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5 star review by A.M, Netherlands

... My Forex Funds is also one of the few prop firms to really give live accounts and manage risk on the other side of the trade. MFF has proven a dozen times to listen to their clients, they have been improving and improving.

What is My Forex Funds and MyForexFunds Challenge?

My Forex Funds is prop firm established in 2020. Qualified traders get access to company accounts up to 2 million dollars and are entitled to keep a share of profits generated by trading activity.

MFF accounts are geared for the entire range of trading experience from the beginner traders to professionals. Taking My Forex Funds performance challenge entitles you for larger account and profit split, while smaller accounts are available without this performance test.

Please read MyForexFunds reviews below and share your experience if your are live MFF trader.

1.845 • 31 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Athens, Greece,
Jul 2, 2022,

Paid always, every time.

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I have been trading with MyForexFunds for 8 months. I have scaled my account twice and have taken more than enough money in my profit splits.
During my time I have been through all the changes that has happened at the company including the change of dashboard and the delays when Funding Talent went bust.

The company is always professional, fair and to the point. They do not mess around with people who try to cheat the rules, they don't have time for the entitled kiddies in the FX market who think they deserve the world. They are the real deal and they pay out millions every month to traders who know how to trade properly.

I trade large sizes with them and pricing is fair and similar to real market. I do not trade rollover, because I'm not stupid and thats where most people always cry.

Sometimes Crypto payments are slow but Deel are always on time.

Definitely worth topping up your funding with this company if you are a serious trader looking for additional funding.
Montreal, Canada,
Jul 2, 2022,
Registered user

One of the best!

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
The ONLY reason that I am placing my review here is because as I Googled MFF to buy another package I cam across FPA and the MFF reviews that I was shocked to see.
It is very obvious that most of the reviews here are not real and they are easy to tell.
I have been with MFF for about a year and a half.
MFF is not perfect but is if not the best it is definitely second best(for be the best prop out there).
Let's do not forget to start off with that these "prop" companies are not brokers and are not registered as brokers, even if some have there own platform. Non of them are regulated. The only problem that someone can find with MFF is their slow customer service but as a company trying to please you they are NO 1 .... and that is 100%.
They have gone above and beyond for me in many occasions so anyone that complains must have done something wrong or did not understand their rules good.
There is a reason (if you check) that they pay out every month more than any other prop firm out there.
Their prices are the best and if you need more time on your Evaluation they will give it to you and retries as long as you are not negative or have breached any rules. Competition is tought when your competitor is MFF, that is why you see all these fake reviews.
Is it not fair to see some reviews form the US and Canada that cannot even speak English(fakes).
Az, USA,
Jun 30, 2022,

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
You get promised funds then they ask for more money for fees, and then at the last mint they tell you you have out standing fee from depositing
Jun 16, 2022,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Do not trade for Myforexfund they are theft

Myforexfund told me that placing stoploss is no mandatory and that myforexfund cover any losses if any,but now they are using my profits to cover the rsk:
myforexfund state the risk is not covered with the traders profits ,the trader only pay fees
Myforexfund take the risk and using stoploss is optional, then you can not make a rule that if there is not stoploss in 100%0f your trade, you will steal your traders profits to cover your risk, when you just confirmed that using stoploss is optional and that the company that you are working for myforexforexfund will take all the risk, that the traders does have to pay back. You are just stealing.
(11:46:17 AM) william: Who take the risk when trading myforexfund funded account,is the trader responsible for to payback any losses or myforexfund cover the losses?
(11:46:31 AM) Liana : We do
(11:46:48 AM) william: please explain
(11:47:50 AM) Liana : You do not pay for anything but the registration fee
My forexfund closed my account with USD$1,900 still in profits due to Daily Balance Breach .last balance 21,900
Now myforexfund is stealing my split of the profits ,in the base that i did not place stoploss even in the first place stoploss are not mandatoty. I asked for my split or new demo account ,and my forexfund said no,That they are stealing my split of the profits.Myforexfunds are theft.
My acount has over 9:in profits and Myforexfund stealing it all becauuse i did not place stoploss,but remember that placing stoploss is optional.Message: Breach
Daily Balance Breach on 6/10/2022 12:35:54 PM. Your account started with an initial deposit of $20000.00 Balance at the time of the alert: $21904.65 Equity at the time of the alert : $21904.65 Prior day balance: $23124.68 Prior day equity: $23073.08 DD % : -5.28
myforexfund policy is that you take all the risk.Yoy confirmed that stoploss are optional.Then not sharing your traders profits is stealing.You should respect your traders stiles,and you decided to take all the risk, then do not come up with that your stealing your traders profits for senseless reasons.Fast scalping traders never use stoploss and still i made i made USD$1900 profiis wich you refused to split.
{A lot of traders manage risk wihout stoploss.After i made over 15% profits, i lost 5% of my own profits,never from your 20k original funds, and my account still ended with 9.5% in profits.}thank you, then why do steal my profit split for not having stoploss, when you just confirmed that stoploss is optional?
Qouting Yavuz"
{quote we look for 3 major KPI's to decide if you show respect to our capital while trading in order to decide if we make profit split from a violated account or not}
In order to receive 50% of your profits if you have violated your account and it is in profit you must comply with the following 3 parameters:

1) You must have a stop loss on every trade

2) You must not be “all-in” on your trades and violate from a single trade or single batch of trades

3) You must have traded 10 trading days.

