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Updated: Sep 3, 2018
2.205 · 56 REVIEWS
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2.205 · 56 REVIEWS
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Jim B,
Minnesota, USA,
Aug 30, 2018,

Very Pleased & Recommend the Options Services

I use the options trading systems, and they have worked very well. The options training room provides excellent education on using the systems, market condition, and other useful suggestions not directly related to the systems. All questions are treated as sincere, and the moderator is very patient. The customer support has been responsive and helpful. FYI, I have 20 years of experience trading. I paid for the NetPick systems, this is an unsolicited review, and I am not being compensated in any way by NetPicks.
Melbourne, Australia,
Aug 16, 2018,

I am not a fan. Purchased some software for just over $100 that they offered a money back guarantee. I tried it for three months and lost a lot of my Balance. After I wanted my money back they insisted that I try it for a longer period. Felt very depressed after losing more. If they are that good, why do they need to market products? I seriously would develop your own strategies. I have and rewards are minor but slowly getting there.
Scott Christie,
Georgia, United States,
Feb 2, 2018,


Snake Oil Salesman. They promise swing trading and then send out updates to do nothing whilst the market is swinging. You complain and they don't respond. I asked to cancel within 30 days and they said they'd "cancel me out" didn't provide a refund. Asked for status, sent me a narrated screenshot and in the middle of it say no refund will be issued. It's a total scam. Stay away. Their advice is cr** too
Jul 14, 2017,
Registered user

To Andrea, from Melbourne, Australia,
And to anyone else who has purchased Netpicks Dynamic Swing Trader. If you are no longer trading the product, I would like to give it a try. After reading all of these negative comments, I am hesitant to spend the money on it, but I would like to see if I can make it work. Feedback on my results will be given.

Note to Editor: I was going to put this note in the forum, but there is no traffic regarding Netpicks.
May 17, 2017,


bought trendjumper for 1300.00. now that they have my money they will not activate the software. ask for machine id.. provided it and nothing. they won t respond to my emails on this nor on my emails for trading room access. they are a scam rip off artists. run. do not buy anything from them. you have been warned. 
Prague, Czech Republic,
May 12, 2017,
Registered user

Quality system and training that does take some effort to master

I purchased their counter punch trader system about six months ago. Overall I've been happy. I wanted to review since have read some of the reviews below and some are very good and some people not as much but I've never had any service issues. They have replied quickly to inquiries and found the live rooms helpful. The system is good, it does take some work. I'm not claiming every trade works out but with practice I've been able to get much more consistent. I did move around a bit in the beginning trying to settle on the market best for my availability so that took a bit to figure out but they did help some with that. Now I feel like I have my groove and have been satisfied. Just expect to have to work at it and if you do they will stand behind you and help you.
James 44,
London, United Kingdom,
Apr 30, 2017,

Total con and not cheap...so careful

Hi all,

It has been quite some time since I purchased Trend Jumper from Netpicks ..Yes I attended there online presentation ..so professional and simply the Best sales people in the bossiness.

So how does the scam work ..first the sales presentation gives you a money back guarantee ..forget it ...the Hoops you have to fly through to get that are nigh on impossible.
I was also in the live room and here is where the scam starts ...you watch some 12 markets and at a given time you will get a great trade which would have been excellent if you entered that market on that Time frame ...so now presenter says ...Did you get that and most in the room would have followed another signal ...same parameters and lost...but the one that wins is highlighted ....than says look at that perfect signal..
The probability of you getting the right market are slim ...as why would you not trade the signal that appeared in the market you entered as that was equally as good...at time of entry .
This is the scam and I spent months in the room ..yes falling for this ...also different markets have different settings ,which is fine ,but they are constantly reviewed ,,,to improve but that proves system fails and than New parameters are sought.

But many may argue it works...well if you do sign up at least get an Unconditional Money back Guarantee.. ...if they are so genuine they will gladly give that..
If not ...STAY WELL AWAY ! ...or wave your money Goodbye

Also check out there Live room prior to paying out ...they may allow that and see if this for you..

Good Luck All ...
Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 13, 2017,

AVOID-misleading information on the dynamic swing trader

Stay away from these scammers.

I purchased their dynamic swing trader system and it does not work.

They show you they turned $5,000 into 600-700k+ in three years, but looking at the detail they had a very good first year and two modest following ones which coupled wiht continuous compounding yields great results. In reality it is just BS.

They also promise daily trade updates, it's a plain lie. You won't get even weekly updates and when I complained the guy said he was overseas and didn't have access to the system. This is YOUR problem not MINE.

I asked for a refund and they told me they can't do it if I don't trade the system and send them my statements proving that the system is unprofitable.

So stay away from these and any other scammers on the internet, put in the extra mile yourself and learn to trade forex on your own.

My take is that they develop a system, as long as it works they keep it for themselves and when the performance goes down they start milking newbies on the web.

Please don't repeat my mistake
James Young,
Washingtion, USA,
Dec 2, 2016,


I use NetPicks options trading, once it's learned and used properly using the position sheets provided, learning to read charts, etc. If used as you are taught you will profit. Amazon just earned me over $7,000 in less than a week. Their support is outstanding. As long as you invest with your own sweat equity, meaning investing your time learning how to use the calculator you can profit without staring at charts all day.
Queensland, Australia,
Jul 19, 2015,

It looks like they have a good system, I realized it was not for me. They offered to help and even though I did not qualify for a full refund, they gave it to me anyway.