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William Brown
Updated: Oct 1, 2022

4 star review by albin_vincent, United Kingdom

I have been trading using WB Trading Strategies for the past month. I have bought all his strategies and have been trading daily. So far the data provided with the course does back the fact that his edges do work. His strategies are very easy to follow and have set rules to adhere to so makes trading super easy for anyone. I have only made around 2-3% gain on my account so far but as I said earlier, I have only been trading using his strategies for only a month. When the wins come they definitely account for all the small losses you make...

What is WB Trading?

WB Trading is a trading education website founded by William Brown (UK trader) in 2016. Trading systems featured by WBTrading are purely rule-based, mechanical ones and are called the "Edges":

  • Swing Edge
  • Price Reversion Edge
  • Session Momentum Edge
  • Higher-timeframe Bias Bar Edge

all trading systems are claimed to be statistically proven and work best in a set-and-forget mode.

The cost of WB Trading education is not listed. The team has Client Onboarding members, Client Success Managers, and Enrolment Director who would like to talk to you before selling you the access to WBTrading community.

Please read WB Trading reviews below and share your trading experiences with William's mechanical trading strategies.

4.509 • 92 REVIEWS

Traders Reviews

Alberta, Canada,
Sep 29, 2022,
Registered user

Legit easy to follow trading strategies, excellent support and service!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
The strategies and training provided in this program are clear, concise, and easy to apply. I have backtested and found clear applications for all the strategies. With my favorite of the bunch, I was able to execute profitable trades within the first trading session after completing the training. It definitely has completed some ideas I have been struggling around for several years with the mechanical rules-based trading approach.

The team has been in contact with me on several occasions, and the replies for support have been almost instant. Overall, this course was definitely worth the investment!
Cumbria, United Kingdom,
Sep 21, 2022,
Registered user

Easy to learn

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
The course is very well structured and covers everything you need to know. It’s easy to learn but if you do have questions there is always someone available to answer.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 3, 2022,
Registered user

Easy, Follow the rules and Repeat.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
One of the big challenges in trading is, What, when and where? The strategies help address all these perfectly....
The Support is Excellent. The Routine and interactive coaching classes are complimenting the learning experience....
East Coast, Canada,
Aug 29, 2022,
Registered user

20% in first Month! The Edge is real!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have been trading forex for almost two years now and have tried many strategies and been in many groups and trading alert text groups and so on. WB Trading offers clear, no Bull, trading strategies that work. I've been documenting the strategies and have been using them on the US markets and they work! Not always, but that is where risk management comes in (as you learn in his courses)! His courses are very clear and concise and easy to learn for anyone, although I would say if you have no experience then it might take a bit of extra time to catch on. The support has been great and they've been very responsive! The pricing was a bit wide open and required a lot of negotiations... would have preferred a more transparent pricing model but I think what I paid for it is fair considering the edge strategy and the education and support I've received. Would recommend the program and the edges.. they work!
Richard Fang
Sydney, Australia,
Jul 8, 2022,

In the end, Mechanical part is the element of WB Trading strategy that matt

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
The trading results you get by trading their strategies are all verifiable. This is so important to those struggling traders who are lack of confidence and believe in the strategies they are using. WB Trading strategies will provide confidence and belief so traders can remove this stubborn roadblock to make progress.

WB Trading strategies make trading so easy and stress less because of its mechanical process. It will significantly reduce level of trade management therefore the screen time it requires (it at least frees me up from having to watch the screen to trade). It has made trading so peaceful in mind and even enjoyable. It is really a set and forget trading that most of traders are dreaming about.

Lastly, and most importantly, the strategies are profitable. As a trader, firstly we are trading not to lose money and then we are trading to make money. I have turned my awkward situations of year-long inconsistency in trading result to consistently making profit as soon as joining their Platinum Course.

I also must mention here the service and support they provide is second to none. Their “an email away” customer support manager and experienced real-trader style head coaches will certainly ensure our success in trading journey.
Sydney, Australia,
Jun 25, 2022,

Strategies work and service is genuine

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I don't trade forex but I do trade the stock market. Their strategies work for both. More so with Forex as their video samples are more forex based. i vouch that the service is real and strategies work real well. WBTrading team provides service that is second to none. They guide you from developing the mindset to placing the trade step by step. In my decade of trading I have finally re-gained confidence in trading the stock market without fear and anxiety. Well done!!
Ankara, Turkey,
Jun 17, 2022,
Registered user

Not a millionare yet but...

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I'm almost 5 years in forex. And I have touched lots of companies. But all of them was no worth to say anything good about. Some were trap some were unsatisfacted. WBTrading helped me to become a profitable trader. Nowadays I don't earn so much and I didn't become a millionare yet. But I stopped losing. And when I need help I know that they are an e-mail far, in a few minutes. Thanks so much WBTrading.
Minnesota, USA,
Jun 17, 2022,
Registered user

Less work in general

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
The types of things I was learning about trading were so different from this edge. I hadn't really come across WB's mechanical rules anywhere before. I appreciate the scientific approach. It makes trading much less stressful. Less time. There isn't that obsession factor, or constant study and research.
Perth, Australia,
Jun 15, 2022,
Registered user

WB Trading for the win

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I'm a newer trader and I've been with WB trading for a little over 2weeks know and I cant believe how much I've already learnt it's mind blowing they have completely change and given me a much better understating of what to expect and how everything works doesn't matter if your a newer trader like me or have been doing it for years you will defiantly learn something new because of them I know have to confidence to place trades without hesitation and I'm not seconds guessing my self I can just place a trade and walk away with a smile on my face there turning me into a confident and profitable trader I recommend joining the team you wont regret it.
william Ross
Northern Ireland, United Kingdom,
Jun 13, 2022,

amazing and simple trading

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been a member of W.B TRADING CLUB for nearly 2 years now and has went over and over wills strategies and cant find any other person out there on the trading planted that comes close to will.
His courses are amazing and he keeps them simple for the beginner and what i like about W.B. TRADING is the back up service is first class .
your never left behind at any stage alway keep up to speed at your level of trading.
And the price of the course speaks for its self.
All round best trading strategies i have ever purchases .
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