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Updated: Dec 13, 2018
4.616 · 32 REVIEWS
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4.616 · 32 REVIEWS
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Chima B.,
Boise, Idaho, USA,
Oct 2, 2016,

Over my many years of trading I've used several platforms. For the last several years I have used Gecko Software's futures trading platform and more recently (two years now) I have gotten into trading Forex using their platform as well. I can say with certainty that people who actually trade have designed the Gecko Software Trading Platforms, they've made it very easy to place trades with advanced features for stops and limits.
brandy nelson,
usa, USA,
Jul 4, 2016,

Caution to buyers: do not purchase software... they will make it "disabled" unless you open a trading account which is way overpriced.
Sussex, United Kingdom,
Oct 3, 2014,

Perhaps the very best trading platform I have ever come across. The online chat has been very helpful with all my questions too!.. I highly recommend Autopilot as well.
Jesse Gate,
Detroit, MI, USA,
Apr 13, 2014,

I have been really impressed with the easy of placing orders with Track and Trade. Also, I really like the use the Autopilot software to trade my strategies during the London open (I like me sleep;-)

My review of the software is that I have found the software very way to use and had a slight learning curve but it was much smaller than other platforms I have tried for free. I wasn't crazy about the default color scheme but was able to change that after I called their support desk. They are in the US and that is where their help desk is as well. This was very important for me.
Craig Allen,
Oakland, CA, USA,
May 10, 2013,

Using Gecko Software as for my signals have given me the single biggest improvement in my trading yet. I have found the software easy to use, staff friendly and knowledgeable, and am glad that I was able to find them early on in my trading career. Thanks Gecko!
St. Pete, FL, USA,
Mar 16, 2013,

Using the software for Fib tools has been a real time saver for me. I love the Fib features that they offer. Clean and clear, simple to use.
Natalie ,
Salt Lake, USA,
Feb 23, 2013,

Very impressed with the Gecko Software support staff, technical people, and sales staff. Found the software easy to use from the start and was impressed with the ability to create my own EAs in the software.
San Diego, USA,
May 12, 2012,

I am extremely happy with my purchase of this software. Not only is it extremely easy to use but if I do have any issues their phones get answered almost every time to answer my questions. Great product! Thank you!
Fairfax, USA,
Feb 11, 2012,

I will try it soon and get back to you
Mark Peterson,
Orlando FL.,
Mar 20, 2011,

Just finished a Forex conference here in Florida, one of the attendees mentioned Track 'n Trade (Gecko Software) during the conference, (The conference was for a different company...lol.) So I came home downloaded the Gecko Software and surprisingly, it was everything and more the guy had said. I must admit, I'm pretty amazed...enough so, I figured I should tell people about it here on Peace Army.

I had to watch the getting started video, but once I watched that, the rest was easy. I'm almost 50 years old, not a programmer, and so this program was perfect fit for me. You don't need to be a programmer to make the Autopilot, auto-trader system to trade. All you do is fill in the blanks, tell it how you want to enter the market, how you want to exit the market, and what stops and trailing stops and limit orders you want to use, and it does it all for you, you can even watch it automatically move the orders on the screen, its pretty cool. I've been using the jump stop, it seems to work the best for me so far.

Anyway, I'm very happy I found this software, thought you guys would like to know about it too. Especially if you're not a programmer.