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George C Smith

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4.514 · 81 REVIEWS
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Cologne, Germany,
May 14, 2009,

George's Forex trading tutorial is absolutely the best guide to Forex trading I have ever bought. Being interested in trading since 1987, I spent a lot of money over the years on all sorts of books, "How-to"-booklets and software. Mostly to little or no avail, I must confess.
George's ebook is the only tutorial I have read which teaches the reader a basic, straightforward step-by-step approach to trading. I personally think that George's very professional attitude as a pilot shines through here. You learn to build up confidence and to keep things under control, two essential basics of trading to my mind.

Furthermore, no false hopes are raised like in many "get-rich-quick"-schemes. If you start small, build up confidence, stick to the rules and train your skills, you can finally make good money in this market. This is George's approach. Down-to-earth and not "high in the sky". The only workable solution to the challenge of trading, I think.

The ebook contains numerous links to video clips showing how George trades. Invaluable information indeed, looking over a real pro's shoulder and seeing how trades are spotted, entered and exited. This alone is worth much more than the very moderate price. Here in Germany, you will never ever get a chance like this, unless you pay a big fee.
Another little gem is a program called "Forex calculator", which gives you precise entries and exits with often amazing accuracy. I have never seen anything like this. This program helps you to build up confidence and "pull the trigger". I have to mention this again, because this has always been my problem.
Last but not least: George is a pleasure to talk to in email correspondance. I always got a reply and a lot of encouragement. This is invaluable in the days of automated computer mails, where you often feel completely lost and left to yourself after you have bought something.

I also received free material from George without my asking, which I found terrific. Thank you again, George!

All in all, a clear "FIVE STARS"-ranking!
Jun 11, 2009,

Just about the only honest trader who offers for sale at a mere pittance $77.00 the product which he clearly uses himself to make money. Georges support is polite and to the point. His endeavour in wishing you to be profitable are sincere and have helped me to understand my own mind in the trading environment. The support is better than anything I have experienced. His advices and trading concepts and updates obviously come from an active and clear thinking mind founded on a great deal of trading experience. His system makes money, and anyone serious should use this.
Jul 8, 2009,

Honestly,this is truly the best of the best--------after running around like a hamster on wheels looking for how to trade Gorge words and method became the AHA I was searching for am sticking to his
and I can confirm am now a profitable trader--------I still need more time to reach my goals but my advice to all traders is-------this is it.
Ahmed M.,
Jul 9, 2009,

Would like to follow-up on my previous post. George got back to me. Seems like he was overwhelmed with the holidays. He clarified aspects of his system that were not clear to me.

2009-06-25 2 Stars I tried implementing George's "simplest" method of trading (lattitude lines) and had no success. I have been trading longer timeframes for a while so forex is not new to me. Im pretty sure I understand his method and am trading it the way he advocates, but to be on the safe side I tried contacting him a couple of times to no avail. This seems to be a constant theme with him if you look at other forums (does not reply to mail). Without talking to him and clarifying many things, his material just collects dust instead of being a trading asset.
Jul 28, 2009,

I can't leave a star rating because I've only tried George's system on a demo account. But if I could it would be 4 stars.

Like FPA, I think George is one of those rare things in this new Forex world/internet marketers heaven - a genuine, down-to-earth person who really wants you to succeed and isn't out to make a quick buck out of you. I include internet marketing in this paragraph because let's face it, most of these Forex Gurus/Forex system, signal and EA sellers are just internet marketers. Even George is an IM by definition (a trader first though of course, and a teacher second). The difference is he isn't trying to rob you of your hard earned cash.

It took me the best part of 2 days to read his entire manual and watch all his videos. I'm a slow learner! Even before I bought the program, he was sending daily videos to watch.

I have decided at this stage not to trade it live because I found the manual vague and all over the place and the videos contradicted what the manual said eg. Videos showing George placing a buy order when the ExponentialMovingAverage (30) red line is above the EMA (20) green line which the manual says you don't do (you short sell when the red line is above the green line because that means the market is trending down, at least that's what the manual says).

I'm new to Forex and I would suggest if you have experience with Forex, George's system is for you. As a newbie, I found myself looking at the 15M, 5M and 1M charts, all showing different activity with the trend line, EMAs etc, with all the knowledge I'd picked up from FX Trading Made EZ, wondering what the Hell to do. All 3 charts are telling me to do opposing things.

