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Homepage claims "Regulated", but the FPA cannot find any mention of a specific regulator on the site.

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Canada, Canada,
Apr 21, 2021,
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Length of use: 0-3 Months

This fake Forex trading company will take all your money, first by a $1200 USD "investment" that is sent to a bitcoin wallet, the account manager, this one named "Dre" will send you updates of your trading success, and as the amount gets bigger, the "platform" will reach out and ask for more money due to an "upgrade" in the system that will also ensure your "maximum profit." The upgrade is another $1200 USD to the bitcoin wallet. The "platform" makes sure to corner you into upgrading or you won't receive your profit. After 7 days of "trading" the account manager shows you how enormous your profit is and the "platform" tells you to request a withdraw - only to recieve an email asking to pay the 15% commission, which is around 12k USD. A lot for anyone. The account manager ( who lies about his identity, name and location ) asks if you can BORROW that money or go to the bank to acquire it as a loan. At this point one can feel the scam unfolding, and immediately I ask for my investment back. Out of desperation, the account manager "Dre" offers to pay partial commission fees as the "platform" can only release as little as 30k. I am completely binded and desperate at this point and send another 2k to the wallet. After this, the platform says it needs more fees paid upfront this time for the IRS. I am not even located in the States so this does not apply.
I have seen firsthand this company take money from 2 others I know personally and never to repay the initial investment. I even offered them money to get my initial investment back but these fake Forex traders are nothing but a bunch of scam artists taking peoples life savings without any problem. I am heartbroken that I lost all my money, and hope this never happens to anyone else.