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Updated: Jun 10, 2024

What is Viper Trading Systems?

Viper Trading Systems is a forex software company that develops trading indicators such as Object Trader which works on NinjaTrader platform.

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Apr 6, 2022,
Registered user

My experience was not so good

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I first heard of Viper Trading by watching a NinjaTrader Webinar where they promote anything/anyone who creates an indicator for there platform. After the webinar I tried to do some research on the company. Although many reviews were poor, I took a chance. Let me first say Gary is a very nice person. A sweetheart of a guy. There is no doubt that he really wants to see you get funded. However, he appears more concerned/driven about getting people funded than he is getting you familiar with the indicators and how they work. At $249.00 a month, funding was not my priority at the moment, but rather learning the system. If I cant make money I will NEVER get funded. Sort of putting the cart before the horse.
The first two months were very stressful because I use NT8. However, the owners who run Viper both trade on NT7. This was a problem (for the first two months of my subscription) because the indicators continued to freeze up the NT8 platform.
They were fully aware of the freezing up issues before I signed up and were working to fix the problem. I cancelled my subscription during the second month. They did listen to my complaint and subsequently offered an additional two months at half the price. This was nice, but the issue of training was still a frustration.
They do offer many trading videos, but this was not easy because there is nobody to ask questions. During the daily live trading sessions it is almost impossible to ask questions because they are focused on trading a 4 Range chart. The 4 Range chart is important to point out because there is NO swing trading and it is very fast paced. Mainly scalping.
Inside the trading room there is hardly anything negative. Meaning, every day comes across as a winning day. (But that was not my experience. I was stopped out frequently.)
They do have minimal training. Generally twice during the week and on most Saturdays. But again, it seemed like it was or is often more about funding or their Fundometer, an indicator designed for funding. If there was Viper training, again, often times questions/comments (mine) were not addressed.
I have no doubt they appear to be making money. After all, it is their system and they fully understand how it works. But I dont have a clue. The subscription (I thought) was to learn to trade their system; not to simply have access into a live room and watch them make money.
Nevertheless, another observation is there is no communication between any of the other traders. You cannot see the chat. You cannot run ideas or questions across the platform. You do not know if they are suceeding. Many of my questions and concerns mentioned in the chat were either ignored or not addressed. Nobody even knows I asked a question. I dont mean to imply they were ignored, but it just appeared they were overlooked b/c they were simply not addressed.
It is now my fourh month and I have lost steam in attending the live trading room. I really dont think they are concerned with anyone left behind. They never ask me if I am learning or understanding.
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