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Updated: Apr 7, 2024
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Melbourne, Australia,
Sep 9, 2023,
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Interesting concept, just wish website was more reliable

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Tickeron provides a number of different signal services. The ones I have been most interested in are their robots. They have a large number of robots across, Forex, Stocks and Crypto which appear from the backtest to have great returns with typical annualised returns between 20-70%. However, the vast majority have 6 months max of forward testing, although most do seem to continue on same trajectory after forward testing begins.

However, the problems start here. Many of the trades can be very short term, some can be counted in seconds and there can be many orders a day. But they provide no mechanism to generate the orders with brokers (this is a feature that has been 'coming soon' for years!). They do have a mechanism that pushes notifications to a mobile app, or to email them to you. They also refresh the orders on their webpage about once a minute. So to follow the robots you have to be constantly waiting for changes and if there is one, goto your broker and manually enter the trade. Some of these robots are using really volatile, low liquid stocks and getting the same price as what the robot has included can be nigh on impossible!
I did write some code which scraped their website, checking for trades every 30 seconds or so and generating orders in Interactive Brokers. This helped quite a bit, but it then became obvious that a huge number of their trades were on low priced stocks (ie under $3) where the IB commission would make the trade not worthwhile. I'm not convinced that anyone could make any money with these short-term robots until they provide some proper mechanisms to automatically create trades with brokers.

They do have some robots (very small number compared to the extreme short-term ones) which are longer term trend-running robots - average trade duration ~ 15 days - which although lower return, still in my opinion good at around 20-25%. These ones also come with a stop loss built in as pending orders which get adjusted as the price rises, so you don't need to monitor the closing orders. These appear to be a bit more reliable and seem to create orders around the same time each day, so you don't gave to continually monitor their webpage. I have continued to use the web-scraper on this and it works pretty well. I have only be running it for a few weeks but seems to be doing ok.

They have a whole load of other features that can be used to find trades including some Active AI portfolios which get updated either weekly or monthly. They have a great beginners portfolio which has been forward tested for 5-6 years which appears to be very profitable but does also have large drawdowns. I subscribed to this portfolio as well but after a couple of weeks, it stopped generating its weekly set of trades. This might be expected but seems strange when for the about 6-8 months previously, it had been generating them every week - it has now been over a month with no trades. I asked if this was expected but got no reply.

There are a whole load of problems with this website though which drive me crazy and their support just make me angry with empty promises that things will be resolved.

Some examples of things that drive me crazy:
1. The 'notifications' which get sent to their mobile app and emails don't always work or are out of sync with what is shown on their website. Some days the notifications don't work at all and with some of the more active robots, you tend to only get about 60% of the notifications. Whenever you report this to support they just deny it is even happening. Sometimes you get notifications for trades that don't even exist on the robot's trade list!
2. The robot descriptions always state that no margin was used in calculating the results, but going to the history of the results you can see that amount of funds needed to complete all trades can be at times 200-300% of your total funds. This makes a lot of their annualised returns extremely dubious.
3. There are many pages that stop working for days on end. For example, you can create your own portfolios, but when you goto your portfolio page, it just tries to load something but just gets stuck on 'please wait...'. You report this to support and they do anything but get the issue resolved! From my own investigation, I can see that the call to retrieve the data times out after a minute - but support will tell you that you don't have a subscription for this - yet 24 hours later it starts working again.
4. When you pay for one of their robots, they give you credit to use on their other features. I wanted to use this on a couple of their active portfolios. But the only way is to use $40 of your credit which will give you access to all of them. On their own, they're typically $5 to $10, but you can't use your credit if you just want one of them.
5. Their whole subscription model is extremely confusing. I try to swap what I use the credit for and you're never sure after making the changes if you're going to end up with a whole load of new charges or not. Typically you don't, but it is not intuitive.
6. You look on your subscription page and sometimes it says a feature is active but you try to use it and it just takes you to a page saying you have to pay. You can swap things around in your credit and sometimes it will start working again, but it makes no logical sense.
7. As mentioned a lot before, there support is the worst. I don't think I have had a truthful response from them ... ever!
8. There are no forums anywhere to discuss issues
9. All reviews I can find for Tickeron seem to be paid reviews - many with almost identical text which make them extremely dubious. I really want to find someone else who is actually using it and how they get around some of the problems I have encountered.

I really do think this website has a lot of potential and if they could make it more reliable and provide methods for automating trading, it could be great. I have been trading it on demo accounts and I will continue to do so, in the hope that I can build my own mechanisms around it to make it profitable for live trading. Although the amount of returns they claim seem to be quite outlandish, I think there is potential to make above average returns with them.