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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.769 · 7 REVIEWS
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1.769 · 7 REVIEWS
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Odessa, Ukraine,
Jul 31, 2012,

They are BIG SCAMMERS. If you haven't joint them yet, then they will answer your emails very promptly, but one you pay, then it will be difficult to contact them. I have also tried their signal service..that is bogus...i only had losses. I thought that may be their alerts come late so i tried their plan 5. to handle my account and by the end of the month my $10000 account fell to $124. More than 10 times hit the margin call. One more thing , all the good reviews you find on the net are from the paid dummies, So BEWARE! Their claim as never achieved a negative month is false. The pips achieved on the chart are also fake.

2012-07-30 1Star BIG SCAMMER! First they refused to handle my current brokers account, and forced to open an account with fxsolutions. I opened the account with them with $10000 balance. I paid $2000 for plan5 for 2 months . As the lady Gina who always answers to emails promptly, says they have 2 trading methods. One is scalping and the other is long term. For the very first day they traded my acc with all loosing trades n lost 20%. Then they started trading with long terms trades. And I always noticed when the market is trending Bearish, my trades were opposite (long) if the the market is trending bullish, my trades were short. I several times tried to mail Gina n tried to contact her on Skype, but she never replied. The 2 months period is already over and my capital is just $123. And no buddy to blame except myself, because i chose them. She never replies to emails now. I have lost all my capital i.e $10000. So BEWARE! They are just scammers. by the way, I have tried their signal service also, that is also bulls***. The records are fake, they never achived those pips showed in the chart.
k k ng,
pg, Malaysia,
Jun 21, 2012,

this company is scam don't trust GINA, she is scam. I invest USD 10000 and pay her USD 1000 to trade for me, i loss 7000, i tell her to return my money until did not reply me.
Jun 2, 2011,

I have been watching fxringleader probably for at least a year and 1/2 or maybe more. I decided to pull the trigger on 1 month of their service for a $99 trial fee. I signed up in Feb 2011 after seeing their Jan 2011 results. LOL just my luck that all of a suddent their alerts were almost ALL wrong and I blindly followed them because "they have never suffered a negative month" resulting in money lost. Then coincidentally they stopped posting their monthly results. They did give me the next couple of months free. I just got an email from them telling me that my trial was up and I need to renew my subscription and pay. LOL I responded telling them to update their website because they can no longer claim to never have had a negative month and they should post their results for Feb, March, April and May. Of course no response. Their alerts were so bad that I actually concidered doing the opposite of their recommendations. I also really wanted them to stop sending me the alerts, even though they were free, because they were clouding my judgment. Their website truely makes you a believer, but, bottom line is get a free trial first and use a demo account or just stay away. I checked the "terrible" circle because there was a couple of occasions where the alert entry order came close but never actually hit and never got an updated email from them saying that the alert was active but then I get an email a little later that their 1st target was already hit and here I am with my entry order still waiting to get filled. That example, mind you, was 1 a the very few that actually was a profitable trade, and yet, I didnt get filled.
Mohamed bahaa,
Alexandria - Egypt,
Apr 17, 2011,

i subscribed with their signal service , and they give me an offer for 6 months for 1000 usdollars, and i used their signal for the first month and i made a great loose , and then after i contacted them inorder to return my money , but without any answer to my emails until now . they scammed me , i transfered the money by western union because paypal doesnot support payment from my country Egypt , and i am still have the sheet of western union , but really i donot know what to do inorder to retun my money back, and i am ready to send a copy of western union sheet.
Apr 12, 2011,

I've subscribed to FXRingLeader for about 3 months now. January 2011 they hit the markets right on nearly every pick, but late Feb, most of March, and about all of April 2011 so far, they have been very wrong on the market direction. I used to take their picks blindly, but now look at the technicals to decide if I should trade any of their picks.

Their detailed performance as of today, 4/12/11, shows January 2011 as their most recent month available. Why aren't they posting their Feb and Mar 2011 results?

I had very high expectations due to the relatively high price charged for this service. An excellent performance in the past doesn't mean anything if you can't perform in the present and future!!!

I am down about 10% for this year trading their recommendations, due to risking only 2 to 3% of my account balance per trade and for the past month or so, doing my own technicals to see if each trade makes sense. If someone was greedy and risking high percentages per trade and following trades blindly for all of 2011, in reality they would have likely blown their account completely out by now.

I looked at their past posted performance resports and I believe that the most consecutive losses they had in a row before this year was 4. I believe that if you look at March and April 2011, this number has been met or exceeded.
Feb 11, 2011,

I have use their service in January 2010 and they make lose to me, at the end of month they suffered loose. They give me next month free, they have also loose too many pips in February and they did not want to give me March free, I have loose around 10 000$ following their signals, about refund my payment they did not want to talk at all. They are not what they pretend that they are, all good post about fxringleader I think that they post by self.
Sep 28, 2009,

They have finally email me and took the time to give me reasons why.

Which make me very happy.

We apologize for the delay in our email. Due to upgrading our servers we have experienced an unexpected amount of emails, we are currently assisting all emails in the order they were received. We appreciate you being patient with us at this time and below is the answer to your email. If you have any further questions please send an email.

2009-09-23 No rating I had sent emails this company regarding trying out their free trial on Monday, but they haven't return my email. On their website it states " 7. We answer all of our e-mails same day." Today is Wednesday. No were on their website that states how much their services. I don't know about this company.

Apr 20, 2009,

Every trade is a winner at Take profit 1. No misses at all. Most trades reach take profit 2. Lots of pips.
Nov 3, 2008,

all i can say . it is worth every penny . it's kind of expensive but i won't trade without it.