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Updated: Jan 23, 2024
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Ray Scott
Bromley, United Kingdom,
Jul 30, 2021,
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FMO Financial Markets Online SCAM £7,500 upsell & FAKE FOREX SIGNALS

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
FMO Financial Markets Online SCAM £7,500 upsell & FAKE FOREX SIGNALS

Did the 3 day Masterclass and also the online VIP membership where they send forex signals to Telegram.

Was taught by the FRAUD JAMES BENTLEY – I now found out he used to work for Greg Secker at Learn To Trade until 2015 and simply set up FMO Financial Markets Online to copy the Greg Sucker model.

FMO Financial Markets Online pretend you get everything for a small monthly fee then BANG hit you with a £7,500 upsell afterwards. If you don’t pay they stop talking.


Throughout the masterclass it was clear that they were trying to sell their funded trader program for £7,500. I refused to pay and they stopped helping or even talking to me. Also their forex signals are a SCAM and mis-reported.

I challenged FMO Financial Markets Online to send me proper evidence of their reported Forex signals as I was experiencing only losses and they blocked me off my access. FRAUDSTERS.


- Poor signals, total lies about their actual results on their forex signals. I consistently lost money and have found their pip count advertised to potential new clients to be fake.

- Additionally, on many occasions you'll receive a message to cancel an order which has already been activated and hit the stop loss - these conveniently aren't included in their pip count.

- TOTAL CLOWNS for teachers with no evidence they trade and worse the owner JAMES BENTLEY worked for GREG SECKER the biggest scammer in the industry. Just a bunch of salesmen.

- Promised me evidence of trading before I started but kept fobbing me off after I paid.

- Disgraceful marketing that lack transparency, lying about having some mystical offices in Dubai.

- Force you to use their sponsored broker who pays them a cut of my trades and then charged me to withdraw funds.

- Could not find a SINGLE STUDENT that made any money with these clowns.

Disastrous experience.

Would like FMO Financial Markets Online and James Bentley to answer :-

a) why they are lying about the forex signals pip count to new students and also

b) why they are not clear on the website from day 1 that they will pressure you to the £7,500 upsell

c) what experience any of the clowns working there have on trading and how working for Greg Secker qualifies him to be a “Head Trader”.

d) Any students exist making money from their rubbish courses and fake forex signals?

Other clueless teachers I spoke to there:

Samuel Fuller

Jarek Sklodowski