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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.286 · 7 REVIEWS
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4.286 · 7 REVIEWS
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Nov 18, 2010,

Bloomberg TV: The bloomberg tickers late night are great but Manus Cranny and Mark Barton make me want to kill myself. C'mon Mike B!!! Find some less pompous reporters please!!!
Durban, South Africa,
Jul 19, 2010,

Is Bloomberg a great tool? YES. Service Levels? Good to Very Good. Is it a worthwhile investment getting Bloomberg? Ummmmm........

Look, it's pretty straight forward. Bloomberg will go to the extent of giving you top notch service, link your trades and do settlements for you. If you are trading Interbank, by all means go ahead. They will request for your financial worth. And if you are worth diddly squat, Bloomberg is useless to you. They will only do everything for you if you're worth in excess of US$ 20mill. Who has that kind of cash lying around? If you are running a trading business, yeah, but if you are an individual and worth a few hundred thousand or 1 or 2 mill....... Forget it!!!!
Alex Findlay,
Las Vegas London Nassau Dubai,
Nov 25, 2008,

I CANNOT EXXPRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BLOOMBERG TERMINAL IN ANY TRADING PLAN. If you are serious about making money trading stock, bonds, commodities or Forex Bloomberg is a must. Bloomberg.com has great information on their site and if you combine that with the Wall Street Journal, Barron
Oct 18, 2007,

Bloomberg is a great tool. I had a chance to use it as a trial and the amount of information is unbelievable. It is very expensive but worth the money if you can afford it.
Jason Smith,
Missouri, USA,
Oct 11, 2007,

I'd have to agree with the majority here. I recently purchased an XM radio for my work vehicle. Over 200 stations & the "dial" hasn't left Bloomberg in over a month!
Ross ,
Cheshire - England,
Oct 9, 2007,

I alternate between Bloomberg and CNBC and find them both indispensible . Bloomberg is tops for information their ticker constantly relays prices unlike CNBC
Aug 6, 2007,

I use Bloomberg television and found them very good ,breaking news ,interesting interviews and all the information on a well laid out screen
Jul 14, 2007,

Bloomberg is the finest News provider that I have found so far. They give up to date news releases immediaetly and there publishers are reliable. Plus bloomberg television is always talking about whats going on, its awesome.