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Updated: Oct 30, 2023
YieldNodes.com shares some similarity with HYIP investment. So far, all HYIPS the FPA is aware of turned out to be Ponzi Schemes.  The FPA strongly recommends AGAINST placing money with any HYIP.

Please read this article for more information on HYIPS and similar companies...

Ponzi Schemes and HYIPS - Free Money Traps

Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business
Not yet rated

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May 29, 2021,
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Anyone who is currently involved with the program called Yieldnodes?

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Hello everyone,

I came across this online opportunity and wanted to know the feedback from the community. Forexpeacearmy is a reputable and credible site so I highly appreciate and value the comments from its members. Thank you all in advance.

On the yieldnodes' site, they state that master noding does not involve bitcoin mining nor crypto trading.

My concerns:
1. I don't see anywhere where yieldnodes are regulated by any financial authorities. There should be accountability and protection of the deposits of all investors and participants of the program.
2. On the yieldnodes' site, they list mainland China as the location of their registered office. This can be a red flag as it can be construed as an attempt to create immunity in the event of a breach between yieldnodes and the investors.
3. I see a similarity between this program and HYIPs. Even though they stated that master noding does not involve bitcoin mining nor crypto trading, it could be interpreted as a ploy to lure investors since many have been scammed by so-called mining schemes, as well as, crypto trading. The individuals behind yieldnodes are aware of this so something to consider.
4. If the reviews about yieldnodes are positive, one needs to be mindful of the longevity of the program. In my case, should I invest I will risk small and compound. As a result, it will take me a few years for my investment to become substantial before I can withdraw. Yieldnodes program can end at any given time and without notice. Hence, smart investors always risk capital that they can comfortably afford to lose.

Yield Nodes Program Summary:

Minimum deposit: EUR 500.00

Maximum Deposit: EUR 250,000.00

Payout: monthly

The contract can be canceled at any time after the 6th month

Deposit and interest are paid in Euro, US-Dollar, or Bitcoin.
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