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Updated: Aug 9, 2022
June-September 2020:  Multiple fake and highly suspicious positive reviews submitted for and

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Alberta, Canada,
Dec 28, 2020,
Guest But they not so bright

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Please pay attention to this MAJOR DETAIL -100% of these scamming fools are persistent and pushing to get you to do an initial payment or reservation deposit. To an Account the YOU have 100 % control over (100% don't have).they will get the money and probably vanish or show u a fake result generated by computer for you to invest more and they disappear if you call them on it
Victoria, Australia,
Nov 8, 2020,
Guest is a scam

Scam caller trying to steal your money. They told me I pay $100 and I get stock that is going to go up every day 30%. Please don't do it, hang up on them. I have a finance degree.
Cebu City, Philippines,
Jul 21, 2020,
Registered user is doing great!

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months is doing great! I’ve learned a lot regarding the basics of trading. Before, I even don’t have any idea on how to do trading, but after learning from this, I can say that I am an expert now. I am well-versed now and ready to share my knowledge to others.
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You think you are an expert after studying for less than 3 months? :)

Please come to the FPA's forum, call live trades in advance, and show everyone how much knowledge you have.