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1.198 · 10 REVIEWS
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Ajith Ranjth,
Cape Town, South Africa,
Jan 7, 2020,

Service use: Other

Length of use: Have not used

I attended course in 2016. Big scam. No ways can an inexperienced person attend this expensive course, start trading and make profit. Most of the information is available on internet.
Elizabeth Henley,
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2020,

Full of lies and half truths

Service use: Other

Greg Sekker worked in IT in a bank. He wasn’t a trader!! Lost a ton of money following his c*** ‘advice’ - do not sign up. It’s all talk, blowing smoke and no substance.
Mr M,
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 13, 2018,


From my initial email and phone contact with this first impressions to probably STAY AWAY!

Let me elaborate...

I got a call from Greg Secker's marketing company promoting their courses in which I replied ' how much' is the course?' they said 'sorry we do not know, kindly attend the seminar' i responded saying 'if i am living hundred's of miles away then how can you expect me to run to the seminar!' 'so, tell me price?' they said 'Sorry we do not know' ...bloody jokers.


I got in contact with a representative of the company asking me to come...i said to them 'sir, if you truly think you are that good then kindly send me some results of the performance of the software with REAL results!'... instead of sending to me REAL results...he sent me artwork with lines and arrows with no REAL RESULTS. Instead he invited me down. i said 'No - i asked you for real results and you sent me fake artwork!'

sometimes i refer to them email they had sent to me so i can have a laugh!

Leeds, United Kingdom,
May 15, 2018,

Don,t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the "free" seminar in Leeds today. Prices $89 a month for Fundamental information. £6994 & plus VAT for the course. Charged 10% on every trade. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!!!
Trend Surfer,
Cape Town Baby Yeah!, South Africa,
Feb 18, 2014,

I attended the intro seminar where a sales man pretending to be a trader outright lied and played on peoples emotions and fears to sell an extremely over priced Knowledge to Action forex course.

The biggest lie was about arrows on the charts that tell you when to buy and sell.This is an indicator which I luckily downloaded and tested on codebase and knew before the seminar and the arrows appear 3 to 4 candles back. Like any indicator it uses past data and this was an complete lie.

They also sell strategies like sniper trade etc that is widely available on the internet.

They charged R23 000 ($2300) for a short course I Have never heard of such an expensive course.

Knowledge to Action is an Intro Course to Trading sold at an extremely over priced price with lies and fear.

Thats all.

Don't get scammed.
walsall, United Kingdom,
Aug 23, 2013,


Please help me

I am currently taking Court action against Greg Secker's Knowledge to Action & Traders university , however , the only way i can win my case is if i can get an independent financial expert to act as a witness or give a report about Greg Seckers financial strategy as being false and unfounded.

My Court claim is based on fraudulent misrepresentation and deceiving the public in order to make money , and it is a clear Ponzi scheme.

I am also trying to get trading standards in London to take up the case and investigate further but they seem reluctant at the minute

i would appreciate any contact details for financial experts that could help me with my case

Please e-mail asap on
kind regards and best wishes to u all
Mike Davis,
Jan 3, 2011,

I must echo Robert comments below, which are very accurate. This outfit manages to evade most of the review sites by using 'Knowledge to Action' (to sell its Forex course) and 'Traders University' (to sell its Stocks course).

I too have traded the financial markets for many years but decided to do the Forex course as a refresher after a 3-year break. What a mistake!

It was a shock to hear some of the 'performance' claims made in the 2-day training course, which were certainly misleading, and subsequent back-testing proved that the methods taught simply don't work, and can be learnt for free on many internet sites.

The sales pitch in the £2500 course is engineered so that you'll up-grade to the next levels of coaching (or beyond) where they will try and relieve you of at least another £1500 in coaching fees. This is 'sold' to you in the three free half-hour coaching sessions that are included in the Course!

I stayed in touch with many of my fellow attendees and virtually everyone felt they had been duped by a sales machine selling the financial 'dream'. Most were newbies and simply drifted away with much less money in their pockets after a few months.

There are much better training companies out there that are much cheaper and run by actual traders rather than marketers - it saddens me that many inexperienced traders will inevitably be ripped off by this marketing machine where you learn very little about effective trading.

Save your money and the stress of feeling duped by going elsewhere.
Robert Baran,
Sydney, Australia,
Dec 9, 2009,

Greg Secker's "Ultimate Forex Profits" 2 day seminar (and also his 3 hour 'teaser' intro night, is very professionally presented and crisply run. His style is impressive and the course is great. UNFORTUNATELY, IT IS BASED ON FALSE AND MISLEADING REPRESENTATIONS THROUGHOUT.

Greg continually repeats the same mantras - the 3 strategies taught have an 85%-95% success rate and that the objective rules must be followed precisely.

The strategies are only revealed in the last 10% of the course, leaving no time for testing or investigation. Greg and the team are very hard sellers and, under the guise of supporting all delegates, offer all sorts of add-ons to an already expensive course (I don't mind the cost of the course if it can be justified by subsequent trading results)

The problem is that the strategies just don't work. The backtested results do not stack up (success rates below 50% across all recommended currency pairs). And the free coaching sessions are not consistent with Greg's course content. I had 3 different coaches who all suggested differing approaches and all differed from Greg Secker's "follow the rules for easy instant profit" seminar lessons.

Please note that I am not a gullible newbie sucker believing the claims. I have been trading commodities for several years, turning an original $10,000 outlay into several hundred thousand dollars by sticking to a dozen strictly objective trading system rules (at only a 75% success rate, but with average wins significantly higher than average losses).

The course is slick, entertaining but, put simply, the strategies do not produce the results promised over and over and over again throughout the course and its lead up.
Peter jones,
uk London,
Dec 14, 2007,

I did attend their London 2 days seminar, pretty expensive( 1500£)it is really for beginners, not Forex oriented, training is not speciphic enough. For having a Forex serious training they charge 6000£! Their assistant were beginners too so to have some serious coaching it is not the right place.
A. Adam Khan,
London, UK,
Oct 5, 2007,

Secker "Sucker" trading is a notorious thief shop that visits the globe selling/propagating a "how to trade Forex course" for upwards of $5000 + . The course consists of the basics which you can purchase from any good book on Forex trading. I recommend Martinez's Forex book.
Beware of the FREE seminar.
The apparent bonus of this course is to have Greg "Sucker" present himself and teach you in a class in te art of trading, for 6 months (or 6 weeks??). i forgot to mention it's 1 hour per week/(month?) so you end up paying aproximately $500 for the hour of his pleasure. Which inmy book does not equate to money well spent.
i spoke out at this conference and basically got kicked out ... by the "Sucker" minnions.