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Updated: Mar 25, 2024

4 star review by albin_vincent, United Kingdom

I have been trading using WB Trading Strategies for the past month. I have bought all his strategies and have been trading daily. So far the data provided with the course does back the fact that his edges do work. His strategies are very easy to follow and have set rules to adhere to so makes trading super easy for anyone. I have only made around 2-3% gain on my account so far but as I said earlier, I have only been trading using his strategies for only a month. When the wins come they definitely account for all the small losses you make...

What is WB Trading Education(Was WB Trading)?

WB Trading Education is a trading education website founded by William Brown (UK trader) in 2016. Trading systems featured by WBTrading are purely rule-based, mechanical ones and are called the "Edges":

  • Swing Edge
  • Price Reversion Edge
  • Session Momentum Edge
  • Higher-timeframe Bias Bar Edge

all trading systems are claimed to be statistically proven and work best in a set-and-forget mode.

The cost of WB Trading education is not listed. The team has Client Onboarding members, Client Success Managers, and Enrolment Director who would like to talk to you before selling you the access to WBTrading community.

Please read WB Trading Education reviews below and share your trading experiences with William's mechanical trading strategies.


Established: 2016
Contact: william@wbtrading.co.uk
4.361 • 108 REVIEWS

WB Trading Education Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Ankara, Turkey,
Jun 17, 2022,
Registered user

Not a millionare yet but...

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I'm almost 5 years in forex. And I have touched lots of companies. But all of them was no worth to say anything good about. Some were trap some were unsatisfacted. WBTrading helped me to become a profitable trader. Nowadays I don't earn so much and I didn't become a millionare yet. But I stopped losing. And when I need help I know that they are an e-mail far, in a few minutes. Thanks so much WBTrading.
Hasan Hoque
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Aug 29, 2021,
Registered user

This is exactly what I was looking for... Awesome!

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Well, my past trading experience coming into William's course was little. Albeit I did a few courses in the past and I was always lost in the dark overall. Nothing of true value ever delivered. Like William said somewhere else online, I just didn't trust in my ability to make predictions based on news that constantly changes, and so on. And I've not ever traded mechanically before. But, now I can see what was wrong all along.

Making money out of money is really a matter of choice for me now. Insane to say I know. The rules and no analysis have helped me so much and just make sense. Just practical and proven. I follow all the rules for the strategies and I really love the honesty throughout the course. If you're thinking about doing it then just go for it!
Cebu, Philippines,
Jun 15, 2021,
Registered user

High Quality Information

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I've been studying how to invest and trade since last year, I've also tried to trade on a demo account but I couldn't get started because of a personal reason. The reason I took these guys course was because I was looking for an easy way to trade. I am an aspiring software developer/web developer but I also want to try a lot of things like tradings and investments. I really love the course, it’s totally different to what I learned from others. I didn't even know what is edge at first, and how important it is when trading. This is all very data driven way of trading. I just didn't learn how to make a spreadsheet data to make an edge from scratch, how to implement it and more. I also learned how to think like a trader and to continuously ask myself, experiment and to be patient. I am really thankful for these information.

The contents is indeed high quality information, but my suggestion is you should speak more like cheerfully or friendly. Make a joke sometimes that is related to trading, to make your video more entertaining and interesting to watch. This is not necessary, but when you were performing a real time building an edge from the scratch, as a newbie myself I find it hard to understand but I was able to get the gist of it after analyzing it for some time. Also after watching the first section of the course I already told my friends about how good it was. Happy I chose to work with you William!
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Essex, United Kingdom,
May 25, 2021,
Registered user

Happy so far.

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
My experience so far has been first class! After taking some time to learn the first strategy of the course I’ve just finished my first full week of trading and I’m up 5%. Couldn’t be happier so far.

For the first time ever I am consistently profitable as a trader.

The one thing I rate most though, even more than the profitability, is the peace of mind.

If there was one thing I could say to anybody skeptical about paying for this (or any other WBTrading) course, it’s this. Feeling confident as a trader, not having to analyse and make guesses, not having that constant doubt, the underlying worry that you’re wrong, is well worth the price of the platinum course and then some!

My mindset towards trading has completely shifted. Being right about a trade is a fantastic feeling, but the knowledge and confidence you gain from the course means that there is no longer a massive emotional spike when you are wrong. Seeing the bigger picture, understanding risk and how the process of long term profitability works is possibly the most important lesson of all.

With regards to customer service, I don’t believe it could get any better. I emailed WBTrading and received a reply in 6 minutes! I genuinely couldn’t ask for more.

There are a lot of scammers and bad educators out there, (take it from somebody who has fallen foul of this more than once) and honestly Will is not one of them. I am happy to recommend WBTrading to anybody who wants to learn how to trade mechanically.
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England, United Kingdom,
May 11, 2021,

Winning mechanical trading strategies!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I've been trading with WB Trading for nearly 2 months and it's been great. The approach to trading is completely mechanical which means if you follow these rules, you're gonna win! The course has much more than just the strategies; it talks about mindset and how to ultimately win as a trader. The team at WB Trading are really helpful, they answer any questions I have. Really positive experience
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Recent User Reviews of WB Trading Education

Andrew Blaikie
Edinburgh, United Kingdom,
Sep 25, 2023,
Registered user

Very straightforward and welcoming experience

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Mechanical Trading?

Yes it is, and it’s really easy to follow.

Until I found William’s strategies, I had tried 3 or 4 different forex courses, EA’s and robots, and since 2011 when I first started trading, I’ve easily spent £8k on content and probably blown £12k in funds.

