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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Bob Martin,
Apr 18, 2008,

Which program is riddled with bugs? The Robo-Miner seems to work just fine for me. But how is it that you were able to see the code at all, are you one of those EA thieves or were you working with them?
Jan 7, 2008,

I tired to point out obvious problems with the way the forex assistant ea was coded and after a patronizing email from the owner I was subsequently banned from their yahoo group and essentially 'silenced'.

If you are considering using this EA I would urge you to please read the sorry tale of want went on then judge for yourself the real integrity of the people selling this sorry excuse for a commercial product.



PS: My review/comments are purely for the EA and the false claims made about it by the owners. I pass no judgment on the actual strategy being used.
Honolulu, USA,
Dec 27, 2007,

Whilst the basic concept behind FA is very interesting indeed the new EA they have produced is riddled with bugs and programming inefficiency's.

The most glaringly obvious of which is the fact that the 'shadow profit' constantly resets itself to zero and the only way to remedy this is to switch time frames thus reinitializing the EA.

Bob & Jerry, the founder of FA and the 'programmer' of the EA, seem hellbent on trying to convince the FA community that this error is as intended or, and this is my favorite quote from Bob, "if Jerry put it in there then it's for a reason" HA! The reason Bob is because the program isn't written correctly and needs to be disassembled and rewritten.

Having seen the code I can state that it has many POOR programming practices such as having 10 instances of the _FileRead10() function. Each identical except for the number on the end of the function name and the controlling variable. Now any programmer with even a basic understanding would have one function and pass the controlling id to it. Also Jerry seems to not have grasped the simple concepts of arrays and loops as he is constantly writing the same code numerous times with only minor changes.

I could go on and on but hopefully you get the idea.

Be sure to ask them plenty of questions on their Yahoo group and maybe even ask to see some of the code. It's an EYE OPENER!

Good Luck
Bob LLewellyn,
South Carolina,
Oct 24, 2007,

I won't rate this site as I am the one who put it all together. I will say that the Forex-Assistant is focused on hedge trading and is a long term strategy. The theory is to utilize various components of the market to make small amounts and limit our exposure to risk. Unlike other hedging systems we are not limited to the GBP/USD against the USD/CHF. (You cab substitute the EUR for the GBP in their systems as well.) We use all other pairs as the market will not always be positive for the GBP-CHF cross. We incorporate the natural oscillation of the market as well as pull interest from the carry trade. One important difference is that we take advantage of the gap that appears when the pairs move out of sync with themselves. Hedge trading is NOT a set and forget system. If you do not understand why things work as they do, you will eventually loose your money. I don't care how long someone is with a company or how much money they made in the last year. There is a place for hype but it is not when dealing with someones retirement or income. I take these things very seriously. I don't charge $50 or $100 per month, in fact I don't charge anything at all though contributions are gratefully accepted. Well that's my review.I put it here to see what others have to say. I use the feedback to improve my services that's why I am openly seeking opinions. I am grateful to the moderators here at Forex Bastards for providing these reviews where opinions can be exchanged.
Bob - Admin forex-assistant.