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2.229 · 29 REVIEWS
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Namibia, Namibia,
Sep 28, 2020,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I subscribed to H4 FX VIP SIGNALS. At the end of each week they send out a summary report and it is clear that these guys are not trustworthy.
1. I make use of a telegram signal copier software. Each trade gets copied, not only some of them.
2. I see trades that hit the stoploss (GBPNZD -23 SEPT - 12H51) yet the weekly report does not report those losses.
3. Further, those trades also get deleted on the feed, thus deleting all traces of such trade.
4. I sent them a message. Instead of investigating the entire issue they just answer
"Please sir cross check it. We always update follow our channel. Thank you for understanding."

Stay clear of these guys

Sep 13, 2020 - 2 Stars I own some of his best EA's - DM, GTM, MAKE MONEY, MOVING AVERAGE MULTIPLIER.

1.Alex puts a lot of effort into his videos. They are very informative.
2. His EA's are of high quality but just seem to be not profitable
3. He is no scammer.
4. He supports two types of forum users: He has the paying forum members and the non-paying members. The paying members have a huge advantage but it comes at a price.
5. Assistance with setting up the EA's comes with an additional fee. This should be part and parcel with the purchase price.
6. None of the EA results can be verified unless you are a paying forum member.
7. Overall I found the drawdowns to be huge and very risky.

In short, thinks twice. I have not been successful with any of his EA's but hope to one day strike it gold with his EA's. Hoping to get some feedback from "The New 7-Edge Trading Robot" users.

I will only invest in that robot, if it comes with a 14 money back gurantee, although it will take me less then a day to be able to see if that robot will be the one.
Rivers State, Nigeria,
Jun 26, 2020,
Registered user the most transparent forex & EA site

Service use: Demo

Length of use: over 1 Year

I came across in 2019 and was immediately attracted by the simplicity and openness of Alex when discussing or teaching forex & EAs. I currently use two of their EAs namely: Grid Trend Multiplier (GTM) & Moving Average Multiplier (MAM) which so far have not failed my expectations. provided me with free educational contents beyond the EAs which changed my outlook / mindset about forex. Until I came across I have always believed that EAs are black box configurations, curve fitted by the developer to achieve a marketable result that is impracticable. But Alex opened me up to how EAs work with simple practicable strategies and settings optimization in order to get the best out of any EA.
Alex thank you for your contribution to the forex community and most importantly my trading progress. Keep up the good work.
Nevada, USA,
Jul 9, 2019,

EAs are not tested with real money...enough said

Service use: Demo

Length of use: over 1 Year

I asked if they test their ea’s with a live account...Alex was at least honest to admit that they do not test their ea’s with live money, only demos. I’ve been on their forum and I’ve literally found no one who has made any money with the Make Money EA they sell. All of the fxblue accounts are all wiped out.

They are just a scammer website. I lost way too much money buying their trash ea’s.

If a ea seller tells you that they don’t trade a live account with their from them.
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Oshawa, Canada,
Nov 19, 2018,
Registered user

What is said to be a scam, is actually a good deal for sincere traders!

There seems to be some misconceptions here, I will explain.
The ea's sold by Expert4x all work as advertised. And that is confirmed by the various contest results posted on FXBlue site.
I own a few of the EA's sold by this site and they are money makers as promised.
When got the first couple I had a lot of trouble because I did not grasp the concept. The videos taught me a lot, Alex is putting new explanatory videos on the site every week.
I ask questions..... in the forum and get a reply. And I follow closely his instructions as to how to optimize the EA's.
On many pages on the site it says no refunds..... but there is no limit as to the number of questions you can ask in the forum.
It is easy to label something a scam instead of putting in the hours required to make it work. It is clear on most pages that the ea has to be adjusted to the individual broker and the specific currency pair. There are example set files. No one helps their customers as much as Expert4x.

