cancel orders rejected... not happy with it lately.. they were missing USDJPY data for 6months, for love's sake man

2009-07-30 2 Stars Here lately the yen pairs have been gapped, delayed, or unavailable... The data problem has been going on for over a month....

2009-04-03 5 stars Incredible analysis tools, really. The easy language possibilities are pretty shocking, coming from trading stocks with Schwab and their mediocre platform... strategy testing, even indicator design are possible with tradestation, and overall the TS platform is a wonderful thing.

I've traded futures and forex with them for 6 months with no problems. Getting my money from Gain Capital takes a few days, never the same day...slight bother...but i DO get it.

Also, the execution is fast, and i've never had an issue with slippage. Stop running...well...i guess that happens with any broker, and may be a real part of the data feed. I keep mental stops, so i don't sweat that, and i generally keep 'em wide anyhow.

Coming from my prior experiences, Tradestation is the best. I've only traded with two other brokers.
St Paul,
Sep 18, 2009,

WARNING: I think they may be running stops in Forex. I've had way too many coincidences lately. I seem to do a lot better when I have mental stops and not published stops. Just sayin ....

I've been using the TradeStation platform for years. I originally day traded stocks and lost about 10,000 so I stopped live trading.

After more than a year of never getting a trade strategy that worked on short ticks (5min, 15min) I gave that up. Along came FOREX. I love the ability to create all sorts of strategies and back and forward test them. I had a winning strategy up until the great market crash of 18months ago.

I have since been looking for successful trading strategies and also looking at EA's like FapTurbo and Forex Boomerang. For now I still mostly trade the demo account at TradeStation with occasional forays in the real market.

Overall I'd rate the platform and trade action fairly good. However, my suspicions about them trading against the clients and running stops worries me. Gain Capital actually holds the account... hmmmm, could be old tricks returning.
Jan 7, 2009,

yes I agree tradestation is a scam. they always feel they are right, so the best thing to do is give them the prove. for example if ur trade based on 8 am. then show them the trade manager report that your order is filled at that time with order number. Then they will refund ur losses. That's the only way.

short trem trading somtimes freeze especially close or during the holiday.
Thanks for sharing.