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3.045 • 9 REVIEWS
Updated: Mar 3, 2024

What is MTPredictor?

MTPredictor is a forex trading software company created by Steve Griffiths, offering MTPredicator 8.1, MTPredictor add-on for NinjaTrader 8, MTPredictor scripts for TradingView etc. to help traders trade forex.

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Established: 2001
3.045 • 9 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of MTPredictor

Nov 4, 2010,

Griffiths master and teacher is Robert Miner from Dynamic Traders. HE is the man! His software approaches the Holy Grail really closely.
London, UK,
Sep 8, 2010,

The software is a useful aid to making a living in financial markets. It is not a 100% automated trading robot, so you do need to keep the bit between your ears switched on, but a profitable system is definitely there to be used. The training is a little repetitive but sound. Most important thing for me is to be patient about waiting for the right trades.
Shannon King
Mar 28, 2010,

I think this software is good. They provide Excellent support and are constantly making improvements. I have not given the software a chance to make profits yet with a 100 sample trades but I am currently working on that.
Jul 15, 2009,

i have using this software for the pass 4 years and what i found about this software is a good trade finder for all kind of money market, some of you said mtp can't use in the forex but for me this software works well in forex market for a bigger time frame such as daily or weekly chart but for index futures you should use smaller tf like 3 min to get a good trade setup plus you have to follow the risk reward ratio positioning sizing to make sure your acc will not blown up in the short time........yes sometime the setup hit your stop loss but with a small amout so this is the beauty of the software and for all software seekers out there if you want to find a software that can give you a holy grail technic to trade hope you can try this software for 30 days and if you dont like it you can get your money back for within 30 days. Just for your infomation, if you want to be rich is better slowly than get broke rapidly. Try to be a patient trader and it will show you how to be a good trader.
Jul 2, 2009,

Further to RT traders comments, while the so-called mtpredictor methodology of locating good trades was effective in the 1980's, 90's and early 00's (pre-mtpredictor) it has suffered the fate of all methods zealously promoted by software developers, it is now a loser. In fact, it's most effective as a short term FADE. Save your money, or I will take it. Ask yourself, why would someone sell a money making method? These guys claim to be 'traders', yet have no P&L's, only make-believe trades, sic.
RT trader
United States,
Jun 23, 2008,

Software offers no statistical advantage in trading. Griffiths provides "educational" webinars and daily reports. What really happens is the software signals a ton of trades and the guys at MT Predictor cherry pick the winning trades and use those as examples of how to make money. The problem is there is no way to distinguish winning signals from losing signals.

When you lose money, and you will using this program, Griffiths will blame you the trader as not being experienced enough to differentiate between winning and losing setups. This despite the fact that Griffiths himself will contradict himself as he cherry picks the winning trades as he attempts to explain why this winning trade should be taken but this losing one should not.

MT Predictor is cleverly marketed, especially with the position sizing / risk management aspect. It has all the aspects of attractive trading - where to enter, where to place stops, where to take profits. At first glance the system seems as if it would work, but it simply does not. Save your money.
Toronto, Canada,
Mar 17, 2008,

This software is not for forex markets.
I have this software for a few months trying to make it work on the forex but with no success.Also paying high price for the data feed.
Feb 20, 2008,

If you don't mind your account go down 50% before there is a turnaround then try it but lots of long preiod when no gains are made and I am not sure if profits will be there in the future
Brisbane, Australia,
Nov 27, 2007,

This is the real deal! Steve Griffith who is the developer of the software is a very honest guy. He talks about risk management very serioulsy, unlike many other gurus who just couldn't care less about it. He has a 20 year experience as a trader so he knows how difficult trading can be at times.

Anyway, all that money management stuff has all been programed into the software so all you have to do is asses the trade setup and the risk/reward ratio.

The focus is always on little risk, large profit potential...The software does a good job of keeping you out of bad trades thus preserving your capital.

I was skeptical at first, but now knowing what the software can do, I would recommend this to anyone. 5/5 stars