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Ventura Communication LTD Formerly LiveMarkets.io
Updated: Oct 6, 2022
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i-Coin is a cryptocurrencies broker. i-Coin offers the web-based crypto trading platform. i-Coin.io offers bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies for your personal investment and trading options.
1.075 • 10 REVIEWS

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canada, Canada,
Apr 9, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Do not invest. There is a lot of small print. They matched my deposits with "bonus's",
I mainly traded with their advisors. My account dwindled. Then they closed my account because I did not trade enough to meet their volume requirements. $9000+ CAD gone. Scam, Scam, Ponzi Skeem, Stranton Shuffle. Recently they had me on with "recovery specialists", I was absolutely shocked when they turned instant profits of thousands of dollars with single bids. Very fishy. Then after amazing you they pressure you to deposit more funds, and tell you that they will work with you personally. I feel for that last year, not again. They suck you in, then the wizards disappear and you get low level jokers instead. What a rip off.
Cant provide account number because they have locked me out.
Jared anonymous
Canada, Canada,
Nov 6, 2020,


Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
My experience is similar to others, with similar name, like Alex, Sammy and Conrad William's. They sent me emails and called me asking me to sign a contract that when I deposit I pay them 20%. When I signed on in march 2020 they said 1%. The reason was because my account did not grow enough. That is a scammy scumbag move. I just want to break even and get out at this point but I of course have to make enough to pay back their deposit "bonus". I hope Condrads new company he started does awful. Overall decent customer service, but they rotate through employees so fast that I dont know who I'll be dealing with next week. It says they are not a good company to work for and are not treating their employees well enough.

Conrad said if I deposit more money he will give me a security on my investment which "he never does". And it did not happened. They record their calls so I'm sure it is there. If I withdrawal now it will be zero, i have $6000CAD, but because of the bonus i would get nothing. Also when you first start they amaze you with their skills, but then after you learn they were skimming and closing trades before the 5minute mark. Waiting 5min your chances of profit are way less. 
Targoviste, Romania,
Aug 8, 2020,

band of thieves

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Stay away from that, dont misses time with that band of thieves. They take from my account more than 10.000 euro reprezented commission after they see me winning.

BANDITS is the perfect word for them
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, Philippines,
Jul 20, 2020,
Registered user

I-coin.io scammed me

Service use: Live
Hi Good day,

I am Roger L. Nanol. I will share my experienced from I-coin.io, who scammed my hard earned money in their trading platform.

It was in February 2020 when I was scrolling my facebook account, an advertisement suddenly pop-up and it directed to a link that qouted a very encouraging and promising return of an investment with a small capital. I was then having to sign-up of that link and at the moment I done, a guy named Conrad Williams rings me up and started convincing me to deposit only 250USD as an initial deposit. I even told him that I do not know how to trade but he insisted that He will be trading my account and that He will also teach me how to trade. I gave it a try, and Conrad Williams instructed to openning an account in I-coin.io. He then called me up after I login to my account and pushing me to deposite $250 (my initial deposit. He then showed to me how that initial investment profited in their trading platform and compared it to a bigger investment. He convinced me and pushing to depositing again and again until I have deposited bit by bit thinking of the RIO in that case was so big too. (I do not exactly know if I was hypnotized until my deposit reaches to 2,500USD). Out of my 2,500USD deposited, they also added 2,500USD as Bonus amounting to 5,000USD as my total money in my i-coin.io trading account. Conrad Willian then turned me over to an account manager named Alex Patel who is in charge of my account. He just keep on telling to invest more money to increase my leverage. He forced me to deposit again and He even saw my account via zoom but I told him that 2,500USD was all my hard earned money left and it is totally deposited in your company. And came a guy named Barry Burstien called me and said he will show to me how trade using my account. With just a minute or 15, he show me a profit of almost 1000USD credited to my account. Again he convinced me to deposit more and I said I do not have money left in me, all my hard earned money was deposited already. They even forced me to see my other bank account via Zoom. Until another guy Neptien Ford called me and told me that Alex Platil in currently not available this time and he will do the trading for me in my account but unfortunately it was not a good try - it losses my almost all my money. At this moment since this is still remaining balance of 2,166.59USD, I told them that I am just going to withdraw the remaining balance for Family reason since my wife was admitted to the hospital that time (she suffered a mild stroke and I do not have enough money for the hospital bill and for her medication}. To my surprised, they said that the money that was left in my account was the bonus and I could not withdraw it. Next day a guy named Sammy Catz told me he is from i-coin.io training academy and he will help me in trading by teaching me in the academy. I am almost convinced, only, he always postponed our appointment date and this makes me more not comfortable. Until they do not called me-up for a week or two. I message to their online chat of the situation and decided to withdraw my remaining balance. Nikita replied as she said she will escalate my concerned to the finance department. But it takes weeks again or two until a guy named Joseph called me and give me two options; 1) I will continue to trade until I arrived the turn-over og 47Million or 2) closed my account and they will gave me $250 as Goodwill and signed a document not to charged them in legal court. This make me crazy thinking I was really scammed by this people and I could not even get my money back.
Manila, Philippines,
Jun 29, 2020,


