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Updated: Jan 25, 2024
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Toronto, Canada,
Jan 1, 2022,
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pretty much scammer

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I did come across these individuals through Telegram and offering copy trading and account management. Their published results were decent and I exchange with them several message and they mentioned that their systems is Robot based which automatically trades and they only trade 5 currency as follows:


and minimum account size is $500 for copy trading and $1000 for investor account through LQDFX. They mentioned that I can disconnect anytime that I wanted and withdraw after a month. I deposit $1000 on December 15, 2021 and the trade star immediately. For a couple of days they made few dollars and after star going down. Ok I understand that trading has its up and down, but what catch my attention that after a week a published on hi channel with mobile app that he made $1200 profit while in his investor account he was 20% down. After a closer look, I realized that all trade that he is publishing are opposite to what he has in investor account. For example in my account are 5 USDCAD long position and on the published results ha has 5 short position. The strange thing is that this account that he is showing is belong to other broker and certainly it is not his. Most likely he uses that as tool to scamm others to his. As he confronted with this he star saying this is different system and both are making money which practically not true. Now I am batting with Broker to withdraw myself from this, but broker says I have to wait month which will comes on January 15 and until then if whole my account and other are not blown up. Probably these scammer has dollar store robot who is trying to get some money or testing something that isn't his money. He mentioned the trades will reverse, but every stupid knows that you never know where is the bottom or top of the market and if this through for 10 years back testing, also it is proven that back testing mean nothing. Hope I will save some of my fund by January 15 and this will help to expose these mother humpers so others won't fall into it.