Market Pulse 365 review: Pros, Cons, and Traders Ratings.

1.964 • 14 REVIEWS
Updated: Apr 4, 2024

What is Market Pulse 365?

Market Pulse 365 is a trading signals provider that offers trading recommendations in Forex, COMEX and world Indices such as

  • Dow Jones (US30),
  • Dax 30, S&P 500,
  • Nasdaq 100,
  • French (CAC40),
  • TSE (UK100).

Please read Market Pulse 365 Reviews below and share your live trading experiences in using these signals.

1.964 • 14 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Market Pulse 365

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 15, 2022,
Registered user

Marketpulse is a scammer company

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Please do not fall into scam with this company. I was dealing with Mr Aakash & as per his signals I first generate a profit of $80 but after that from his next signal my account become zero from $1000. In one day he burnt my hard earned money which I had invested. He was telling to generate 1500$ every month but that all just fake words. Request all not to fall in such scam companies and handle your trade accounts on your own.
mateen shahzad
dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 17, 2022,
Registered user

Market pulse 365 is a scam

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
My name is Mateen Shahzad. I am a delivery driver hailing from Dubai.
I found Market Pulse on FaceBook and decided to give them a try. I deposited $1000 after months of savings in a brokerage account.
My initial contact is Rupesh, PHONE: +91 6200 494 483 who is very attentive, diligent and responsive. He gives me free signals and helps me make $10-$50 a day.
After my trial period of one week is expired, I been asked to pay an amount $250. I do not hesitate and make the payment. The following day I do not get any signals to trade. I contact Rupesh, I was told to wait for the phone call. Four hours later I get a call from Rupesh, upon inquiring why I am not getting trading signals, he tells me, he was busy but he has good news for me.
Upon elaborating Rupesh tells me, his boss who is a veteran trader with 30+ years of trading experience by the name of Akash, Phone: +91 78286 42606 is now in charge of providing me with trading signals for an additional fee of $750.00. I tell Rupesh I am not ready to shell out $750 but he cajoled me by stroking the greed factor to my meager existence by promising mega money.
I gave in, borrowed money from my friends and paid Akash $750.00. First trading signal in Gold. I made $200.00, Akash told me to hang it up for the night and weekend since it was Friday.
I was so excited and happy with my wise decision to invest with Market Pulse. Comes Monday, Akash gave me the signal to buy Gold. I did and the position went against us, Akash told me to hang on to the position and wait. 2 hours in the trade, Akash told me to buy more gold, I asked him if there is a stoploss attached to this order, no; he said and told me to just let the trade run.
Three days into the trade, I have lost almost half of my equity and Akash is not responding to my messages, regarding what to do with my losing position in gold.
I contacted Rupesh, and he said Akash is busy with his guests. But he will get back to me. Day fourth Akash texted me; I told him my account has lost ¾ of its value. Akash said not to worry let the position run since Gold will most likely to shoot up today….
By the end of the trading session, my broker has liquidated my position and I am left with $2.45 in my account.
I texted Akash to give me a call, he never did. I texted Rupesh to call me, he did and we discussed my trading loss. Rupesh insisted that the loss will be recovered and deposit another $1000 into the account.
I jumped hoops to come up with the money and it took me 3 weeks to come with the money. Akash stopped contacting me at that point. Rupesh stayed in touch with me. Rupesh contacted me the day I deposited the funds into my trading account and suggested Instead of dealing with Akash, I should talk to his boss, ABHINAVE, who is the senior most analyst in the company and only he can help me achieve my financial freedom.
Abhinave, demanded I pay him additional $500.00 to get signals from him on top of $750 I have already sent to We argued back and forth regarding my loss. Abhinave, assured my loss will be recovered and I will see profits never seen before.
I borrowed more money from my friends to pay Abhinave. After paying him, I was waiting for my trading signal, the signal came, go long the Gold, and I was told to buy one full lot. There was no stop loss or TAKE PROFT attached to the order. When my position passed the mark of $-200, I texted Abhinave if I should close the position, 3 hours later I got a response No, let the trade run.
Three days into this losing position my account was liquidated by my broker and my $1000 went up in flames
I demanded refund for my fees from Marketpulse365 in the amount of $1250.00 they told me; it was my fault that I let the trade run and didn’t follow my mentor’s signals correctly.
In my experience Marketpulse365 is highly incompetent, dishonest, fraudulent and below average signal generating signal service. They are dishonest in their claims to have highly risk averse team and superior analysts on their team. I do not recommend anyone to conduct business with them.
Kazim Ali
Saudi, India,
May 10, 2022,