I think what would perfect George's system would be a set of laid out rules to follow, maybe as the concluding chapter to the book. eg. For trading latitude lines in choppy conditions, Step 1......, Step 2..... etc. For trading long-roll sessions, Step 1..., Step 2....etc.

I've done a lot of CFD trading and I think to be successful in trading any markets, you need a step by step sytem which determines your entry, exit and risk management. George's system has that but it's a challenge to unravel it all. That's just my opinion anyway.

His risk management style is excellent and an area that is often not given enough attention by other teachers, I fear. I did find his Oscar hard to understand at first, but if you read about it and watch the videos over and over again, you'll get it. I did think while you're logging all the past price action and using all the calculators to work out your risk, entry, stop loss, exit and position size, you'd probably miss your entry point as the market out-moves you. Speed is of the essence in this market! Also, I did think the Point & Figure (P&F) exercise seemed like a total waste of time - you get the same thing from drawing the trend lines from highs to troughs etc. However, again, that's just my opinion.

In conclusion, my advice is to practice on a demo Oanda account with George's long-roll trading system first because it's explained in more detail than the Latitude lines system. Also, it will take a bit of patience to set up your charts on Oanda (which has to be the most awful trading platform ever devised!). But you will get familiar with it. Unfortunately, George's video tutorials in this area show an older platform which has changed somewhat. Also, I tried setting up George's style on MT4 and it's just not the same. You really need to use Oanda. Besides the spreads are much better.

I will read George's 84 page book again and watch all the videos again and see if I can break it down into a set of follow-to-the-letter-of-the-law principles. If not, I'll get a refund. But I re-iterate, if you have experience in Forex, you should understand where George is coming from and should have no problems implementing his system.
Potato Head,
Aug 12, 2009,

I'm a profitable trader and have been so for a number of years. I'm constantly looking for new ways to diversify my trading in order to give me more opportunities. As a consequence I have bought many systems most of which turned out to be scams.
I would not call George's system a scam, however I would say that it is pretty terrible. You'd be better off just placing 50% or your trades long, and 50% short and you'd probably have better results if you cut your losers and let your winners run.
I personally have heard a very similar voice to George's on another paid service (as a customer) which seems to have a very similar trading style to George's system. Whilst I am not making accusations, I would be willing to bet that George is simply taking other poor systems, and modifying them to make his own and sell it.
I can appreciate that the positive comments made here are likely to be from traders who do not truly understand the market dynamics, and they feel they have found something that gives SOME positive results. But this course is simply not for proper traders who want to treat this as a business. It's for people who currently have no direction and need something to follow.
Honestly guys, there's much more info out there you can get for free if you're willing to put in the time to learn.
George Smith,
Aug 16, 2009,

I'm George Smith, author of "Forex Trading Made E-Z."

I'd like to take a moment and reply to Potato Head in the UK,
because I believe he brought up several good points and a few

First of all I'll be the first to admit my program can be "pretty terrible." I guess it's how you look at what you are working with. There is an old saying in the trading business, "There are no successful strategies, only successful traders. I'm glad Potato Head is successful and I wish him well.

I'm also quick to admit I believe there are really no truly original strategies left undiscovered today. Most have evolved ever since trading began. We use candlesticks (from Japan), Point and Figure, when there were no computers, and EMA's from the days of chalk boards. Even my 1-2-3 strategy evolved from an old 500 page stock book.

What can be unique is the way someone puts together these strategies into a usable system that can be used by a newbie or advanced trader alike, depending on market conditions.

As for misconceptions, I'd like to point out there are many marketers out there who have stolen my program -- including the graphics -- and marketed them as their own. I have put three of them out of business and threatened others with lawsuits.

The FTC gives us the power to fight back against those who pirate copyrighted material, the same way music vendors are winning million dollar lawsuits today.

I want to point out, however, they can't duplicate my videos. Only I have the ability to put viewers to sleep!

Lastly, there are many, many programs out there, including mine, which offer a complete refund if not satisfied. That's pretty hard to call a scam. I'm wondering if Potato head was referring to that method as a way of obtaining free material?

