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Out of business Prop Firm
Updated: Feb 22, 2024

1 star review by Tjugo, Czech Republic

I am MFF client for a long time and traded many accounts. Last week, 2 of my accounts couldn't trade and support was not helping, not even knowing what to do.

Then, I've had a ghost trade opened by them, it is a security breach and I needed the account replaced for unauthorized access. They are not responding to my complaint from Jan 04 and Jan 05. The live chat agents cannot even track it and when I give them proof as a screenshot, they rather disconnect me.

What is My Forex Funds and MyForexFunds Challenge?

My Forex Funds is prop firm established in 2020. Qualified traders get access to company accounts up to 2 million dollars and are entitled to keep a share of profits generated by trading activity.

MFF accounts are geared for the entire range of trading experience from the beginner traders to professionals. Taking My Forex Funds performance challenge entitles you for larger account and profit split, while smaller accounts are available without this performance test.

Please read MyForexFunds reviews below and share your experience if your are live MFF trader.

September 1, 2023:  The CFTC has charged Murtuza Kazmi, formerly of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and his companies, Traders Global Group Inc. (of New Jersey and of Canada), doing business as “My Forex Funds” with fraudulently taking over $300 million from customers hoping to become professional traders.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
2.04 • 49 REVIEWS

My Forex Funds - MFF Most Helpful Customer Reviews

HAMBURG, Germany,
Jul 27, 2023,
Registered user

Worst prop firm ever !

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
One of the worst prop firms that ever exist! Stay away as a beginner also as a experienced trader ! Slippage is so bad, and it's a real problem since years ! They don't use a legit broker but their "own". They manipulate the whole system. While trading with live account, all of a sudden "Wi-Fi & mobile data" are bad. App gets stuck mid-trading.

They delete bad reviews & buy good ones. Red flag. And No, it's not because I am a "bad trader" . I have purchased x5 from MFF & after all this time, i finally recoginze that this prop firm is a scam and only wants to rip you off. don't believe ? Go test it out yourself.

MFF bought the whole image. it's all just a facade. it is not a reputable company!
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Medellin, Colombia,
Jan 17, 2023,
Registered user

Very bad experience

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I bought my first challenge for 300k funded account for 1390 usd. During the challenge, their server didn't respect the SL that I set up for a couple of points and this made me lose the challenge. Despite my protest they didn't want to give me another free retry I had to rebuy a second time the challenge (this time 1250 usd because was discounted).

Finally I pass the second challenge that I bought and I started with my live funded account. I used for the first 15 days an EA bot and for the sedond 15 days another EA bot (which are allowed by their rules).

Once I passed the first 30 days I asked for the first payout and it was supposed to give me back also the second fee that I paid. After 1 day from payout they suddenly sent me a mail that I breached their rules and that I used copy trading by sending me the screen of another person having the same 10 operations in a period of 7 days.

I'm 100% sure that I didn't use copy trading and I was able to prove that because I could share with them the EA that I used in that period. Since I used an EA is totally possible that somebody else was using the same EA and had the same operations.

As well, when I asked them to share the entire 30 days period of trading of both accounts they never answered. I placed around 1000 operations in that period and they basically banned me because casually 10 of them were identical to 10 of another person (that of course was just using the same EA but with a different strategy otherwise we would have had way more operations similar).

At the end, despite my specific requests to both pass them my EA and ask for the entire 30 days of operations for both of the supposed copy trading accounts they always answered with generic responses and never let me defend myself with clear proof that I never used copy trading.

I asked for at least a refund of the second fee of 1250 but they ignored my request as well. Very bad experience, they probably mount this thing because they stated multiple times that the system detects right away if there is copy trading activity but "casually" it detected it only when they had to pay the first profit split and get me back my fee.
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France, France,
Apr 7, 2022,

Very bad experiences

Service use: Demo Length of use: 3-6 Months
I am coming to you to share my very bad experiences with the company my forex funds.

First of all, in December 2021 I wanted to buy a demo account, but I had to do it several times, because the website had a malfunction.
After paying, I realize that instead of buying one demo account, I bought THREE.
I contact the chat to get my money back, and I am guaranteed to receive my refund for the two extra accounts at the end of the week. (Having looked through the comments on their discord, I realize that this problem has happened to many of their customers).

Then I decide to start trading with my trading account and I discover that it is not working, I had the error message "trading disabled". I contacted the chat many times, because nobody seemed to care about my problem. And after one month of not being able to trade, I was finally given a new trading account!