There is not rule broken when the trader do not use stoploss.Then you put that parameter about having stoploss in 100% of the trade to make sure that you steal the trader profits if the trader exceed the drawdown limits.
Having stoploss in every single trade I think is seemingly impossible, because myforexfund do NOT require stoploss as a rule to trade your funds,But you stated that myforexfund cover all risk,that the trader only pay fees ,wich mean that if traders keep the profits after account is suspended .Myforexfund decided to take ALL risk upfront,then at the end you can not steal the trader profits to make trader pay back when the trader exceed the drawdown limits but the account is in profits.Asking for stoploss in every single trade in order to pay to trader is an illegitimate rule, because there is not rule that stated that trader must place stoploss in every single you state that the trader do NOT pay back.

Compare that policy with FTMO:
Edwin Gomez (05:10:25): Hola, mi nombre es Edwin. ¿En qué puedo ayudarle?
Williamk (05:10:48): hi,is placing stoploss mandatory or optional?
Edwin Gomez (05:11:41): Is optional but you have to manage not to exceed the drawdown limits.
Williamk (05:12:48): if my acoount get suspended but still with USD$1900 in prifits, do you split that profits or you keep it all ?
Edwin Gomez (05:14:12): Do you mean if you have an FTMO Account, make profits on it and exceed limits?
Williamk (05:14:23): yes
Edwin Gomez (05:15:19): We would still do Profit Split and refund the fee. But you'd need to get a new FTMO Challenge to start over.
Williamk (05:15:37): thank you
Edwin Gomez (05:18:18): You're welcome.
Peru, Peru,
Jun 10, 2022,
Registered user

Demo account for evaluation its a mess

Service use: Demo Length of use: 0-3 Months
I just joined the 10,000 challenge and today I made 2 operations that went against me.
First and stop loss in USDJPY that closed 22 pips more against me. was during important news, could be OK.
Second, 2 hours after news, great trade on gold, sniper entry TP 80 pips, when was closed, only 40 pips on my favor, I try to communicate with support, 60 persons before me one hour and something waiting, support do nothing only send me prepare text, that say nothing to me. at the end they can't do nothing, unreasonable that was incomprensible. Slippage they say, with a 0.10 lot. and gold straight up, flying I bought in 1830 now its 1875, few hours later.
Port Richey, FL, USA,
Jun 2, 2022,
Registered user

Terrible Experience, SCAM, I do not recommend it.

Service use: Demo Length of use: 3-6 Months
I bought a challenge of $20,000 usd and in the end I couldn't pass it but I ended up with the account with a value of 20,002.72 usd, which according to their rules gives me another opportunity to do the challenge for free, but they never gave it to me and when I contacted them, They said that they found a violation which is not true, and I showed screenshots and asked why and they never gave me an answer, this company is a scam and is stealing from people. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.
Casablanca, Morocco,
May 22, 2022,
Registered user

Trouble paying to pass the exam

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I encountered a strange problem with this company, as I paid $84 to pass the 10,000 test with my bank card, and I passed the test successfully, but I made mistakes and exceeded the limit for the daily loss, and my account was suspended, and I took the test amount again, which is 76 A dollar with my bank card to try to pass the test again, and I failed because my circumstances were difficult because my daughter was sick, and the third time, which was last Monday, I tried to pay the amount of 76 dollars to pass the test again, but I encountered a problem that the bank card was rejected and I contacted the Department of Support and I was told that I try to pay without deducting any amount of $ 84 and that the site has a problem, even though this company says that you have the right to pay the amount of $ 76 instead of $ 84 in case you fail the test, and here was the surprise as my friend opened an account to choose a test $10,000 and I lent him my bank card which I tried to pay in advance and it was accepted into his account this time.
Summary: This company only accepts the discount the first time you want to take the test, and then refuses any bank card you want to take the test with with the discount.
France, France,
Apr 7, 2022,

Very bad experiences

Service use: Demo Length of use: 3-6 Months
I am coming to you to share my very bad experiences with the company my forex funds.

First of all, in December 2021 I wanted to buy a demo account, but I had to do it several times, because the website had a malfunction.
After paying, I realize that instead of buying one demo account, I bought THREE.
I contact the chat to get my money back, and I am guaranteed to receive my refund for the two extra accounts at the end of the week. (Having looked through the comments on their discord, I realize that this problem has happened to many of their customers).

Then I decide to start trading with my trading account and I discover that it is not working, I had the error message "trading disabled". I contacted the chat many times, because nobody seemed to care about my problem. And after one month of not being able to trade, I was finally given a new trading account!