Thank you for giving me the time to reply. George
potato head,
Aug 22, 2009,

Hi George,

Thanks for the reply. I have to say I agree with you that there are probably not many 'original' systems out there, as most of the systems advertised today are simply modifications of old material.

Now please don't take offence to what I'm about to say because I don't mean to offend anybody...
The point I was trying to make is that your system (and you) do not demonstrate any understanding of how the market works, why it moves and how we can try to catch it's movements. It's simply guesswork.. nothing more, nothing less.
As soon as I signed up with your course, all I received were constant generic emails, which to be honest were absolute rubbish. I looked at a few of them in utter dismay to be honest. Some of them claim to show a market bias where you plan to go short (or long) which completely contradicts what 90% of the trading world is seeing at that moment, through basic chart patterns.. This is when I knew that you didn't understand the market at all. Sure enough the market moved with the 90% bias, and if anybody had been following your system they would have lost money following your advice.

I would also like to point out that I did not call your system a scam. I do have some belief that you mean well with your system. However I see no difference as to why you charge to teach it in comparison to all the other scammers out there.
Simply put George, you and I both know that the calculations shown in your course (5% return a day) just simply will not work. You know it because you have failed to do it yourself. This is simply a tactic to pull in potential business for yourself.

In all honesty I could put together a website in about 3 weeks teaching what I do and how to play the market, which would completely blow every system I have ever seen out of the water. COMPLETELY. Why don't I do this and charge $97 for it? The answer is simple.. Me and all the other real traders out there are too busy making money. It just would not be viable for me to spend hours and hours of my time teaching a system to people for a $97 return, when I could make $20,000 out of the market in the same time. Not to say I don't want to help people, because I do this in my own way for my own personal satisfaction. It's just that it's not viable for me to do for $97 a time.

Lastly, with regards to the refund scheme. I strongly disagree with you here. Nearly every trading system website offers a refund if the system does not work. Your's is no different. However wether the refund is actually given is another story all together. Most system sellers will need to see 12 MONTHS proof of statements before they can give a refund. Simply as proof that their systems do not work. Now you tell me... what idiot in their right mind is going to trade a crap system for 12 months, virtually throwing money down the drain for 12 months just to get $97 dollars back? NOBODY.

I'm really sorry to say these things George. But somebody has to expose the truth about this business. The fact is that trading takes time to learn like everything else. Nobody is gonna sell you a system that makes you a millionaire within a couple of years. It simply does not exist except for one or two people.. guess who they are?? THE ONES SELLING THE SYSTEMS.

Potato head..
Ted Richardson,
Aug 22, 2009,

I am giving this 5 stars even though I am still learning it and have so far lost some money. This method is in between scalping and day trading. It requires constant monitoring and it is a lot of time-consuming work.

That being said, I believe the method is excellent. The author advocates learning with a SMALL amount of live money because your psychology with real money very much affects your results. Therefore, I am not worried about my small initial losses so far.

The manual is good but incomplete. About every week the author sends out a new video demonstrating or clarifying one aspect of his system. However, it feels like the system is constantly evolving and/or the "system" is really just the author's many years of experience and collection of techniques that he is honestly still trying to distill into a "system" that others can follow.

5 stars because I believe that the author is honest and helpful, and I believe the method is good even though it requires a lot of time and hard work.
Potato Head,
Aug 26, 2009,

Come on Ted.. Surely you're joking?

Longitude and Latitude lines? If you believe that rubbish you must not actually want to understand forex.

Guess what would happen If a pilot applied chart patterns, or technical analysis to flying a plane? The answer is you would end up with a plane crash and lots of dead people.

Guess what will happen if a trader applies random 'longitude and latitude' lines to a chart to trade off? I'll leave the answer to you. (It's fairly simple)

As you said you're already sitting in a loss. Guess whats going to happen next? You're going to lose more and more and more until you learn how to trade properly.

The sadest part? You've just paid somebody to teach you how to lose, AND you've given him 5 out of 5 start for teaching you how to lose in a nice manner!!

Sorry if I'm coming across rude now.. I just HATE to see people lose money, because I once did the same thing following the advice of people who didn't know what they were talking about. Hopefully you don't have to learn the hard way like me Ted. You'll end up with blown account after blown account.