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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.03 · 21 REVIEWS
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3.03 · 21 REVIEWS
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Sep 23, 2011,

Im one of the trader on this company name "AccountEATER" this company is legit. Just want to tell every one to be carefull on choosing a right system. Check my profile, it might help you to find the right system. THANKS!
Feb 6, 2010,

I am watching Eagleforce signal provider currently within 2 weeks of test it is already up over 900 pips in profit and over 50 % total equity profit which is surprising, i am aware that eagleforce has been providing signals at zulutrade and also tradency and now currently with gfsignals, will be on a look out and as soon as the test is over i will give it a try.
Apr 12, 2009,

So far the company seems legit. As a trader contributing myself, I have just passed my first week of profitable trading +107pips (which was my first week using the service, and was a rough starting week for me). So know my trades are listed. I felt that having a 3rd party post what I have been doing right along on my own site would lend more credability to my trading recommendations. I can say that after my first week. All my trades were listed and even all the ones I had cancelled. And no trades disappeared as someone had mentioned was a problem. I have not had a losing month since since I starting posting records on my site last summer, so I am excited about this opportunity. I only had one trade that took a little longer to close then my actual account with a different broker due to a different spread. But other then that so far has been spot on, and I have received my own signals via email with in seconds of posting my trades. So far I am impressed with the service. Only thing I don't think is fair and kinda misleading, is the way traders are ranked. I believe that a pip is a pip, and should not be padded by the number of lots they are opening with. If I open my trades with ten lots to say I made 1000pips my first week when I only actually captured a total of 100pips, that to me is misleading any potential followers. So who ever you choose to follow, just make sure to see how they are getting these results. You can always trade multiple lots but in the end, a pip is still a pip and should be recorded as such. My account currently in testing is CraigFX I dont feel I should give a rating since I am a contributor to the site, but if I did, so far I would say "good", but I have not experienced the automated trading part yet.
Dennis Lambert,
Fairfax, VA,
Apr 25, 2008,

I've tried this service during 3 months. I wasn't able to make any good profit. Some losing trades simply disappear from their past trades history, beware. Huge drawdowns, unreliable entries (20 pips away), unreliable exits... Better look somewhere else.
Leith Hill,
Kelowna B.C.,
Feb 25, 2008,

I would have to agree with the Spanish Research Institute review of GFSignals. Even though GFS is on the cutting edge of discovering and making available proven System's through licensed or unlicensed Signal Provider's, the minds behind the Company have to communicate more detail to both the general public as well as their Signal provider's concerning submitting detail and understanding protocol. I've been following this Site closely for the past 5 months (as I Trade my own Accounts) and must say that I am really impressed with a few of the top Signal Provider's weekly consistency as well as the huge pip gains (some are averaging 200+ to 300+ weekly!!!). I'm keeping my eye on "Smallhooks" (currently in the Testing period with GFS). Last week he took 700+ pips and He Trades ONLY the USD/CAD currency pair with a 38 PIP Stop Loss on EVERY single Trade! Unheard of for the Forex Market. Unlike some of the guys that run the full 300- pip range (and often let that slide into the 1000- area because they don't know how to take a loss!!!).If the developer's of GFSignals get their act together, this site could end up becoming the Premier Independent Signal Providing site Globally because of it's availability and variety of unique and Proven (time-tested) System's. Just do your own homework when looking at the History of each Provider and figure out their weekly averages over the number of weeks that they've been with GFS. You will easily discover the handful of Sincere dedicated and disciplined Signal Provider's that are truly on top of their game.
Jan 19, 2008,

To " Alireza in Iran ", you said you look for traders with low drawdown. Did you look at Accutrader's records? I think his biggest drawdown is about 40 pips so far. I've been following his trades, and he seems to be one of the few who really use small stop loss. He has made 1000 standard pips for last 12 months or so. That means a $10000 account has doubled if you follow his trades. Take a look for yourself.
Jan 17, 2008,