I was very sceptical about WB Trading and even during the introduction call I still wasn’t very sure, and had promised myself that if I take the course and I had no success, then I was going to give up Forex trading altogether, enough would have been enough.

So I started with William’s “session momentum strategy” only, as I really couldn’t afford all 4 programmes. Once I completed the course content I made myself a spreadsheet where I could input data from the charts, and the formula in the spreadsheet would calculate my entry and exit points, all of which is taught in the course. I started with various RR ratios, and within days I could really see some benefits, and had started to make some profit on my very small trading account.

Then there was a special offer to get all 4 programmes for a limited time deal. So I did. I have had some good results on the “Price reversion strategy” and the “Bias Bar strategy” but not enough time has passed for me to realise the D1 swing strategy, which is a long term strategy.

After 4-5 weeks I was up about 12% on my account. But my account is very small so I decided to look for a prop fund. I decided the 5% ers was the one for me. www.the5ers.com

So I started their “high stakes” trader funding programme on 4-Sep. The first stage is to make 8% profit, second stage is 5% profit, and then I get to trade a live account. Well only 3 weeks later, on Friday 22 September, I hit that first stage 8% with a 57% win rate. It only cost me 39USD. The 5ers has a more generous loss threshold than ftmo.com and that’s what attracted me to it. That said, as I gain more confidence and maybe realise that only 6, 7 % drawdown is needed, I may open more funded trading accounts and start using trade copiers, who knows, I’ll see how things go.

To end, I just wanted to say that if you enroll, and follow the rules, forget about any other training you’ve had, then I’m sure you can start making a profit too. My best instruments have been GER30 (aka GER40, DAX40) and GBPUSD (aka “Cable”)

PS: I found that using a spreadsheet makes it even less emotional, and more mechanical. I can give you the spreadsheet I made, if you enrol and if you want it.
Derby, United Kingdom,
Sep 11, 2023,
Registered user

Money well spent!

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
The course provided by Will is nothing but excellence. This man has allowed me to become a very profitable trader without having to worry about watching a screen all day long. At first it was a struggle but nothing great in this life comes easy. After putting in endless time going through the course I have become a trusted funded trader and would not have been able to do it without the help of this course. I owe Will and his team a huge thank you and would recommend the platinum course to anybody keen on wanting to start trading. The strategies must be followed exactly as stated in the course and you’ll see the results. Highly recommend and I am clueless as to how it has received any negative feedback at all. If you stick to his course and follow rules correctly you too will see great results !
Bayo Adewole
essex, United Kingdom,
Sep 5, 2023,
Registered user

My advice is that you steer clear of this company

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I rarely leave reviews but this one I had to do to deter others from falling into the same trap I've now found myself in.
Moreover, I believe it is everyone's responsibility and duty to call out bad actors where they exist.
I came across Wbtrading as a flashing advert on YouTube whilst researching trading strategies that would allow me to trade a mechanical rule based system. I signed up for a call and had a few video calls with someone called Roy who seemed like decent fellow and we talked about a lot of things besides trading which seem to resonate well with me. I made a payment of £4000 for the platinum membership package, which he suggested would work out better than installments.we talked about faith, about charity work and said I could call at anytime if I had any concerns etc.. This was in hindsight a ruse. I believe once you register interest in a call, someone from the company look through your social media profile and tailor their conversation with you in that direction in order to gain your confidence.
Long story short, I paid for the course in April and painstakingly went through the whole syllabus at least twice and was shocked at what was being package as set and forget system. For one, I had told the vendors rep on my calls that my work schedule wouldn't allow 8am trade's. There were 2 short term strategies which other have alluded to here already and 2 long-term strategies.
These short term strategies freely available on YouTube and the longterm strategies are a moving average crossover and an engulfing candle patterns, which neither justifies there ridiculous amount charged nor the claim made of proprietary systems. I back-tested the long-term strategies and compared to the results shared by WBTRADING and they were inconsistent and more than that, not profitable. I reached out to Paul and William about my concerns and asked for a refund because I believe they lied about the results of the backtest but as I write haven't received any explanation for the discrepant result even though I included evidence to support this assertion. I was told to refer to the terms and agreements and show that using a strategy for 2 months was unprofitable. If the backtests are wrong and falsified, what confidence is there in real-time trading these freely available strategies anyway? I was also told that refund policy is to prevent people from taking these "proprietary" strategies, using them and asking for a refund, but these are freely available online and I really do not want them because they don't work.
I am seeking legal redress because it is ethically and morally wrong for WBTRADING to do this to hardworking people.
So my advice is that you steer clear of this company.
NB.. I have proof of my assertions.
Date of experience: 26 April 2023
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Colorado, USA,
Jun 26, 2023,
Registered user

Amazing course

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
The course content is amazing. I’ve been through the three of the four strategies and the materials are really top notch. I agree that going through them twice is the way to go.

I also purchased the bots and after some SIM trading I’m now live and they are performing well.

I hit some roadblocks with platforms and brokers to work with here in the US but I’m navigating through it.

Paul, Tom, Azri and Dima have been a huge help and have provided great support. Far and away the best support I’ve received with any trading program. They truly care about your success.

Thanks for a great program and I see the value and how it will bring the best to my trading.
Kansas, USA,
Jun 13, 2023,
Registered user

Great Course, Amazing People

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Working with the WB team has been a fantastic experience so far. The interview process was thorough and genuine and the coaches/support staff have been an absolute pleasure to work with so far. The course content itself is laid out very well with plenty of detail to cover everything from the basics all the way to the historical data, but still clear and concise so that it is easy to understand and digest. I’m having a wonderful time working with the WB team and trading the strategies that they teach. Very glad I made the decision to join so far and looking forward to the future.