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Updated: Oct 18, 2018
3.186 · 9 REVIEWS
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We are told that if you are in Australia, your account should be at the .com.au website.  If you are outside of Australia, your account should be at the .com website.
The ForexCT.com.au website is the branch of the company that is registered with ASIC.

The ForexCT.com website is for the branch of the company that is registered in Vanuatu and is unregulated.


Forex CT are forex brokers. ForexCT offers the ForexCT and ForexCT Mobile forex online trading platforms. ForexCT.com offers over 10 forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

ForexCT.com (Forex Capital Trading)

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3.186 · 9 REVIEWS
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Adelaide, Australia,
Jan 16, 2018,

Scam artists. Unprofessional and look to trap your funds. Beware rollover fees jacked up heavily with no notice period. Oldest trick in the book.
James Ray,
Kingsford, NSW, 2032, Australia,
Jun 26, 2014,

I got my full withdrawal processed on 25 June, so at least they were able to give me my money back.

2014-06-24 1Star The balance in my account has now been reduced to a nil. However, the withdrawal has taken a long time and only after many complaints and threatening to make a formal complaint. This company may still be a scammer -- be extremely cautious in dealing with them.

2014-06-22 1Star I made a withdrawal request for ForexCT on 13 June (email documentation available). After hearing about the bad reputation of ForexCT on this site I have contacted them more than three times now by phone (four times now) asking to complete my withdrawal request. The balance in my live account has not been reduced to a nil. I have proof of documentation of the bank transfer showing the amount and account number. The bank transfer details is on their website under deposit options and I have got a screenshot of this too.
Melbourne, Australia,
Feb 24, 2013,

I have traded with ForexCT for 4 years and found them very responsive to my needs. I had to close my accoount for personal reasons and had no trouble getting a quite large amount returned.
They don't do EA's, not even semi auto which is disappointing.
Adelaide, Australia,
Apr 11, 2012,

I have been with ForexCT in Australia for nearly 4 years. They are reliable and my broker always has time for me. I have made multiple withdrawals with no problems whatsoever
middle east,
Sep 19, 2011,

my problems with Forexct were finally resolved , took a long time but am very satisfied. fpa and ombudsman were very helpfull

2010-05-25 1Star I traded with them a few months. I made nice gains and got mails from my account manager congratulating me for my trades. made some withdrawals with no problems. Then I made big gains, every time I wanted to withdraw some money it became difficult ,had to call a few times asking why I don't get my money, after my last demand for some of my money,after a week they suddenly blocked my account, they "investigate possible irregularities" no one there is willing to give any explanation. had a lot of money in account they refuse to send anything.
May 11, 2010,

I traded with them for few months. Everything was OK until I wanted to withdrawal my profits
They canceled all my profitable trades 12K USD scamers !!!
Beware of these guys !
May 1, 2010,

This broker is a scam, i traded and made profit, then asked for withdrawal they forzen..
and they email me says all my trades will be removed
Melbourne, Australia,
May 20, 2009,

After hearing about ForexCT from a friend, I decided to give them a go. I only heard good things about them from my mate and I can only say good things about them so far. I signed up about a month ago. The 5% bonus and the tight fixed spreads were a good selling point for me. The platform is very easy to use and has all the charting information I need. My account manager has been friendly and their daily reports are a Godsend. All funds are kept in an AUS bank account, so it is good to know my funds are kept onshore. I recommend them.
May 5, 2008,

As of today the do not accept U.S clients.
Alain ,
Nov 18, 2007,

Opened an account with Forexct some weeks ago and up until now had no problems at all with them.
But today there was an issue with an SL so i called their customer service which is very friendly and fast and my problem was solved within minutes.
Also the agent told me that there will be the release of a new platform in the coming days so i can´t wait to see.
My 5 stars for a very friendly customer support.