Please, before calling people names, be sure that you have done your part as a professional.
  4 traders have found this review helpful
Sep 30, 2018,
Registered user

expert4x are professional scammer

expert4x are professional scammer. bought their EA lost a lot of money. ask for refund and they refused. according to their youtube video they claim ea are profitable which is completely false. Alex is a good talker but he is a conman/ professional scammer selling lies on youtube to take advantage of rookie. hope someone will shut them down for good.
Jul 2, 2018,
Registered user


Stay away from: YOU WILL LOOSE, that's for sure.

Bought this "Forex Dream Machine" EA and lost money immediately.
They agreed to exchange it for this "RSI/Envelope Trader" EA and lost more than a month to make some stupid tests-that was their recommandation. Put a thread in their forum if somebody use "RSI Envelope Trader" with real money. Among a hundred replies only ONE guy posted his results at first was positive and then lost his money.
After my tests and reading all replies in thread I decided not to go live with real money with this EA.
Asked for refund and Mary, a lady from support, wrote I have to make demo test for a month and then she would be happy to refund me.
I made the test and it was negative, offcourse.
A month later she said the test is not made according their rules and should make it according this page rules.
I made this demo test, too, it's not necessary to say it was negative too. Finaly she wrote she won't refund me

There are two people named Mary and Alex they like to make fun with people. Alex is very good speaker. I trusted him and now regret.

That's it I have full history of emails and correspondance.
hawaii, USA,
Apr 5, 2018,
Registered user

first unhapyy in delight.

We are one week after they exchanged the software from the dream machine that I hated to this wonderful RSI logic that comes with 5 different ways to use it.

Now before the good stuff let me tell you about how I got the the good stuff....

First expressing your dislike of the results or the software can get you banned from the is considered "negative" .... Now I have to say I was not very happy at all with the dream machine ea and may be I am not talking in diplomatic ways and too a trader on tourette !

Second the staff of EXPERT gave me the harder times ever to exchanges it a lady named mary who is suppose to be really nice had a great dislike of me and made me promess to never post a negative comment on the forum about the ea.....after 20 emails she would still not exchange it ....requesting me to try the ea two weeks extra and send her prof I did not make money......when ALEX had posted already his own terrible result with his optimized files. did I get happy?

Well I contacted ALEX directly ( now he truthfully had a grudge on me too for posting "negative" comment and was the one who had given me a warning.

But at least he was willing at the first nice request to Exchange plus price difference.


THE RSI EA with the files provided in forum optimized by alex hard work seem to be excellent.

I started the ea with his files on $ 500 account april 1 2018 and now it gradually went to 629 EQUITY. I only had to change the spread setting to 10 and reduce my lot size from 0.10 to 0.05.....just to be safe.

So I will be forgiving of "mary" and the hard times and give them a 5 star. I later got a nice email from management and they kindly told me that they will make client exchange a bit nicer for people.
So I think theses folk understand their previuos mistakes and alex is a good man who tries his best to sell the ea they make ....and at least make the BETTER with his hard job optimizing them ...

So I am grateful.

Mar 29, 2018 - 5 Stars I am giving a 5 STAR for ALEX helping me to EXCHANGE the dream machine for the RSI envelope that looks to me to be 50 times better. That said EXpert was unweling to give me a full refund after only 3 weeks while alex own results posted on web site were mostly negative. Alex I can tell is a good person trying hard to find the right ea for us and I believe good nature.

I hope to be happy with the new ea rsi least this RSI make more sense and potentially more wins then the dream machine that I definitively only will recommend when they do further testing.

I had to pay for the difference in price only $ 21...( that was the full price. difference) any body who want to buy there FIRST buy the candle trader for $ 1 ....then as a existing client you will pay half only on the others.
Melbourne, Australia,
Feb 15, 2018,
Registered user

All talk, no substance

Slick talker, clever with words, good marketing skills. But how long can you hide the lack of real content ?

I tried 2 of their EA's. Rented the hedging EA for 30 days and found it nowhere near the performance promised in their youtube videos when I backtested it.