Service use: Other Length of use: Have not used
It was April 2020, amidst of covid 19 when I heard this Bitcoin, I got interested coz it so promising then I search and found this i-coin, when I registered somebody called that I made a right choice so the investment started and i deposited a 250$ and the guy on the line told me that Oliver will be my account manager, this Oliver called me at night and given me an instruction using zoom, I got a doubt when this guy named Conrad forcing me to deposit additional 500$ no matter how I told them that the only money that I can afford to invest is 250, this Oliver told me that he can't assist me because according to him he is a money maker and trading a 250$ is just wasting time, from then I started to search and look for a review on this platform and I was so shocked when I read that all reviews are the same and telling it's all a scam, from that day I ignored every calls and emails but I still complied to the requirements needed for the activation of my account, when your account is activated you'll be able to withdraw your money inside the platform, when I made a withdrawal transaction somebody called me his name is Joe Archer from trading academy he told me if I am really decided to withdraw my account or I want to learn how to use the platform, all I want is to get my money back so I told him I'm decided to withdraw my money, he is so kind and he helped me to follow up the status of my refund and finally on may 22, 2020 I got my money back
London, United Kingdom,
May 12, 2020,

I-coin is a major scam

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
I compare this company with Covid-19, do not invest a single cent. This is a very big scam with their own platform that tries to convince you that you can make 15-20% in less than an hour. Don’t you think if they could do that the company would be snapped by the banks and hedge funds companies. As soon as you invest their senior thief will call you and ask to invest 25,000-50,000 USD. The money will only flow one way and stay away from Oliver, Lee, Alex, Conrad and Brendon .
Athens, Greece,
Apr 4, 2020,
Registered user

i-coin is a major scam

I have had a quite similar experience with many that have been trading with i-coin. They stole all my money and now they are forcing me into closing the account. I have no expectation of geting something back. I just want to prevent others from doing the same mistake with me.
On December 19, I opened an account with i-coin (which at that time still named livemarkets.io). They turned out to be the perfect con artists and eventually had me invest 8030 euro, which took place bit by bit. The person who tricked me into investing so much money is named Alex Patel, my account manager. Be aware of him. He has a talent for deceiving. Other people whom I have been talking with are Lincoln Cole, Craig Edwards, Joseph ..., Jacob... and many others. I was the perfect pray, as I knew nothing about trading. So, when they prolonged attempts to convince me invest all the more money came to an end, they made me loose all the funds, and then pretended to assist me recover. Of course nothing was recovered. This was only a way to make me sign for a higher bonus, so as to grow the required turnover so much that I will never be able to withdraw anything. Now that my current balance is 7023 euro, included the bonus (4700 euro) they offered me two options: 1. To continue trading with them, until a fulfill the required turnover of 90 M, 2. To make a request for closing my account, and thus giving up from any legal requirement (if there is such thing). In the first case, I keep on waisting my time only to realize sometime that I am never going to take back anything. In the second case, they say they will send me only 1000 and force me to give up.
Stay away from this people. They will rip you off
Vancouver, Canada,
Mar 24, 2020,
Registered user

