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Updated: Jan 24, 2024
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Daman-Invest is a forex broker. Daman-Invest offers desktop and mobile forex trading platform. Daman-Invest.com offers a number forex currency pairs, cfds, stocks, commodities, gold, silver and oil for your personal investment and trading options.
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Erbil, Iraq,
Nov 10, 2021,
Registered user

Big prmises full of lies!

Length of use: Have not used
Through my cellphone, I watched an Ad by Shehab M. Gargash who said he established an investing business and would like to help others meet their financial goals through managing their accounts in the ForEx market and guaranteeing an average of 22% profit on monthly basis. I browsed the internet about the guy and found him very reputable in Dubai-UAE. I submitted my contact numbers and received a call the next day. They were very friendly and encouraged me to open an account with daman-invest.com. I did so by putting $1,000. They started calling me on daily basis and guiding me how to make successful transactions and it was working very well. Then, they encouraged me to raise the capital to $10,000 and sing a contract with them that says (a) they will mange the account for me while I can see it on the screen, (b) they will make an average 22% profit on monthly for me, (c) I can withdraw part of the profit or any other amount at any time, (d) whenever I withdraw any amount from the profit, they will take 10% of it. The amount started to grow quickly and I was very happy. I wanted to test their system and withdraw $2,200 to make sure that what they were telling me is true. My plan was if they send me the money, I will then increase the capital to $30K-$50K. As soon as I asked to withdraw $2,200 the broker stopped communicating with me. I wrote to him and called him several times, he never answered. I called a lady who talked to me in the first time, she never answered. I wrote to the company's email, they never answered. I wrote to the email of damansecurities.com (the mother company of daman-invest.com), they did not answer as well.
Then, I tried with a legal company that showed on my cellphone. They also wanted to take more money from me out of what we have agreed in the beginning!

Please avoid daman-invest.com and damansecurities.com. They seem to be nothing but scammers!