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Updated: Jul 26, 2018
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1 · 10 REVIEWS
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, Philippines,
Jan 8, 2014,

I paid for his "Lessons" and religiously followed it on my trades but all are just plain useless! I have the same experience with one of the reviewer here. Whenever i do the online training, their instructions always changes, its like I'm talking with a different person every session!

Never had a profit using is trade calls. UNTRUSTWORTHY
Raj Patel,
London, United Kingdom,
Mar 6, 2012,

Absolutely no value at all. The only approach I have see till now is to make a prediction and wait for it to come true . Vague statements and a constant attempt to to fit market behavior to forecast. Have been driven out of the fxstreet forums because of consistent useless predictions
Dawid Swiech,
czemin, Poland,
Dec 24, 2011,

I watched them for a long time. They (dr.whatever) is danger in every sense of the word. BE AWARE!
Jun 20, 2011,

I have joined the Basic Membership Forecast Solution but found it to be a load of cr**! And it seems that whenever i get back to my online tutorial, i noticed that what has been taught before always changes and this confuses me a lot! I even tried following their trades but ends up with big losses! I dont even understand how they came up with their profitable historical data!They are definitely scammers!
San Jose US,
Oct 20, 2009,

his advises are just a load of c**p. First he is too expensive and his predictions were less than 50 % accurate. I truely believe he is a scam
Oct 29, 2008,

He is a scam and a fraud and I can prove. He lost over US 200,000 on my managed account since August 2008 and mostly all in one month. He claims over 90% accruacy -what a load of garbage!!

After loosing he then asked for further funding and blamed me, the market and his nominated broker GCI for all the losses.

I provided him with an educated reply and told him to ##@&$^$&^%##!!!
Jul 10, 2008,

When you are 95% accurate in your predictions you do not need a lot of capital to get rich in Forex. And you most certainly do not need 3K USD membership from other traders.

By the way. Any well educated Indian has attended British schools and knows his english well. This guy is plain illiterate.

Sorry, I do not have a PhD, English is my 3rd language and I only lived in an English speaking country for 1 year of my life. My English is way better than his.
Diadema, Brazil,
Sep 5, 2007,

I follow their trial and not make money. Better to flip a coin as correct more times.
Collin Hayes,
Aug 7, 2007,

They are a joke I see one minute one thing and then the next hr something totally different
San Jose, CA,
Jul 6, 2007,

I got the trial period and it was right less than half the time. He calling for a stronger dollar, so go long after the stop hunt. lol I talk to him on the phone and he said he knew how the banks tricked the trader. He was calling for EUR/USD to go to 1.25 lol Keep shorting the EURO lol --- STUPID GUY !!!!