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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.143 · 7 REVIEWS
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4.143 · 7 REVIEWS
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Sep 24, 2009,

I first learned about this method from Kiwi on the Elite site two years ago. I had almost given up on trading and he recomended I try Ryan Watts system as a last shot so I did. It was the best decision I have made in my journey of becoming a profitable trader. He worked with me one-on-one to learn his system when I asked and it paid off. I can finally see the market for what it is and act accordingly in whichever market I feel like trading. I went from consistent loser to consistent winner and highly recomend the method and especially the support, which he freely gives with the system. If you put the time in and have realistic goals this will work for you. Sam
Jul 12, 2009,

I bought this and it did not work for me at all. The signals that are described hardly ever present themselves and when they do they are just not profitable. Ryan is very helpful as others have stated, but this system definitely does not work, I tested it at length with very poor results.
Jun 24, 2009,

I bought this system a few months ago. A big point in this decision was that on the website is clearly stipulated there is a live trading room. Well, it isn't !
Ryan it is indeed a very helpful person and responds on emails very quickly but the system isn't easy at all and requires a lot of preparation before using it. This preparation he explains in "Progressive Flow Exercises" requests about 180 hours of just looking at price, volume and other indicators used by system for getting an inner feeling of the market. This inner feeling helps you to filter the signals the system provides and you gonna need this feeling because there are a lot of false signals which can ruin your equity.
If you are not the kind of staring for hundreds of hours at charts to get the "feelings" like I'm not too, you gonna need something else to filter these signals like multiple time frames or a system based on Auction Market Theory.
In his yahoo group you'll find all you need to make this system run on SierraChart, NinjaTrader, eSignal, MT4
I'm still working on putting all things together to make this working but till now can not confirm consistent positive results.
Oct 13, 2008,

I have been trading the watts system for a year now. Honestly i would not call it a system but a method. A system only works in some market conditions, and i have succesfully traded watts in all market conditions and almost every day is a winning day. Ryan teaches you the most important thing in trading, reading Price Action an Volume. There is nothing else to go by but PA and Vol. Trading is not about finding the holy grail indicator but understanding how the market moves. Ryan is the best and most honest trader i know. If you want to be at this in 3 years unlike 95% of all traders buy Ryans method. Look he does not make money from selling his system he is just giving back.
Georgia, USA,
May 6, 2008,

I read a review of Ryan Watts and the Watts Trading System on http://www.invictatrader.com and agree completely. I use Watts in my daily trading also. Same simple system that Ryan has used for over 10 years to scalp in the markets consistently. Talk about a robust system and there you have it. Worth its weight in gold.
May 4, 2008,

Excellent system for the price. I use it in my trading daily to consistently scalp the E-Minis and currency futures. Ryan makes his living by trading this system also and NOT by selling it. He is a very genuine person trying to help traders succeed.
Oct 24, 2007,

Ryan offers a solid product at a reasonable price; I believe it provides more value than many of the more expensive courses (and I have taken several). Along with the Ebook explaining the scalping system, you will get access to the private message board and his chat room. If you follow the training as prescribed, there is a nice progression that prepares you technically and psychologically. More importantly, you will have constant support from a skilled trader that actually earns his living from the market.