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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.862 · 6 REVIEWS
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1.862 · 6 REVIEWS
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Nov 22, 2008,

Best thing that happened with Andy's training was it got me to finally give up on 4xmadeeasy. I learned there was a lot more to trading than red and green arrows. I learned about pivots, indicators, patterns, candles, and how important news is. I stopped my subscription after about 6 months because I found out about another training program that ended up advancing my trading knowledge to the point were I have now become a successful trader. In summary... I have invested close to $20,000 dollars over the past 3 years... half of that was with 4xmadeeasy... the info I learned with Andy set me in the right direction to becoming a successful 4x trader and I thank him for getting me headed in the right direction.
May 20, 2008,

I was a member there for 4 or 5 months. In order to save other folks from wasting time and money. I must agree that this outfit and there software was very very dissappointing. I completely agree with all the prior testaments except Andy Stapleton s. No hard feeling, but I also think folks should steer clear b/c it is cumbersome, uneffective, a partial system that only looks adequate in hindsite.
Dec 16, 2007,

This guy is the best bulls***er I have ever heard! He's a techie programmer, who has picked up some "key" words and attempts to interpret fundamentals. The FX Desktop Alert System is a combersome piece of software that attempts to use a combination of Technical Indicators to enter a trade. However, he cannot demonstrate that it makes money!!

He is very sloppy about everthing... just go to the website and look at the "so called" trading results. URL is:

As of December 15, 2007... he still has only posted thru June 2007... Is this because he can't demostrate any performance thereafter... so convenient to stop posting...yet he still goes on bulls***ing!!!

Daily "training" sessions are all the same old amateur interpretation of the markets... again with no consistency or proven results!
Pip Bull,
San Diego,
Nov 20, 2007,

The system is targeted at 4x Made easy users, altho they also say you dont need it to use their system. Andy got a lot of users through a $XME user group posting ridiculous gains. Since there are so many disgruntled 4xme users, this appeared to be a panacea. However, the back bone of the system is pivot points, which are nothing new, followed by a host of indicators going the same direction. It seems hes always adding a new indicator, and has more indicators than chart space now.Last time I was in the group, they still didnt use Fibonacci, which is a sin. They also were not using mid pivots, also very necessary. I distinctly remember Andy saying " You gotta watch out for those Fibonacci traders!" one time, as if they you cant use Fibs and pivots together as I do. Andy is more of a Monday morning quarter back tho, which is my issue with the program. If he would send out an email( real easy and real time on a pop network, or SMS as Felix does) everytime he entered a trade for 30 or 60 days, it would add validity to the system, other wise its nothing more than another "Forex System"that works sometimes, and the wheels fall off other times. He refused to do that. "I will teach you how to fish" was his motto If he is as good as he says, why not offer a premium service for,lets say $300-500 per month, and give his "killer" signals, since thats nothing for a successful service, especially one generating 1000s of pips monthly, Maybe with a pip guarantee or no payment due. This also emphasizes the superiority of Felixs services.

There is good tho. I learned about pivot points with them, and started investigating indicators because of the group. Hey, someone has to tell you about pivots at some point , right? SO, if youre ignorant of pivots and indicators, join the group for a month. This is not a total ripoff, just not th end of your Forex Journey, and certainly not a comprehensive system.
Sep 9, 2007,

FXDA software is OK at best. As with all EA based systems it has lots of impressive charts, alarms and indicators but it certainly can not be left to trade alone.. entries are usually right at the point of a retrace ( close of a 15M spike bar) and if used with default setting (20 pips stops for the JPY crosses..) this usually results in an immediate stop out. It would be far better if they had managed to build in some sort of entry after a small retrace -similar to that used by the pipboxer systems. I left this to run on their defaults and after running up an impressive 750 pips it ran down almost the same within the week! The customer service is somewhat lacking in that a request to fix an EA which was not compatible with a brokers platform was ignored and got a tertiary one sentence reply that I shouldn't be trading with that broker anyway!

Overall the commentary was very good and showed a real understanding of the markets so for $50 a month this is probably worth having..2 starts for the commentary..
Andy Stapleton,
Leakey TX,,
Aug 24, 2007,

As a note, all searching for Tom, Thomas resulted in no finding a member or past member with that name.

He is correct there is no "Signal Service" , the "Signal Service" is accomplished by the software as it reads the indicators and trade plan the user sets in the software.

These are immeadiate alrams and can also enter you into a trade as well if desired.

Andy Stapleton, www.forexmgr.com
Oakland CA,
Aug 19, 2007,

I was a member of this website and it has an alarm software but Andy "owner of the software" will never give you an entry signal to buy or sell. He gives you this software and he gives you recommendations and YOU have to make your own decision to buy or sell a pair.

I dont like that. If Andy is a succesful trader, why dont He send his entry signals? It easy to see results after the fact. Is any body succesful out there with this software? I'm going to give a 1 start because of the alarms that is it.