With the new trading account I start my challenge but after one week of trading I have again the problem "trading disabled"

I contact customer service AGAIN and they give me another account (forced to start the challenge from the beginning)

Conclusion; I couldn't trade for one month, because I had the "trading disabled" message, I had to restart my challenge twice, and now I've been trying to get a refund for one of the extra accounts (for 5 months). As a result, I have lost time and money
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Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Nov 19, 2021,

Fake one star reviews here - Do some deeper research and find out the truth

Service use: Other Length of use: 3-6 Months
MFF is legit. I have a strong feeling that the reviews on this site are competitors trying to bring MFF down or it were probably people who are not ready to take a challenge, don't understand drawdown rules, rollover spreads or fomc slippage and are just mad because they lost the challenge with their 5% risk trades lol.

I do also see some people claiming a similair problem that they were not able to close a trade or something like that. As far as I know there indeed was a problem on their server and all the people that violated the rules because of that were fully compensated.

My Forex Funds is also one of the few prop firms to really give live accounts and manage risk on the other side of the trade. MFF has proven a dozen times to listen to their clients, they have been improving and improving.

There is so much to say. I can talk about their transparancy, their low spreads and commissions, their improvements, their honesty but to be sure of their credibility you need to look for youtube videos of traders, for comments on their social media posts and in their discord to look for real consistent experiences of people and not some fake 1 star review with some bullshit. Look into their discord, watch the announcements channel, look at the general chat, find the 40k+ payout proofs and if that doesnt encourage you to just try them out, youre probably not ready yet for a challenge because the only reason you would rationally still doubt it then is because youre buying a challenge with all your money and are afraid of losing all your money on a possible scam. But if youre buying a challenge with all your money, you havent made enough money with your own account yet to even think of taking a challenge lol. Dont rush the process.

But long story short: They do payout, they don't screw you over afterwards with fake rules, they have things to improve and they know that (as im writing this I see that they just shared a sneak peak of their new trading dashboard), their spreads and commissions are low (0-0.2pip on eu and 1.5$ per side commission), login information will be automated (right now you receive it within around 24 hours), 30 max lot size (although you can open multiple 30lots trades), and they are here FOR YOU, not to take your money.
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Forex Peace Army
Review moderation team note
The CFTC strongly disputes your claim that MyForexFunds is legitimate.
India, India,
Sep 16, 2021,
Registered user

Cheating !!

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
They will log you off from your account so that you won't be able to close the position
And then they cheat you, saying it's your fault.

The customer support team is pathetic
Never join this fake prop firm
MY forex funds is a scam !!
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Recent User Reviews of My Forex Funds - MFF

Nigeria , Nigeria,
Sep 19, 2023,
Registered user disappears from the internet?

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
myforexfunds has disappeared from the net with clients sign up fees! Amazing, they initially published that they have a case of regulation to answer in court and placed their site on maintenance mode, but now the site is completely off the net, questions are does a prop firm need to be regulated? If yes, why shut down the site? there is surely something fishy most probably I have been scammed
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam,
Jun 6, 2023,
Registered user

MFF try to ban your account with nonsenses reasons and the spread

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
We are traders in VietNam. We traded for a long time and has withdrawed many times before, but recently, some of us has been ban by MFF with the reason: IP ADDRESS and Username. Our internet in Viet Nam almost are dynamic IP, so we can not control it. and THE SECOND reason is about the spread stoploss. I had traded the news NF in June, and i had set my stoploss already but the spread is 12 unit with XAUUSD. Can u imagine that big spread , it cant be . And by that spread my 300k account is banned. :) I hope traders can read my comment here and be careful with that sneaky fund.
Lemesos, Cyprus,
May 28, 2023,
Registered user

A company that you can trust

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Well i only have the best to say about this company MyForexFunds, because is a company that you can really trust. Have an awesomesupport team that is ready to help you at any time and if you have a graphic problem or something that didnt work well from the company they are ready to make all the things right and even refund you for their own mistake.

Because of all of that is a company where i know that i can trust at any time and any moment.

I will put other review next of i receive my first monthly income from this awesome prop firm.

Madrid, Spain,
May 23, 2023,
Registered user

Length of use: 0-3 Months
They probably have one the worst broker in the world! 12 pips spread at night?!! They hit my SL several times!!! What the hell is that?!!!
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Casablanca, Morocco,
Apr 10, 2023,
Registered user

The worst customer service I have seen

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
This company has probably the worst customer service of any industry.
The chat support takes more than 15 minutes each time to open the chat, without giving clear answers to your questions, and will close the chat in the middle of the discussion.
If the customer service is this bad during the evaluation phase or even before, then imagine what it will be like when it comes to real money!
Keep your positive emotions and avoid this company
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Reply by Yavuz Karadeniz submitted Apr 13, 2023:
Hello lobench,

Our live chat queue may increase due to the high website traffic. However, we try our best to improve our services and we keep hiring more staff to keep the queue as low as possible. However, unless there is a connection issue with you or from our agents side, our agents would never let a chat go without answering all your questions.

You can always send us an email to get your answers. Our agents will happily help you out with your questions.

Yavuz Karadeniz
Director - Customer Care