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Updated: Oct 1, 2018
3.286 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.286 · 4 REVIEWS
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Sep 27, 2018,

Won't make you money unfortunately.

Have a lifetime licence. This strategy generator seem interesting the first time i got it several years ago, it enables you to create some simple strategies . If you want to create a complex system such as martingale , hedge grids with recovery or any systems which has complex functions and specifics exit based on market conditions this is where it falls short.

I was disappointed with the overall algorithm used to create the various systems and all the system which looked good were curve fitted . To be realistic out of the thousands of strategies it created none of them were profitable , dedicated a lot of my servers to run day and night for 2 years . To be honest i do believe this generator is outdated for today's markets conditions and will attract newbie traders who think they have found a gold mine with this generator.

~In all honesty on the forum there is 0 Track records, no myfxbook or any other verified track records or anyone who has been able to profit from any systems created by this strategy generator.

For the current price, you have better chance just hiring a coder to make you your own EA'S.
Florida Traders LLC,
Florida, USA,
Nov 19, 2017,
Registered user

Strategy Builder is impressive, but user guides are lacking. Money back guarantee was honored with no problem.

I purchased the Lifetime license for the Strategy Builder. I expressed my opinions in my first post on October 25, 2017. The main problem I had, I was unable to upload my broker's price data. As I mentioned earlier, instructions and guides are lacking. I was unable to resolve the problems after having a dialog with Miroslav through the site forum. There are different ways described in various areas of the site and scattered YouTube videos regarding uploading broker price data to Strategy Builder. Some of this instruction is in conflict. I probably could have worked it out in time, however with 1290 euro at risk for the purchase price, I decided to take advantage of the money back guarantee while I could. Miroslav immediately refunded my entire investment immediately with absolutely no problem.

Oct 25, 2017 - No Rating October 25, 2017 - I am amazed there are few reviews about Forex Strategy Builder (FSB). There are some negatives, but the positives are overwhelming. First, of all I am a new licensed FSB User. I have about four weeks of testing and researching this product before I paid a relatively significant $1,290 Euro for a Lifetime License. The software is downloaded to your machine. I was sick of MT4 Strategy Tester for a variety of reasons, mainly the lack of any speed. FSB is like comparing the speed of a fighter jet to a horse carriage (MT4). FSB can perform over 1,000,000 calculations in five minutes. FSB analyzes 111 (one hundred and eleven) indicators and price conditions at lightening speed with over 45 settings available in each time frame. FSB links up to eight indicators to produce winning trades. You can add additional custom indicators and custom code. I was amazed to see FSB re-analyze open positions and modify with different logic that usually produces additional profit. A trader can insert their own various strategies or just let FSB do its thing (my preference). I am running at about one viable EA out of ten tests. It is still early in demo trading, but I am exceeding my trading objectives at this time only with FSB produced EAs. I intend to go LIVE next week and will update this post in a few weeks. This would be a Five Star Review, at this point of my experience, except One Point is deducted for the following reasons: The developer, Miraslov Popov, appears to be brilliant. He has a loyal following of traders dating back to 2006, when FSB was first introduced. FSB continues to be a work in progress. According to the very active and current Forums on the web site, FSB gets better and better. Miroslav evidently does not have a large staff. He answers emails himself. He relies on the Forums to answer new Users questions. The web site Documents and Guides are not current with the current build of FSB. New Users have to try to piece together how to operate FSB, which is fairly complex with all the different features and possibilities. Miraslov produced a ton of videos, which are a little hard to understand, (English is not Miraslov's native language), but many videos are not based on the current build. Miraslov concentrates on continually improving his various products, so hand holding for newbies may not be available. The bottom line is, FSB creates and optimizes EAs at lightening speed. It appears based on my brief demo experience, profitable complex EAs can be produced in a few hours. There is only one other product that I have found that is close to FSB. Its called Strategy Quant, which appeared to me to be even more difficult to master. However Strategy Quant employs aggressive marketing and intense follow-up. I decided to put my money with a lone genius developer. More to come, stay tuned.
A.L. (yonkuro),
Indonesia, Indonesia,
Mar 26, 2016,

So far, I'm really satisfied with the software. It's obviously not a holy grail in forex trading. But It can filter out bad strategies from your portfolio.

It can backtest your strategy thousands times faster (no kidding) than the typical backtester. Also it can convert your strategy into an EA.

The support is also superb, Miroslav Popov is a very dedicated person.
Georgi Popoff,
Nov 9, 2009,

I am part of the Forexsb.com team. Just wanted to update the info about the site.
We now have a visual auto trading platform called Forex Strategy Trader that works via MetaTrader4. It is free and you can upload strategies generated with Forex Strategy Builder (our free back tester).
Dec 1, 2007,

I've used this program Forex Strategy Builder for 6 months. It is a back tester for technical trading systems.
- Free
- Extremely fast backtesting (instant calculations)
- More than 50 indicators
- Everything is on the menus and no formulas necessary
- Different scenarios of backtesting
- Automatic strategy generator

- The docs are in a development stage
- No live forex rates

For me this is the back tester! Cheers!