I used to check statistics of traders of GFSignals for a long time and real trade with them for past few months.
First let me give you a list of profit/week:
(This list is a little bit old, but still useful):
Forex Trader Pip/Week
118fx 310
King 203
wizard 185
Hunter 155
Hex 141
HolyFx 125
FXProdigy 125
jpysun 123
Steady 109
fxwiner_trader 109
Ragpijin 105
wizardry 101
Koyster 99
castafx 94
Boeder 92
Empire 91
Andrey 75
iftc 71
JWmaximizingrevenue 51
Nikray 50
forex_tr 47
DX_Trade 36
pedroforexsignals 35
Love-Bread-Forex 18
Accutrader 18
Ronaldo_FX 14

I preferred to use lower drawdown traders and I found the followings:


boeder and koyster are cautious traders but their real weekly profit is lower than table above since both of them have 1 or two weeks of +1000 pips in their very beginning weeks which has affected their total statistics.

the most important thing to me is the style each trader uses for trades.
I don't like traders whom don't pay attention to trend lines (only indicators) and those whom change their stoploss very often. it's not hard to have good results if you wait for 1300 pips of loss and then market changes the direction. if a trader does his job incorrect, even with good statistics, it's very probable to bring up a disaster sooner or later. and I think this is what we should talk about it here.

It seems FxWinner is one of the best paying enough attention to all aspects.

trader younesi seems to be reckless and has very huge drawdowns during his trades, although this can not be shown in his statistics. I prefere to use very very small lotage for his signals. and pay attention, he uses 3 lots as standard trading.

I've recently subscribed to IFTC and he changed his stoploss many times and at the end promissed to hedge(after about 800 pips of loss) fortunately market changed way. I still don't know enogh about his way, but seems to rely too much on indicators(which I do'n like).

Wizardry and HolyFX both have 0 losses until now, but they stated to accept 1000 pips of loss. you can check their trades during historical pick of EURUSD last year. I don't know why I feel one man is behind both of them!!for a short while I used Wizardry and his entery points seemed correct to me but I stopped using it for his 1400 pips of loss at the end of week.

Some of traders like hunter use upto 9 lots per trade! so you can see 3200 pips for his maximum loss, although he claimes to have 20~30 pips of stoploss. and if you divide his weekly average by 9 ...

well ..., it's enough for me. hope to here from you also.
Oct 27, 2007,

From reading the other reviews, it definitely seems like the chosen trader has a lot to do with your experience. I have been using "Steady" for about 6 months now with outstanding results - average of 100 pips/ week. I have been able to match his performance very closely using my own auto-trading API program. Most of the time I get 1-2 pips worse entry but sometimes better. Overall considering his longer term strategy of +35 pips target on each position, the 1 or 2 pips doesn't matter.

Looking at other traders, they have 1000's of pips floating loss which is a joke. How can this be profitable with sane money management? "Steady" rarely carries losses from week to week. Notice that his statistics are based on 1 lot size so 100 pips profit equals 100 pip move in the currency, unlike other traders who multiply their lot size to skew statistics.

Overall GFsignals.com have provided 100% timely delivery of the signals and I have never had any technical issue with receiving the signals. My only negative comment is that you cannot communicate directly with trader but maybe they perform better that way :) As long as the signals work, I'm happy. Now that my software auto-trades the signals I spend only about 1/2 hour effort total per week for 100 pips - not bad huh?
Oct 11, 2007,

I tried several traders, tried their EA for automatic execution. I must say, that they are totally honest with their reports. I mean I've got quite the same result as they post.
Certainly, it all depends of which trader you use, I like Nikray the most. He makes just few trades, but they are all long-term and give good profit. FXWiner is also not too bad. He often extends his subscription time if he feels the profit is not enough.
And now that problem you are all talking about with floating losses is also solved. I mean, there is not any problem with impossibility to get to know floating losses before you sign up anymore. Every week you are able to see not only the results of closed operations but also the state of still open positions. You may see everything even until you sign up for trial.
That's really very good improvement in their service. Just few forex services give that.
I believe this service is great.
John Mascurenus,
Oct 1, 2007,

I have signed up with GF Signals and trying to use Expert Advisor with a demo trading platform: InterbankFX, the only one compatible with Expert Trader. I find GF Signals to be honest and prompt but they do not provide a telephone number for a quick query. One has to resort to email which takes atleast two days for the reply to arrive. I have seen a list of signal traders and judging from the forum reviews on this site might sign up for Nikray which has good reviews. Can anyone enlighten me how to fill up the trader's tables especially where to find the OPEN, STOP and LIMIT values. John