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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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AJ Burch
Mar 16, 2021,

I gave them 3 months

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
From day 1 there were constant technical issues which were never worked out. Most of the trades were losses. Since their automation was buggy and didn't put in most of the orders I entered them manually. Many that they claimed were wins, were not. At $300 / month, it's expensive. After 3 months, I can say stay away.
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Costa Mesa, CA, USA,
Mar 1, 2021,
Registered user

Addon to below review...

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
This is an addition to my below review of FXMode. Have just noticed they have updated the "results" page on their website. For the longest time they were stuck on October 2020 showing 4,277 pips. This was when an excellent Ukranian trader by the name of Yuriy Bishko (who had been making their trades for them since February and who also has quite a presence on YouTube) left them. I'm not sure the exact reasons but I can surmise Yuriy realized he was associated with a bunch of scammers and wanted to have nothing more to do with them. This was when, out of desperation, they switched over to this "Automated Bot" of theirs without informing their subscribers of the little unimportant fact (to their minds) that a live trader was no longer working for their members. This was the time period I was caught up in and which resulted in $600 of my live account rapidly flowing down the toilet. Now I am having my mind blown by seeing the temerity, cheek and total audacity of them updating their November, December and January results with outright and absolute fabrications of 2286, 2119 and 1578 pips respectively. This was the exact time period I was with them. Where were these pips for me..!!?? If these "pippages" had the slightest element of truth to them, FXMode would be proudly displaying them on myfxbook.com......but of course you will go to myfxbook and search in vain for these scammers..! Forex newbies and wannabe's, there is a distasteful aroma coming from the internet and you will find the reek and smell is emanating from the direction of the FXMode website. If you value your financial health put on a mask and give them a very wide berth so that your Forex ship does not end up on the rocks..!

Feb 9, 2021 - 1 Star Keep far away from these scammers. They make outrageous earning statements on their website claiming they have a top Ukrainian trader making their trades for them when in actual fact all they are using is a totally useless EA (i.e. Robot or Expert Advisor). The site is run by a bunch of kids that have absolutely no idea what they are doing but their site is nevertheless replete with dozens of fake cellphone screenshot showing thousands of dollars of winnings per trade..!! I signed up with them and after 31 trades, 28 losers (of those,19 straight) and over $600 of my account down a rabbit hole I put a halt to the decimation and got Paypal to force them to refund my initial subscription fee which they didn't want to do.
If you value your hard-earned money stay far, far away from these incompetents..!!
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