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UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Nov 13, 2020,
Registered user

Firemarket trading platform

Service use: Other

This broker will not allow withdrawal from my account ,after initial investment of $200 made profits of $4680,after 48 hrs of trade ,when I tred to withdraw got an email that said must pay Operation currency converion fee of about $702,I did pay hoping to get my profits ,after that they sent another email that I.must pay 15% brojerage fee, mind you the $702 paid was now usThe investment plan I use was bitcoin.onvestment, the transactions were loaded using their botcoin wallet recieve address, so it difficult to get a refund in that case. The sdue now they do not even reply to my emails ,company website is will gladly need your assistance even if I do.not get refund at least let them.know I tried my best .
When I asked the company I want pay I want withdraw just the answer pay the fees the fees 355$
I told the company I don’t have you can send it to my wallet they tray to make fake movement okay we will do it then they transfer 5$
Then they said make fund to your account 1200$
And still try and try to recover my money with this spam people and fake company .
They said it is fees .
I told the company you can transfer the money and the bank deduct if you are true company

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Durban, South Africa,
Sep 15, 2020,
Registered user

Firmarket scam broker

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I invested $200,itvearned 4680$ aftertwo days tried to withdraw told to pay 730$ currency converter fee to recieve profit I paid it ,but was then told to pay 15% commision of raised profit of 17018$ by then .I rwfused as I aksed them about their commision first bwfore I put money to their bitcoin address and they said you pay them once you rwcieve your profit.This isanother ploy to get more money iut of me and was sure there was more coming my way to pay .Staybaway from firmarkets they do.not pay profits they steal from.people

Aug 12, 2020 - 1 Star l lost abot $900 fIrmarkets broker refises to enable withdrawal from my account saying shouls pay 15% of profit earned before I couls even get that profit,This is a scam ,jadctriedvto withdraw on their website it doea not work ,Send thiscas a warning to others not to deal with this company they are fraudsters

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  1 trader has found this review helpful