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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.234 · 33 REVIEWS
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1.234 · 33 REVIEWS
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M Sanders,
Aug 8, 2013,

The previous postings here are quite dated but I feel compelled to comment. I've been a student of Snellgrove for the last 30 months. I've taken the two-day course and am consistently present on his 6:00 morning webinar. My experience is quite the opposite of most of the postings here. I have achieved 50+ trades in a row without a loss - twice in fact. Over a 14 month period, I watched him achieve a 1400% gain on an account trading within a narrow time window each day - and that was on just one pair, the XAU-USD, which can't be traded here now thanks to the geniuses that brought us the Dodd-Frank Act. I've read all the comments about what happened several years ago and have even read the court documents. The Snellgroves were cleared of any wrong doing personally, though they did bear owner responsibilities. They did pay out all the traders and they faced painful penalties from the CFTC. Traders are a fickle group of people (and I include myself in this). We don't know what we don't know; we expect a lot because we paid a lot (for education); we get angry when we lose and we want to blame the mentor, the system, the broker - anything except our own ignorance. It can take years to become a profitable Forex trader. Snellgrove will tell you himself that it took him quite a while personally. Snellgrove has a number of students who've become independently self-supporting through Forex by following rules they learned from his methodology. Snellgrove has experienced trading losses; I've seen them. But less frequently than many. I've spent time with Don and Barbara and other mentors they've cultivated more recently. My experience is very different than the characterizations posted here. I don't work for them; I just learn from them. And I keep coming back to learn more.
Robert C,
Chapel Hill, NC,
Aug 18, 2010,

Run in the other direction! Not kidding. I am astounded that this company is still allowed to exist...truly, there must be "a sucker born every minute".
Still A Scam,
Richmond, VA,
Sep 5, 2008,

IF anyone out there is still considering this company, or any company that the Snellgroves run, operate, or participate in, you should immediately check yourself into a mental hospital for psychiatric care.

CFG, the Snellgroves, and anyone still working for them are pure scam artists! If you doubt me, go to their church, and ask anyone who has been suckered by them. Their church is right across the street from their office. Comes in handy for them I suppose. Run away fast from these people!
Jul 27, 2008,

D R McG, Richmond,va. you must be unusually connected to Snellgrove or have not been round long enough to get to know this guy. He offered the same thing to me -- just email or call -- always in very gracious tones -- unless I asked a question he did not like. When I called or emailed I did not get answers. He always dodged my questions with platitudes when I could get hold of him.

I found him not to be a man of his word. He made clear agreements with me that he never kept and did so very consistently. When I politely cited specific broken agreements to Gerry Greene -- Gerry who had been friendly till then -- became strangely silent and stopped emailing me and ceased taking my phone calls.

When their billing system would shut my charts off each month for one or two days they blamed the fact that this happened on Paypal. Instead of apologizing and fixing the glitch they were combative and blamed my choice of payment methods. (they offered paypal which I chose) You'd think they'd have at least said that their chart billings did not work with paypal instead of accusing me of choosing the wrong payment method.

Did they fix it? Not as long as I was a member.

It ended up that the glitch was due to the fact that paypal does not always forward payments immediately. Snellgrove was so frightened that someone might get a day or two extra chart access in case they canceled their paypal payment before paypal forwarded the funds to them -- that they were more content to have the charts shut down on their clients -- then to build a day or two grace into the system to cover paypal processing time.

Add to that their ridiculous behavior when a complaint about THEIR system was made and you have a perfect way to lose 5500.00 and the charting costs of 150.00+ a month.
D R McG,
Jul 21, 2008,

This was a very good service as I've been able and fortunate to participate in perhaps 12 to 15 follow-up mini seminars and mentor follow-up training all for free. The forex is not easy. If it was, then everyone would be amillionaire. Basically, Don and his mentors teach you how to fish. Just because you go to your favorite fishing hole and come home empty handed is not the fault of the teacher. He has a good system (and improvements and trades of the day for study groups are constantly e-mailed) and he has always been more than willing to clear up any forex related misunderstandings and your trading confusions, all you have to do is to contact him and ask for help. He's always granted me and my son full access to his help any time.
Jan 24, 2008,

By for the worst course I have taken, and I have taken at least a dozen.

You will learn a very simple MA crossover system, using multiple time frames and an oscillator for confirmation. There are much better systems for free online.

The price is extreme to say the least, and the support was virtually nonexistant.

This was my first course on FX, and I was suckered. Stay away!
Anon X-CFG Employee,
Richmond, VA,
Jul 17, 2007,

In Response to: "So Clint wants you to believe that he was duped for over two years when he had daily contact with these people. Come on, even Fibonacci could see what thieves they were. Not once until it is too late does he speak up. In the name of his church. Hey MVBC, where did all your money come from? Hey Clint, how much does MVBC and CFG pay you for your disinformation campaign? This is to Clint and all other employees at CFG. Every single employee at CFG now knows the evil that Don and Barbara are. It is indisputable that they do more harm to people than good. This cannot be denied. However, Don and Barbara only exist in their evil doing by the people that enable them, their employees. DO THE RIGHT THING! Walk away today!"

No employee at CFG was ever happy there. However Don was very good at creating a dependency on the company. He hired alot of people with young children and more where they were the only income (the spouse staying at home to raise their child). The pay was small enough that every employee was continuing to go into debt any time something big arose in their lives. However there certainly was no option of walking away and not being able to take care of his/her family. Most of the original employee's joined a company that did seem to have honest intentions. We brought in college students, paid them alot to get involved with the forex, and sent them home with free charts and the knowledge to get them started in this buisness. The turning point came when Steve Janjic joined the company. I remember the first time I met him thinking he would be both the best and worst thing ever to happen to the company. He seemed to turn Don against any semblance of honor or loyalty and into an "anything for profit" type personality. They screwed any customer they could for a dime. From the time Steve came on, employee's finally started giving up on ever reclaiming the company and putting it back on the right path. I got out during that period. I would talk to traders every day and try to bring their concerns to the higher ups, but it continued to fall on deaf ears. It was always the "traders fault".

I am dissapointed in what the company I joined became, but it was certainly not the employee's faults. No employee thats stayed with CFGTrading (CFGTrader, the brokerage, collected any of the employee's that were there to screw anyone) was there to screw anyone. We constantly argued with Don and Gerry on what would be best for the customers. They simply were no longer interested. There was a turning point. Everyone started looking for jobs while collecting a paycheck to feed their family. They left as soon as there was another option.
former mentor,
New Zealand,
Jun 26, 2007,

FYI: I found this on the internet, thought it might be worth posting. I would be interested to hear from any other CFG vitims what they think.
Company Overview
Concorde Forex Group, Inc. is doing business as CFG Trading, Inc. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Richmond, Virginia. On June 4, 2007, Concorde Forex Group, Inc. filed a voluntary petition to reorganize under Chapter 11 in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

I hate the Snellgroves,
Jun 24, 2007,

The Snellgroves are pieces of s*** . They lie and then lie some more . I personally know this for a fact and Gerry Greene is married to his cousin and I hate his guts aswell some christians huh. PLEASE do not take this course your giving your money to satan .
Jun 14, 2007,

Took the $5500 course, signals never lined up right, software was way overpriced and buggy as hell. My mentor Scott Barkley refused to answer my questions about applying the course to the actual market. CFG mentors only make money doing training, not winning trades. Don't drink this coolaid!