Bought the money making EA as it was going cheap and backtested it. I took data for the same period that was shown in the promotional video. The video appears promotes the EA under the guise of educating you how to optimise an EA on mt4. With default parameters, the video shows it making a good profit %age, which then goes to phenomenal levels as optimisation of each parameter one by one progresses in the video. I found the default parameter to incur fairly heavy loss for the same period, and tried tried to quiz Alex in the forums, wondering what explains such a wide gap in performance for the same period. Surely given that I used a reputed broker like pepperstone, the results should not differ so much. The man is an artist at evading questions like that.

It's all just smart talk and clever marketing. If these guys made money trading, they wouldn't have the time to sell so many different products and services.
Miller, Netherlands,
May 15, 2017,

Skilled marketeers with new manipulative material

In addition to what I wrote before:

Now Alex is sharing so-called live trades. Many are falling for this marketing manipulation.

Just recently several trades for the Double in a Day trading technique were shown.
Alex was promoting it as a live trade as there's been plenty of criticism of him not being able to have had a single successful account in the maaaaaany years he's trying to sell educational material an EA's.

So, what solution did Alex find? Opening many accounts with little money. Than entering trades on many accounts and recording the one that is near TP. Not showing the failing accounts.
At least that's how everything look like currently. Why not show it at entry? Well, my guess is that it will be difficult to pick the right account and share that one upfront. So now he's only sharing it afterwards.

All of this is in line with many failed investment accounts of the past that were provided by expert4x. Neither were they ever able to provide a consistent profitable signal service. What happened to the myfxbook or FXBlue accounts of the investment account?

I suggest Alex DuPloay slows down on the aggressive marketing and starts showing some real evidence (at the time it is happening). Not hours after trades are entered on one of the many accounts that are set up.
That should not be difficult for someone who's teaching forex for 15 years or so.

Apr 3, 2017 - 1 Star I wrote a very detailed review before but it never got posted on FPA.
I'm writing this out of frustration to the way Alex deals with posts on their forum.

All the time that I've been with Expert4x I noticed on their forum that when a user wrote something negative it was deleted within 12 hours. Negative posts I would see would suddenly be gone. I've experienced this myself as well, which got me quite pissed off. I wrote a fact-based reply to an amateur. The amateur got pissed, without being able to argue against my facts and started making it personal. I got back at him with facts. To my surprise a few hours later my reply was taken down, while the post of the angry guy telling me it was only my attempt to discredit him etc etc was left on the forum.

It has come to a point that it is sickening. The lack of integrity is just unbelievable. Alex could have been man enough and argue against my facts, but that would be impossible.

Also, never in its history has Alex nor Expert4x been able to provide a long-term successful trading account. All PAMM investment accounts I watched pass by failed. Which makes me wonder. If he can't run a single succesful PAMM throughout the years, than how succesful can his products be? Or his education?
Not a single succesful account of Alex throughout all those years.

Another issue, their EA's collect data from their clients' accounts. Your private trading account information is sent to Alex for analyses. Every detail about your account is in their hands. Which is why I never went further than a few small live tests. You have zero privacy. They have zero integrity.

They work with one of the greatest coders around from a 3rd party company, but since expert4x does not have proper trading skills, they tell the coder to build things that actually don't work well. This is why expert4x always tells their EA's are just tools that need to be managed all the time.

Some of the tools will be good money makers in the hand of the very skilled trader, I have to say that. But the majority of tools are made to fail. And the sole reason is Alex his lack of understanding of the markets. He is a marketeer, not a trader.

I have 18 of their products at this moment of writing. Many I got for a few bucks through their eBay page, while on discount. I have studied many of their products. There is educational value in playing/testing the EA's and the educational material, but don't expect to make money. Only if you are a seasoned and skilled trader will you be able to improve upon the failing products.

My advice to anyone. DON'T buy any trading product that has no double verified myfxbook on a live account for at least a 9 month period. I know serveral legitimate services that show the myfxbook of their clients. Only consider them. This industry is 99.9% full of marketeers.

I might get expert4x products in the future for educational purposes, to study and improve the failing products and to build my own improved EA's.

  2 traders have found this review helpful
gold coast, Australia,
Apr 12, 2017,
Registered user

The EA is totally poor. They did not work as what they described. It is over-fit and over-optimize. You can not make money on Expert4x Alex du Plooy 's EAs

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