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2.067 · 63 REVIEWS
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Established: 1996
Contact:, (800)-515-0335

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2.067 · 63 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Dipnarine Dookie,
Hampton, Canada,
Mar 31, 2021,

The worst⁷

Service use: Other

Length of use: 6-12 Months

This is a scam company, they cannot even make trades to stay afloat ,they rob innocent people by digging into their credit card which they retain against our wishes and do not even inform you they are about to rob you. They should be closed down now.
Minnesota, USA,
Oct 12, 2020,

Pathetic service!

Service use: Demo

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I purchased the Dynamic Swing Trader program from Netpicks. They sent me an email with my log in information which contained videos with instructions. But I was not able to complete the instructions because not all of the information was available. The files to install the signals were not sent to me. There was supposed to be a dashboard, but I could never find the dashboard. I kept asking for help and all I ever got was "We sent you all you needed" Adnan was suppose to be the brains in the operation but he never bothered to take the time to find out what the problem was.
U, United Kingdom,
Sep 4, 2020,
Registered user

Netpicks is unethical and definitely a scam

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

Buyer beware.
My goal is save one more person from falling victim of these guys as I have. I made the mistake of not checking reviews before purchasing from these guys.
I sadly on 24th August 2020 purchased a trade alert service after watching a webinar that was HEAVILY marketed. During the webinar Mark Soberman and Mike Rykse use trading charts to analyse trade set ups.
After purchase $997, It turns out that they offer only a text based alert service where a certain bob sends out lengthy text messages .
I’ve sent several emails to Mike Rkyse requesting a refund as I am a visual trader and need charts to analyse trades before I can execute so the text only service is not a good fit for me since I am visual.
Mike Rkyse finally replies me that refunds are only performance based.
If this is not unethical business practice what would you say it is?
Seeing the negative one star reviews dating back to June 2007 is worrying. Mark Soberman and his team have obviously been at this game for a veeeeeerrrrryyyy long time and become very comfortable in it.
I have not used their service and I am unable to use it because I trade using charts and unable to. use text only alerts. Mike Rkyse is declining to refund me
Where Rain Shines, Canada,
Sep 2, 2020,

Poor Customer Experience

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Over the period of 1 year the profitability graph of the NOS and EOS service was like a roller coaster track. Started going up and than went all down the drain.
Also, the tracking sheet for Closed Trades does not include all the trades. I couldn't get straight response to the list of trades that are not included.
Really disappointed with the whole experience.
One advise: if you use their service, keep a copy of every Trade Alert email and download every Tracking spreadsheet, every day! It will matter if you decide to cancel and ask for refund based on the low profitability.
Florida, USA,
Aug 4, 2020,

The best of the best!!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Netpicks is by far the best trading company out there! Their customer support goes above and beyond anything I have ever dealt with! They are a class act! The options service ran by Mike is amazing! The wave trader program was beyond my knowledge and a little too fast but they were very accommodating to my skill level and did offer a refund even though they didn’t have to.
Jul 23, 2020,
Registered user

Great way to lose $$

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

Buyer Beware!
I joined January 2020 and quickly learned that capital preservation is a major shortcoming in this service. Honoring stop-loss lacks significant discipline.
Mathematically the the trades haven't produced a profit this year. Far to many loser trades! Additionally the loser trades average +90% loss of capitol where the winners average 20%-30%.
As of this writing (07/23/20), of the last 12 trades, 3 were winners averaging 29% return on investment and the loser trades averaged 80% loss of capitol (some individual trades loosing 100%).

3 wins & 9 losses. Average loss is far far greater than the average win. You do the math...

Pretty obvious this is poorly run program. Good $$ down a rat hole....
John Taylor,
Denver, USA,
Sep 26, 2019,

Total scam

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Do not waste your money- these guys are lying thieves. You will lose money - after investing in their useless software.
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Jim B,
Minnesota, USA,
Aug 30, 2018,

Very Pleased & Recommend the Options Services

I use the options trading systems, and they have worked very well. The options training room provides excellent education on using the systems, market condition, and other useful suggestions not directly related to the systems. All questions are treated as sincere, and the moderator is very patient. The customer support has been responsive and helpful. FYI, I have 20 years of experience trading. I paid for the NetPick systems, this is an unsolicited review, and I am not being compensated in any way by NetPicks.
Melbourne, Australia,
Aug 16, 2018,

I am not a fan. Purchased some software for just over $100 that they offered a money back guarantee. I tried it for three months and lost a lot of my Balance. After I wanted my money back they insisted that I try it for a longer period. Felt very depressed after losing more. If they are that good, why do they need to market products? I seriously would develop your own strategies. I have and rewards are minor but slowly getting there.
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Scott Christie,
Georgia, United States,
Feb 2, 2018,


Snake Oil Salesman. They promise swing trading and then send out updates to do nothing whilst the market is swinging. You complain and they don't respond. I asked to cancel within 30 days and they said they'd "cancel me out" didn't provide a refund. Asked for status, sent me a narrated screenshot and in the middle of it say no refund will be issued. It's a total scam. Stay away. Their advice is cr** too
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