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Updated: Sep 18, 2017
2.27 · 13 REVIEWS
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2.27 · 13 REVIEWS
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Steve Shimp,
Ponca City, Okla, USA,
Sep 15, 2013,

This is in fact the very worst advice one could ever receive. In fact, it would appear to be a certain winner to always position opposite any of their trades.
Oct 19, 2011,

I was able to make contact with Mr. Jack Crooks before buying his services, and the response I got from him made me change my mind. I am not questioning here his signals, but his morals. He claims to make profits of 200% and 144%, 91% in days. I emailed him to show details of the past trades. Read my email and his response, unedited and decide if you want to be one of his followers.i suggest put your hard earn money somewhere else. there are great people out there who have respect for those who have questions before buying a service. he wants your money, without your questions.
me "your emails of profits of 100% and up, are very good sounding
why don't you publish you trades like Sold EUR/USD at 1.3758 and TP at 1.3470, so at least we would have an idea that you are real, not just throwing the numbers out there. yesterday's trades are useless anyways, so you can publish them. otherwise it is just hot air.
what leverage are you using? 1:50 or 1:100 ?"

Jack "Karoly:
I suggest you have some semblance of reality before you pen another piece drivel like this to me. I will answer out of courtesy, you deserve none based on your email...
1. Assumption 100:1 leverage ($1,000 margin) and 100k units per contract.
2. All have been REAl and executable in a live account--I know that for FACT
3. What does this crap even mean when you say: "yesterday's trades are useless anyways, so you can publish them. otherwise
it is just hot air." Just because you have no understanding of the FX market, doesn't mean it is not REAL. Market opens at 5:00 pm. ET on Sunday night. All REAL trades issued yesterday with, that word again, REAL outcomes.
4. I suggest if you want to see hot air, look in the mirror.
So there you go. Don't expect me to answer you again if you send something in the same vein.
New York,
Mar 9, 2010,

I tried all three of their services for 30 days. My experience is that the short term (called swing trader) and long term (called position trader netted me more losers that gains. They use 100 pip stops to allow a lot of movement and keep you in the trade. I cancelled within 30 days and I got a full refund. They don't have anything special going on. I wouldn't recommend them. I lost money using them.
Jan 1, 2010,

I took a 3 month trial period this fall and most of the recos for forex were losers. They were using about 100 pip stops , so the losses were large. I only demo traded, thank goodness.
I had one trade question that I emailed in and I was answered almost immediately. I liked their analysis and they send out some good reading, but after 3 months, I have to rate 2 stars with my experience.
Mar 11, 2009,

I subscribed to Jack Crooks' service for 90 days and lost money on every recommendation. His bets were erratic, ill timed losers. On two different puts, we bought, sold, bought, sold the same position at a loss each time. The rub was these very positions had huge profits in them, if he timed them correctly! I had a feeling he was playing us, using his clients to pump up positions, then recommending selling then buying them up himself. I can't prove this. Mr. Crooks never replied to any of my emails, questioning his trading strategy. I was refunded on a pro rated basis.
new york,
Feb 13, 2009,

If you want consistent losses, little update and you have a lot of money to lose, I would recommend Jack Crooks. But if you want a profitable service, I would look elsewhere. Over the past seven moths he has lost 90% of his calls and he continues to use the same failed strategy. I have lost nearly 10k in seven months but that does include the obscene fee of $2500 per year. A major disappointment and a major financial disaster. Of course, if you look at their site, they claim consistent wins, but don't believe that line.
hong kong,
Dec 18, 2008,

I lost a great deal of money with their Exotic FX Alert. When I first subscribed to their service, I was very new. I had no idea of risk management. As their service was for trend trading, huge drawback is common. But they had not given this kind of advice until very late when a few trades were actually stopped out. Then they sent out newsletters explaining how important it is not to overleverage. Also when I had questions and I emailed them, it took them days sometimes a week to respond. All this for $2,500 a year. The only good thing is that they have a 60 day refund policy, and they actually made good on their promise to refund.
I have also subscribed to their Money Trader ( swing trading), but the 4 to 5 signals I received were mostly losing trades.
Oct 24, 2007,

I was happy w/ performance while on trial and subscribed. I couldn't figure out what went wrong, his performance decreased significantly. during the past month the amount of good trades dropped significantly and I losses started to pile up.

Jack also started issuing his regular reports late and there were two weeks w/o any report at all. now John (apparently his brother has taken over running the show and started to issue a new weekly report w/ same old money-loosing ideas)

2007-09-19 5 STARS I've been on trial for nearly a month now. not every trade is a win, but I find Jack's performance overall impressive and I am going to sign up. most of all, I appreciate his commentaries behind each trade he makes which helps me as a (nearly) beginner to get a bit of education ;-)
performance is posted in his weekly letters for anyone in doubts...
highly recommended!
amit saxena,
Apr 17, 2007,

I have used many signals.It is one of them.It gives swing trading but I lost with them.But there is one good thing.They give explanation of the trading pair very good.
Saudi Arabia,
Dec 7, 2006,

J Crook is not scam. Yes there are losses but if you take all recommendation the end result is profit, average 300-400 per month. Excellent analysis with charting.