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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
2.071 · 6 REVIEWS
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2.071 · 6 REVIEWS
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Lindsay Smith,
Aug 18, 2010,

I purchased the EasyDay Manual System, but haven't received it, don't think I ever will! Despite regular emails to RegNow (which I've recently learnt have a rather bad reputation) they cannot or will not provide a the EA indicator in their download link. I've never had boo from Mr Stanislav, & get the impression his site is a dead landing page for RegNow to skim money from poor unsuspecting sods like me. I've requested through Paypal for a full refund, but don't like my chances, stay away from these characters!!
ray monaghan,
South Africa,
Aug 12, 2009,

I purchased the easy day manual system, i cant speak for any of the EAs on this site, but the manual system i am trading live, and it is excellent.
May 30, 2009,

I purchased his EA-High Profits version 6.0

My first problem was getting the EA, took almost 3 weeks to get delivered and then only because I contacted Western Europe to help me get or I wanted a refund for not receiving anything.

I received it. I have committed it as of last week and it's made 9 consecutive winning trades. I have had some losses with it, but I wasn't committing it then.

I think the post that demanded a refund because he had no profit on his demo account isn't credible. The refund applies to live trading. Reviews are supposed to be for live trading.

So far...so far...it is doing well live.
Apr 2, 2009,

I purchased High-Profits in February. It started to loose and after 30 days I requested a refund to which I never got any response. I had responses for technical assistance prior to this but once I asked for the money, I never heard from Stanislease again. I reported it to Western Bid Europe the E-commerce company his transaction go through and am waiting a resolution with them.
South Africa,
Nov 16, 2008,

I bought the EasyDay-EURUSD expert advisor from forex-expert-advisor.com on 29 September 2008 since the performance seemed quite good in a 8 year backtest. After 2 days, I received a time limited version to test for the 30 day money back guarantee period. Afterwards the unlimited version would be emailed to me. First I did a backtest using more recent data (the previous 6 months of 2008). It failed horribly, but since I had 30 days to test it, I thought it best to forward test it since the results might be different. At first I used it on my live account using small lots. It made a few profitable trades and I became excited. However, having seen EA's fail in the past I decided that a demo account would be more suitable just in case. I uploaded it on my VNC server and let it run 24/7. By the end of October I was down by 173 pips :unhappy: As per the "Money Back Guarantee" (http://forex-expert-advisor.com/policy.htm), which states that I'm entitled to a refund if my total profit is below zero, I requested a refund by emailing Stanislav at info@forex-expert-advisor.com on the 31st of October with the all statements required and even gave him the read-only login information for my demo account. A week passed by and I received no response. I emailed him again, stating that if I don't receive a response, I'll assume that he has no intention to give me a refund or communicating with me and that I'd take futher action. So after another week, here I am doing just that! To summarise it all in one word.... SCAM!!!!

On a side note: I received a general email offering a new version that performs better under the current market conditions. The updated version costs an additional $80 whereas it is stated that all updates are free.
Jun 2, 2008,

Absolutely terrible. I would give it 5 out of 10 at best. The owner of the site pretends not to understand english very well but I am sure he does and must understand it completely
Importantly these are the issues with the EAs:
1. They don't work. I have tried 3 of his EAs and spent nearly $1000 in the process. Complete waste of money not to mention how much I lost
2. He will fob you off saying your settings are wrong etc etc. In essence, you can try whatever settings you want...I had the default settings exactly as he dictated and it doesn't work
3. If you think I have a personal vendetta against the owner of this site then this is far from the truth. Take the acid test and do the following:

Pick at random 10-20 ebay buyers of his EA.
Email them and find out how they got on
Unfortunately, i did this after spending money with this rogue
Don't make the same mistake as me.
Take this action beforehand and you will see exactly what I mean. STAY AWAY FROM BUYING FROM THIS PERSON

My strong strong advice is to stay away. If you really want to try it, then I will transfer my FXDD account over to your name and you can deposit $100 and try it in as cheap a manner as possible

But for gods sake, don't give this man a dime