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FX Turning Point
3.688 · 26 REVIEWS
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3.688 · 26 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

A. Saenz,
Beeville Texas,
Jan 11, 2008,

Info is too late to be useful for me. States the obvious i.e. trending up/down ... may or may not continue present course. Ads say daily newsletter is EVERY SINGLE DAY but he takes EVERY SINGLE local HOLIDAY off and often states he will post after a particular event such as a meeting or announcement but doesn't post till a half-day later. If he was a fireman the house would burn down and the smoke from the embers long gone by the time he arrived. Perhaps useful for confirmation or a form of comfort for your own trading decisions after you made them or you want to know the possible reason the market/currency pairs acted the way they did hours or the next day later. Today he announced discontinuation of this newsletter without even offering a refund of the unused portion of user's subscriptions. I had no intention of renewing the subscription or following to his newer more expensive service. Says it costs about as much as a cup of coffee per day (but will cost more than that if the information is not in a timely basis).
Boulder, CO,
Nov 29, 2007,

All his indicators are lagging and subsequently you enter the trade almost always late. If the trend continues, then you'll be ok, but in choppy markets, you'll lose your funds fast. This system works on the 4hr and the daily charts to trade with the trend, even with late entries and large stop-loss points. This is a very risky system.
Tucson, AZ,
Jul 20, 2007,

I canceled during the trial period but can't get my $77 back. Now a year later, they charge me another $77 which I can't get back either. My loss is $154 and climbing by $77 every year! if anyone can get his telephone number or some way of locating this con artist, please let me know.

Well, I finally got a response from Erol after 1 year of trying to get a hold of him! He refunded the second $77 and I am hoping he will refund the first $77 since I emailed repeatedly about canceling during the trial period. Anyone can even see my post here asking for help to get him to stand behind the 100% money-back guarantee! Even the nice webmaster here tried to help me get my first $77 back to no avail. but maybe now a year later, maybe!!!!! I will let you know, md
Cameron Scott,
Queensland, Australia,
Jun 10, 2007,

Well, I have to say....I really can not believe that there are people on here that have rated Erol a scam. Just goes to show that no matter how good a service is there will always be knockers, you just can't keep everyone happy all the time. My personal experience has been excellent and I've been subscribed to his daily video newsletter and have had his indicator suite for probably close on a year now.. In my opionion he works hard to deliver a great service for his clients and he does reply to emails! I think his video newsletter is awesome and a dead-set bargain for what he charges, he really could easily charge more for that alone(try the free trial) Also, his indicator suite is great value and does in fact work. For those that have issues with the indicator suite try looking at the 4hrlys and dailys for the overall trend then look to the smaller time frames for a good entry, keeping in mind that tight stop losses are a great way to lose money other words, give your trade some room to play and your results will be far better. I would give Erol 10 stars but the 5 will have to do unfortunately.
Mar 15, 2007,

Has anyone made money consistently? After 3 months of live trading I have lost 50% of my account. The only good thing about this guy is that he is absent from his newsletter about twice a week.
Long Beach,
Mar 14, 2007,

Has anyone made money consistently? I purchased the indicators suite and have consistently lost money. This was on a live account. I have never seen a trade service or software package that did anything but loose money.
Dan Campbell,
USA baby..!,
Feb 6, 2007,

Well, non-auto trading aside, I think that his system is very effective. I don't use his new letter though, I just create my own trades. I found that e-signal tick charts provide the best "look" for entry. His indicators might be a tad pricely, but it's a heck-of-a-lot cheaper than 4xmadeeasy and it actually works...!! I gave him 5 stars, because I don't believe that he is trying to scam anyone. He is really trying to provide a quality service for his traders and it's pretty effective. I still think the best way to use his indicator, is on your own, but that's just me...
Dec 28, 2006,

I bought the Turning Point Suite based on users' recommendations here and is does not auto-trade under Vttrader. I just got an email from Erol and it turns out that he disabled auto-trading for what he calls 'legal reasons'. Based on that fact that none of this information was given before the sale, I am rating this as a scam.
Dec 13, 2006,

Erol's indicator suite is now the main tool I use for trading forex. I like swing trading the 4 hour charts, usually just in the direction that earns interest. Even when I use an alert service I use Erol's indicators to confirm signals before trading. In my opinion this is a bargain, and for me it has paid for itself many times over. His newsletter is especially helpful for newcomers. He raised the price too high for a while, but I believe it is now down to $97/year.
Mark D,
Nov 27, 2006,

I've been with Erol's newsletter for almost three months. His service is not necessarily an alert service but can help those who swing trade using primarily the 4hr. charts and his indicators, the Trend Following Tool, called the TFT, and the Strength Indicator. This can help you stay on the right side of the market weather you day trade or swing trade that I find valuable in my trading. His video newsletters are filled with commentary on 11 USD currency pairs. Erol is primarily a technical trader with some knowledge about fundamentals. He uses Fibs and monthly ranges for possible entries on his videos. He focuses on commodities such as crude oil, gold and silver that may affect some currencies such as the CAD, AUD and the Kiwi. I haven't used his indicators, so I can't say if they work or not. Worth the $77/year for daily commentary. Now I think he charges $97/year which is still a bargain. Can be useful for all types of traders, newbies through experienced.