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Velvet Software Technologies Ltd
Updated: Jun 5, 2024

What is Vlvt.ai?

Vlvt.ai is a forex software company that offers automated  trading algorithms plans for traders through their broker IB.

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Established: 2018
Contact: info@vlvt.ai, +357 959 573 90, +49 152 372 875 04

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spain, Spain,
Dec 6, 2022,
Registered user

Money all gone in 4 weeks total scam

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
For publication today

" The Fraud that is Velvet trading . Some 4 weeks ago I was tempted by some very slick website promoting a wonderful past performance, top class AI and trading......so talked to the staff and invested. Who did I talk to ? a cryptic MR David L (yes doesnt give his surname oddly).
What happened? well you guessed it, in 4 weeks they lost the entire amount. Oh dear sir, not seen this before sir, how terrible sir. Meanwhile I spoke to their broker and yes they get a pay back from the broker.
So i then asked Mr L, to let me speak to the owners of the company.....and thats where the story ends.......complete silence and a refusal to give me the information.
Then started to tell me his firm never asked me to join........no ? so what is the point of marketing and websites if not to entice?
Then some letter supposed to be from the Bundesbank saying they are not portfolio managing but selling software.
This is rubbish...they clearly traded my account.
This story is going to the Bundesbank and GErman press and I advise anyone reading this to stay away from this firm....its a complete SCAM, you will lsoe your money in quick time.
Meanwhile I will be making complaints also personally against the 2 owners of this SCAM"