With the new trading account I start my challenge but after one week of trading I have again the problem "trading disabled"

I contact customer service AGAIN and they give me another account (forced to start the challenge from the beginning)

Conclusion; I couldn't trade for one month, because I had the "trading disabled" message, I had to restart my challenge twice, and now I've been trying to get a refund for one of the extra accounts (for 5 months). As a result, I have lost time and money
houston, USA,
Mar 24, 2022,
Registered user

Great Company

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
I have had no issues with this company, and i really believe that these negative comments are from their competition. And most of the comments complain about stuff that they agreed to in the contract lol. People are so funny.. Just learn how to Trade first and quit trying to take short cuts!!!

Dec 9, 2021 - 2 Stars i really had a very great experience with this company up until now. I have reached the required profit target for my account to be scaled up. Ive sent 3 emails since then and its been 4 days and i havent received a sclae up. they also want all of your positions closed during this period which is also another huge inconvenience when you waiting days at a time. i really do think this is a good company and im not here to bash them because they are GREAT at everything else. im only here to warn fellow traders that are thinking about signing up that if you are a day trader, when its time to increase your account size, expect a huge inconveniece and for your trading plan to be thrown way off waiting for them to hold up their end of the bargain. (only when it comes to scaling up your account) other than that if you can actually trade, this is an ok company to be with.
al ain, United Arab Emirates,
Feb 18, 2022,
Registered user

The broker they use is their owner and is not regulated

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Not regulated no collective responsibility
Not regulated is a common theme in forex, imagine how many genuine people turned to forex during the pandemic.

So what does it mean, well, no regulations give you no security with your money and also, no actual rights to put forward any type of complaint.

You are dealing with the sole discretion of the company, in turn, allow their customer services agents to become rude and disrespectful and not have any set grievance procedure in practice, they have no KPI's whatsoever, they switch off the chat service at will, take hours or days to respond, the support hide from discord when there are "frequent" server issue - yet, on the other hand, are boasting 40,000+ traders, and 100,000,000,000+ trading volume with no grievance procedure for the client? no KPIs.

If you ask the question are you regulated, they reply "we don't need to be"

Ok, so if you go to the FAQs and type is your broker regulated? - it comes up with

We are not a broker. Traders Global Group is our trading server. It is provided by an institutional fintech company that provides us liquidity as well. We do not require regulation as we are a proprietary firm. It is our company money that is being used in all of our accounts.

Traders global does not have a license and does not have a website


The reply I got was, we are registered, sending me the registration of Traders Global

SO I AM CONFUSED, your company has no grievance procedure and your name is not registered you are owned by the broker with whom your clients trade the money? taking in all the profit shares, spreads, commissions, as well as charging for the account and renewals for those who fail?

it says - OWN COMPANY MONEY BEING USED - in any financial aspect in Canada offering forex trading services, it is a requirement to be registered and regulated, also to be a member of the investment industry regulatory organization of Canada.

Do as we say, not as we do.

Some customer service agents have just graduated from teenage "brat" Bootcamp and act like they own the company.

Spitting out rules as if you should know the A-to Z and the smaller fine print.

If you raise a genuine concern, it's your fault, not theirs, and you are belittled because you did not understand the correct way, a play on words that is not as transparent or clear otherwise misleading compared to other sites.

If they are transparent, they would list the "Hard breaches" and give a clear explanation

I was a rapid account customer, I joined because it clearly mentioned for beginners looking to trade under institutional rules, now the website has conveniently removed the term beginners and replaced it with "some knowledge"

The rapid account is a demo account designed for beginners that you pay for without any benefit to learning how to trade. I joined in good faith because specifically, MFF promoted it at that time for beginners to learn to trade like professionals.

If there is a mistake, your money is taken and congratulations you paid for a demo account, and by the way, here's a 10% discount off the next demo to start again?

Only with me, I wasn't offered the solution, only that I was in the wrong

When starting a community and a "family" relationship with an aim to stand out in the crowd, at least accept some collective responsibility.

Instead of accepting any form of responsibility or any small hint of "maybe the client has a point", I just got a barrage of 37 emails back and forth from several agents all blaming me. Even when I admitted my part, that was used against me to further say it's my fault, not theirs.

And throughout all of this barrage, it took to number email 20, before I was told how to move it forward.

So an unbiased review and a mention of facts that hinder this company and its product

Server issues
Slow customer support and rude
No regulated broker, owned by the broker they use the platform with

I am new to funding programs and beginner trader, Absolutely had no idea about the hard breach, I emailed support, went on discord got no replies, I reviewed the website to get answers, could not find anything.

I went on google and found the breach, which is clearly mentioned specifically on other sites,

So I advised the team, that their words were not clear compared to other sites where I had to find out what it was.

The barrage back was blame, from 4 different agents! not understanding that I found the "clear" explanation from other sites, it was my fault because I did not understand and was belittled, challenged, telling me I can't have a new account, albeit I did not ask for a new account.

I disagreed with them and my main grievance is no acceptance of collective responsibility, It was all my fault but their service is perfect! I could have had my account back to rectify, overall my balance was under the limit and well managed, but "no"
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