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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
2.837 · 10 REVIEWS
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2.837 · 10 REVIEWS
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Trader from London,
May 31, 2008,

They do not even deserve 1 star. Customer service is very bad & they lie.
Jan 5, 2008,

Finspreads are good, so long as you treat them like they are trying to take your money.

Scrutinise your statement like your life depends on it and it is possible to make money with them as they always seem to correct 'errors' when challenged.

Platform is a bit temperamental, especially when running multiple spread-betting interfaces. It is almost as infuriating as the 'sorry, price has moved' message.

It is even possible to trade news if you stick to small bet/pers (Don't turn your nose up at £50 for 2 mins work on NFP release!).
Ralph Brereton,
Oct 18, 2007,

Finspreads has served me well for over two years. Their spreads are wider than CMC, BUT CMC skew their spread against you, so on balance I find Finspreads safer. Their real-time charts are marvellous and free. Can't understand why anyone pays for real-time charting. When you place an advance order you can place "if done" stops and limits at the same time, so you'll never have a position open without a stop - wonderful.
Andy Hasted,
leatherhead UK,
Oct 7, 2007,

I have been using finspreads since May 07 to position trade the Dow index only. They are fine for that, althoughthe platform can be a bit unreliable. One advantage is that you don`t have trade in whole numbers - you can bet say £5.67 a point if you want. They have always answered the phone ok for me. I don`t news trade so can`t comment . I do FX trading elsewhere.
Sep 13, 2007,

Web based platform easy to use. Spreads seem to have got worse lately and are always greater than their quoted minimum. Triggers can take a long time to clear. Next months contract only appears on the day of current month expiry. Not very professional really!
Sep 3, 2007,

Finspreads is extremely bad. The only point in joining them is their academy folder actually contains real secrets to trading forex. But the platform is a total con. If you get in to profit, it freezes or tells you the pair is not available, you can rarely get through to a voice broker/desk dealer on time because they don't have enough staff. So if they're busy, you have to wait while the market keeps moving. I cannot believe the positive reviews. My experience with this dodgy "broker" was terrible. They're out to steal your money, at any cost. So stay away if you have any sense at all.
Aug 31, 2007,

Takes ages to get a quote, and takes ages to close a trade, this is especially worse around news time.
Aug 28, 2007,

Not bad. On the plus side, really easy to use platform, good fills (to date, approx 1 yr of use) and a mobile platform (useful when on the road).
Bad side - the odd bad pip has stopped me out. They've always reinstated my position, but doesn't seem to be a tight quality control on the data. Keep a close eye on your trades!
Also, can take ages to get a quote. They tend to prefer maintaining fixed spreads, and seem to often do this by reverting to phone only dealing in times of big moves. Ergo, don't even think about trading news with them.
Also, no trailing stops and not possible to place opposing orders to existing positions (eg if you have an open buy position, you can't create a sell position if you get stopped out).
Aug 19, 2007,

The Platform is very unstable. Many times one's lose connection and its very frustration to log on again. Not too good on news trading but it's good trading small amount of money.
The annoying part is that one's has 3 minutes to make the trade, otherwise the trade is can canceled. This can also be very annoying when one have to closed their position and some time it take a while to open the trading platform to close the trade. This can cost you allot of money
Simon ,
Aug 7, 2007,

Customer Service is good. Charts play up occasionally. When they do play up Finspreads just seem to ignore the lost data and carry on. So sometimes you get large gaps in the charts.. They have a few good seminars (free!).
Noticed the other week though that when NZD/USD was trending they had increased the spread from 3 to 6. Thought that was a bit rude to day the least.