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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.802 · 18 REVIEWS
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2.802 · 18 REVIEWS
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UAE, Dubai,
Aug 19, 2010,

Until now nothing good came.
No signals, no answers.
Limoges, France,
Aug 10, 2010,

I paid and no news, the support doesn't answer. For me it is a scam.
Ray Haddix,
Oct 5, 2009,

Don't waste your time or money. Customer service is terrible. Several calls and emails were never returned. Didn't even get in. They took my money but provided no service. Sounds like I was better off from what I am reading.
Dec 21, 2008,

Their service is a bad joke. You get signals for a day or two and then nothing for over a week. Virtually every signal they have sent me has been a loser and yet on their web site they claim 80% success.
This is not quite a scam but very close to it!
Dec 4, 2008,

The way,they send their signals,it seems that they r just passing their time and doing formality. Apart from this fact that most of their signals r failures,one important thing is that sometimes u don't receive signals for many days and then suddenly start receiving.Now few people can argue that they don't send signals when there is no trade but u must know that when they send,even that time,most of the trades go red marked.
Fortunately i started using their signals only on my demo account and now i've already stopped using them bcoz that $10k account is now $4320.Infact i m thinking to unsubscribe from their list.
Oct 17, 2008,

Their reporting is fake. This is an e-mail I sent them earlier (to which I've had no reply):

"How can you report the pip count you do on the website? You state a total of 1178 pips for the first two weeks in Sept, but I've gone back through the signals and the total is more like 59 pips if you take spread into account.

The trades I have are for these two weeks are (not including spread):


03/09 34 45 43 65
08/09 -30 NT -30 -50
09/09 50 100
11/09 -30 -30 -30 -30

Totals -26 60 -17 65 -20

Could you tell me if I am wrong?"

So the signals for these two weeks were slightly positive, but only just! And previous weeks have been pretty much the same, lots of losers with some winners.
Aug 8, 2008,

bad signal, losing most of the time. The performance on thier website is fake one
Jun 29, 2008,

Not sure how this gets an average of 4 stars. They send pivot points and a vague idea of trend direction...at least that's all they sent when I tried them 6 months ago. You can get both of those free, or better yet pay me $80 for them. ;-) I don't know how they get testimonials claiming to make 1000 pips/month and stuff. Very suspicious if you ask me.
May 27, 2008,

What's Good:

1. They are consistant with their signals. I usually get 3 or 4 each day.
2. They responded quickly to my emails - except for when I wanted a refund (never heard back - no refund given - yet)
3. Only a one time fee.

What's Bad:

1. They never explain their trades - just signals - no learning opportunities
2. They state on their site that signals are sent out at 10pm EST and 7am EST which would be perfect timing for me. All but one of their signals has come over night 1:00,2:00,3:00 in the morning while I'm sleeping. I never get their signals unless I stay up all night. - Pretty deceiving. - This is a big negative for me. The whole reason I signed up for their signals was so that I could get them at those specific times of the day.
3. They don't use good money management. All they give you are the entry and TP price and suggest a SL of 50 pips.
4. Even though they post their pips each week on their site they never give proof. Who knows if they are telling the truth or not.
5. I really haven't gotten good results. Even though I can't trade the signals because they don't come when I can use them, I do some back testing and they usually get stopped out.

The bad definitely outweighs the good for me. I may still fight for a refund. I haven't decided yet at this point. There are better signals out there. Don't bother with Gain4x
May 9, 2008,

To all- their site is top notch. One reader commented about the cnn advertisment. That is cnn.com. Read the website thouroughly-please!!!