Stay Accurate All Time

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Deliver great service. Support is really great, signals are average, real time trade update. Accuracy is 85% all time, even in those volatility they stay very accurate. Thanks
Mumbai, India,
Dec 30, 2021,

They are still in jail since 2-3 December 2021

Service use: Live
Mr. Anonymous from Kuwait i talked with one of my advocate friend in Indore, he told me that 3 owners of this company are still in jail, Ajay kumar, Neeraj jain, Gautam.

Soon i will get my money hopefully, my friend told me that the case will be strong if people will complain more and more against them. so if you want your money then complain online to indore police against them,
and remaining employees of that company left their cities and went their hometowns which is far from Indore.
He also share me address of that company - 306 Sukh shanti nagar, near Jain Mandir, Bicholi hapsi road, near Bengali square Indore.

Dec 6, 2021 - 1 Star On 2nd dec. Indore police raid on their office and found they were doing scamming with people around the world, maximum in the gulf countries, they were operating at the outskirts of Indore , and the owner of this company are Niraj Jain, Ajay kumar, Gautam.
And managers who robbed people are Rahul Henry ( Fake name Henry) Shrijeet ( fake name Roy), Richa ( Fake name Jenny ). And maximum males of this company also uses girls name on whatsapp so that then can loot customer easily, and they were operating many fake id on insta, fb , twitter, telegram.

They were operating 5 companies with the name Marketpulse365, Fintank, Smartlite, Capital pride, Value state investment etc.

As per the newspaper they looted more than 25 Billion from the people.Check the Indore newspapers you will get all the details of their fraud.

Happy to see now them in jail, if you want your money back then complain them because they are now in custody so you can get your money easily, i also did the same.
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KUWAIT, Kuwait,
Dec 12, 2021,


Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Taken first just the basic service, then Ayesha forced to take the prime service for 11 months USD.2599/-

Invested 5000 USD Equity and now they bought it down to 3,000 USD (LOSS OF 2,000 USD).

Promised good returns for prime services of 30% to 50% profit per month.

Showed screenshot of other clients making profit to convince us to go for the prime services.

Names of these people handing the trading are :
Alex (Real name Abhishaikh)
Rajiv & Ayesha

Mr. Ahmed from Mumbai - thank you so much for letting us all know by putting up your review. Did you manage to retrieve your money. Let me know & if you have the article of the Indore news to share it.

if other clients have the same issue, please do post it. so it can help other as well.

England, United Kingdom,
Nov 18, 2021,
Registered user

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Aisha at market pulse as been excellent in communication and helped me manage my account and profitable trades I would recommend her and market pulse
Medhat M Metwally
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Jul 21, 2021,
Registered user

Stay away and save your money

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Stay away snd save your money
They are not professional and I lost with them 2000$ because of hedging and account already blown
They will promise you the moon before payment and once you pay there will be nothing but loses and wrong trades
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Valencia, Spain,
Jun 29, 2021,
Registered user

Very Good Signal Provider

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been following this company’s signals for three months now and I have found them excellent.

Their average success rate in this period to TP1, has been over 75%, they also have a reasonable win/lose ratio.

I also found their customer support on WhatsApp very effective.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Apr 7, 2021,


Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Please dont fall into their services, they wont delivery what they promise to you.
Infact i have lost more than 5k USD and they promised they will recover, but now they dont even reply to my messages
India, India,
Aug 27, 2020,

Better then others

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I joined that guys in march2019 and with three months package of 549$ and I am making alomost 1500$ in this tenure and after I was continue my services with them and makes money consistently and now I am a successful trader with mr.sameer genius analyst in forex