Scammed my widowed mother of 100K

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
My mother is currently being scammed by this I-coin.io company she is a women who is not in her right mind and this company took full advantage of her vulnerability and took close to $100K from her I want to call the company out. They are a major scam who prey on anyone they can who is vulnerable she is going to lose her home they have taken everything after reading these reviews she probably won't be able to get her money back. I trusted my mother and she took cash advances on my credit card thinking she needed the money for something else not this!!!.My mistake for trusting her I should have inquired more. They manipulate people. If you are dealing with Lincoln Cole, Oliver, William Conrad they are scam artists!!! They should honestly be put away for a long time for scamming so many people why are these people not being arrested even in their home company. Disgusting individuals who should rot in bloody hell. They have access to your computer they were live chatting with her at odd times of the night. They are professional scammers and have clearly been doing this a long time

Please please I beg you do not get involved with this company obviously there are not enough reviews about this company. I don't even know if I am able to get our money back at all? I don't know who we can trust or even call. Anyone who has had experience getting there money back please let me know how.
Bucharest, Romania,
Feb 6, 2020,
Registered user

Got scamed by livemarkets.io now called i-coin.io

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Hi guys, 

The operation system of this company Ventura Communications LTD  that operates under the livemarkets.io and i-coin.io platforms (as far as we know)  is the same for all clients, they ask for money to start trading for you then they lose money and the acount is changed to anothe one, a "better one" that is supposed to help ypu recover the lost money. You are not allowed to trade alone they are using zoom sessions to vizualize the monitor.

DO NOT start any conversation with livemarkets.io  or i-coin.io, and if they ask you to place the money into a CCX EXCHANGE platform, DO NOT enter and do not make any placements, with this company. 

We are trying to get our money back since end of December after we've seen the story of Mr Lorand Borzasi  here and we started having questions on the placements and the behaviour of this scam team. 

 They are working as a team, puting lots of preasure to get your money but when you start asking for your benefits or refound that is in your account they stop talking and desapearing from calls, then they change the "account person"  to a better one. At a certain point, Oliver Leroux ask for several information from my hubsband banck account for the anti-laundry papers, my hubsband said he does not how to extract them and they ask to see the bank acount via Zoom and he will show what info he needs. My hubsband trusted him and showed... . This is not something that a broker should do. Then at a conversation we had, he ask for more money, we told him ww don't have and he told me that he knows my hudsband has 2000 in the account.
The names of this people that we encounter are: Oliver Leroux, Conrad William,  Craig Edwards , Alex Patel, Barry Bernstein, Sammy Katz, Lincon Cole

I will not get into more details, the modus operandy for these SCAM, Mr. Lorand Borzasi explained here very good in this thread.

We are not stupid, we just got "mesmerized" by this guys , they have the technique to do so. 

My next actions are to start reporting this guys to Cybercrime authorities in as many countries as I can find so they will be stopped. 

If you also have been scammed by this platforms livemarkets.io or i-coin.io, please write here so we can expose those guys. People they do look for information but if we keep quite they will get scammed. 

Thank you
Reply by Live Markets Support submitted Feb 11, 2020:
Good Day Bogdan A.

We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with our services.

We would like to address your complaint and any other concerns that you might have. We are committed to ensuring a seamless customer experience. Please contact our customer support team in order to provide us with your details so that we can assist you in resolving your complaint.

Kind Regards,

Timisoara, Romania,
Dec 1, 2019,
Registered user

You will never get any money out

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I started my account with 250e then i added another 2000e.
They gave me 1000e company bonus and they said i can withdraw after i sign for it.
They lied . I can't withdraw anything from them because they said i signed the bonus agreement - so i must complete a turnover of 20.000.000.
Nobody said anything about this!!! Liers!!!
I traded a little bit and currently have a balance of 20.000e but it's useless - i can't withdraw any of it.
The account managers are liars they say anything just to rip you of you money.
If you trade with them you will lose all your money and then they will close your account!!!!!!!!!!!
Stay away !!!!!!!!