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Updated: Feb 19, 2017
3.755 · 10 REVIEWS
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3.755 · 10 REVIEWS
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Nov 4, 2010,

MPT is a fantastic platform for beginners and intermediate traders alike. Its so easy to use! I have not only been using it for the past few years but now use it to teach others and to grow my network of responsible traders. Withdrawing money is quick and simple and MPT doesn't charge for it.
I will always continue to support MPT and recommend it to all who wish to learn to trade in the forex market.
Bon chance!
Southern California, USA,
Aug 20, 2010,

Excellent platform for beginners. After trying time and again with forex.

The platform was easy to learn and they didn't charge me for withdraws. Withdraws, trading, everything was simple.

This was the first website I actively used after learning about forex. I did a lot of research and looked through a lot of companies. This one was definitely the best for me.
May 14, 2010,


I'm trading with MPT for like an year now.
But I must say I've never heard about trainings or stuff. My agent quitted with MPT so I can't ask him anything. I'm kinda on my own. But the platform is very easy to use and withdrawing money and stuff is also very easy, thats why I stick to MPT
Sinisa Brkic,
Bosnia and Herzegovina,
May 5, 2009,

I can not believe what these people write bad for Mpt, this is all a lie. I traded with this broker for about 14 months.Their platform, is very easy to use. As someone just told the PIP spread of 5 is relatively high because there's a MLM 4 level commission structure going, but you can earn money working as agent for them and in this price is included webinars from their profesional traders, I have learned from them to make 50 pips every day. I recommend MPT.Thank you My Private Trade, and I can say these people lying writing bad about MPT,I do not know which is their goal.
Feb 6, 2009,

I traded with this broker for about almost two years now, and I never had any problems even with very volatile markets. I like the platform, which is very easy to use. If you have questions, you can ask them to your personal contact that you get. I didn't see this with other brokers. I like the fact that they teach us different strategies through online webinars, and for FREE! Very positive if you ask me.
Jul 5, 2008,

My Private Trade setup with a pyramid agent structure is NOT legal. You can earn commissions on clients acting as an agent. According to most EU countries, you're acting as a FINANCIAL INTERMEDIARY and this requires that you are supposed to be regulated/licensed by your local/country financial authority(CBFA for Belgium, AFM for Holland,...). This also explains a spread of 5 pips per trade which is above normal market spreads, even with expensive FOREX brokers. The only persons making money are the agents and the Multi Level
(MLM) people=Symray Holdings Ltd. in DUBAI!?! The client always loses out. Good luck with this so called broker.
Jun 22, 2008,

Next to the high spread, the biggest problem with MPT is that when the market becomes very volatile, you can not trade. You just cannot enter the system to place your trades. So, a rapid reaction to large changes is not possible, therefore you loose a lot of pips.
Also you cannot trade on the graphs. They are to small in size.
May 15, 2008,

Why are two users from Belgium (one of who started with myprivatetrade in 2006), posting almost the same kind of review one day after the other?
Nov 9, 2007,

My Private Trade is very simple, easy to use. For the private trader it is probably the most user-friendly platform on the market.

If you have never tried to trade Forex, you can start within a few minutes here.

But then you still have to learn about the market. And that is something that My Private Trade teaches you too.

They now have a very good training. A very simple trading strategy, but the track record shows more than 90% positive trades. It only takes 15 min. a day to implement this strategy, so everybody can do this.

My Private Trade recently started with a Forum for their custumers, and every day, the trades are posted on this Forum.

Yes, they have a 5 pip spread, but it is easy, user-friendly, and finally whe have a broker who teaches his people how to trade with profit.
Paul Van Hoof,
Nov 8, 2007,

I started trading with this platform in November 2006.
I was a newbie and was attracted by the simplicity of their platform.
Thanks to their live and online courses I managed learning trading on the forex in no time.
This broker has a live support that is really fantastic thanks to their independent agents.
A few months ago My Private Trade came up with a strategy that is called Trendspotting en they teach it to their agents and costumers.
I’m proud to say that this strategy really works and it is bringing me more then 4000 pips a month. Not bad for a newbie I would say!
I recommend My Private Trade because of the simplicity and the support you get from them.
For me it is a 5 star broker.