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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Another alias of this web site is www.tinypips.com

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Peter Maning,
Feb 18, 2008,

I am a staff member of the tinypipfx.com. All I can say is that we have over 500 members trading our systems and so far we do not receive complaints such as the one left by Juan. We have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee, live customer support as well as an active forum where members can express themselves. Refund has never been an issue for us as long as the customer follows the simple instruction by providing a screenshot of the account that uses our strategy and do not make a profit. I do not know who was handling your account, but I can assure you that you will always get a refund as long as you follow the instruction.
Please stop by at www.tinypifx.com and chat with one of our staff members and they will help you with anything you may need.
Good luck to all.
dusty Oklahoma,
Feb 4, 2008,

I guess I'm not as smart as joan in the UK. She must be so successful at forex trading. I'm amazed she would waste time looking for other trading ideas, let alone, find out all she needs to know about our systems in 30 minutes. Make no mistake, the tinypips systems are not get rich quick, flashy systems, they are basic, proven ways to make small amounts of pips, through diligence, patience, and disicipline. (maybe not ideal traits in most non professional traders). I have been using the tinypips systems for 11 months, and have averaged 10 to 15 pips every day I traded. I have no idea if joan is telling the truth about not getting her money back, (there must be other reasons), but if she didn't, she might as well join our group of tinypips traders, and we will help her make some money for a change. cheers, goober
Matt Damian,
Dec 28, 2007,

I have been a tinypips members for 2 months. I am using their basic 10 pips system. I find it to be very easy and go well with my trading style. Their support is fantastic. I am not subscribe to the number service yet. I am a newbie to forex. I am trying to learn first. I encourage anyone to try it.