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Updated: Jun 13, 2024
Lionetix offers crypto funds management service. offers investment portfolios in cryptocurrencies. Please read Lionetix Reviews below and share your investment experiences with this company.
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Auckland, New Zealand,
Nov 26, 2021,
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Showing all the warning signs of a scam

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Please stay away from this company at all costs! They are using a variety of broker names and domain names however we know them under 'Lionetix'. After your initial deposit, they will start asking you for more and more money. They will ask you personal questions about your job, overall financial situation, and even daily expenses. This is all for them to figure out how much money they can fleece out of you. If you can't give them much, they will offer to help you get a loan, perhaps through one of their 'private lenders'. They will say that $20,000-$30,000 isn't much compared to the amount you could be earning a year from now. I beg you, PLEASE don't fall for it! They will literally take everything they can from you, plus leave you in debt. If you have any doubts about whether it is a scam or not, look at the address of the company. It is somewhere in Poland. The website was created only fairly recently - typical of scammers who are constantly needing to create new websites and change their identities once they get bad reviews. They are NOT regulated and they cannot give you any registration number. If you ask for proof, they will show you a company that is regulated but it is not their company. The names do not match. These guys are scammers, pure and simple. Treat them as such. They are so low that they will even ask you to lie to your bank or your cryptocurrency wallet company if they call you to ask about the transactions. If you do lie, you will find it much more difficult to ever recover your money through a chargeback. As charming as these people may seem do not trust these people! If they even try to show you a Linkedin profile to further gain your trust, don't fall for it. Linkedin profiles are very easily faked and prove nothing!