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Updated: Mar 18, 2024
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SurgeTrader is a proprietary trading firm. offers prop trading on forex, equities, stock indices, oil, metals and cryptocurrencies.


Established: Unknown
Contact:, 866-998-0883, 239-829-8438

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Sep 18, 2023,
Registered user

Profit withdrawal issues

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I passed the 25K audition end of last month (1st attempt) and made profit this month. Everything went smoothly until I tried to withdraw my profit on 9/15/23. The withdrawal request was not going through on their website. Was going back and forth with support (using email) the whole day, and they couldn't help with the website issue. Then support said that "upper management" was able to initiate the withdrawal for me. So I checked my Deel account(payment processor for Surgetrader) to see if my payout was received. That's when I noticed that my Deel account was deactivated, and my surgetrader contract showing "Ended". So, back to contacting support to ask how I'm getting payout (check or CC) since my Deel account was deactivated. Then, I received an email from Sue R. (Director of operations) asking me to sign a form and provide my bank details so they can process my payout directly. I completed the form. Now, I have to prove my identity by submitting documents to a link they emailed me. Guess what, the link was not working "session has ended". I asked Sue to resend me the link so I can submit the documents needed to process my payout. She sent me another link , and it still was not working. I asked her if I could email her a copy of my passport instead due to issues accessing the link, and she said fine. I sent herpassport copy and 3 emails after that asking as to when I can expect the ACH transfer to my bank. Have not heard from her yet. Funny how there's no issue when you're paying them (joining), but all these excuses/mistakes pop up when it's the other way around!
Avoid this company!!! Husband of founder was involved in a Ponzi scheme ( recently, so this company might go out of business soon. I didn't hear about this news until a week after I started the audition. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone with this company.
Salem, India,
Jan 5, 2023,
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Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
The prop firm trading is surgetrader ,but they will give demo challenge account from eight cap limited..I had 50k intermediate account breach level is 46576 level..and my daily loss is 2500 ..
I lost 1700 in single day and capital went 47000 in a single day..still account didn't hit the loss limit..and I had 100$ profit trade running and they automatically closed the profit trade and emailed me that my account is breached below the level of 46576...but in my mt5 portfolio it shows 47000 after closing all the running trades.. I got confused and asked their live chat...I sent the screenshots from my mt5 portfolio and my email..The surgetrader staff Audrie told me that ,Nowadays it's frequently happening like this and also she verified my account, she agreed to me that technical error happened and asked me to file an email to their customer support and I did everything like she said..after 4 hours yet no response from support center.. I again went for live chat and asked audrie , she told me that they are welcoming newcomers and solving their issue and asked me to wait for my issue..I got irritated and asked her to give me the exact time to solve my issue and then comes the guy named CAMEROON ,he said he is the manager in surgetrader and he read my past messages and he told me that my account is breached...He never checked my account ,but he lied like he did...even I sent all my proofs to him that 47000 level is not broken, but he said account gone below 46300 and again send me the basic rules and regulations...he is very rude, not at all helping or not even listening to my words..and he don't even deserve to run the prop firm and I insisted him to atleast check my account one time and he said he had a meeting and again asked me to read the rules ,he thinks I was in fifth grade like that..
I am also doing prop trading with ftmo and my forex funds, but I never found a rude person like CAMEROON on SURGETRADER..
Surge trader started on 2021 only, and they had the address on Naples, Florida ,USA.. Me and my friend went to that address and there is nothing there with naming surgetrader or anything else and also they don't even pick the call at the area..
Don't fall for these traps traders.  Other prop firms are better than this firm
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