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2.489 • 4 REVIEWS

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Aug 8, 2016,
Registered user

I had to listen to BLA, BLA, BLA....this guy has no expertise, this guy can't do a webinar without showing his personal results on a live account....He is obviously a scammer
New Jersey, USA,
Aug 11, 2008,

I have not reviewed Mr. Person's DVD courses. I can only base my review on his books. I have foubnd them to be an invaluable addition to my library! I trade candlesticks, support/resistance and use some other western indicators like Bollinger Bands for confirmation. I have begun to use Pivot Points more and it has helped!

Now, it so happens that John Person's materials coincide with my style of trading. I use the above methods and only day trade. I am slowly working my way toward swing trading now.

John covers day, swing and position trades and uses candles, pivots, and some basic western indicators. Maybe that creates a bias on my part but I doubt it.

His materials are NOT for beginners. You need to have a solid understanding of Forex. I believe this is true for most courses and systems. I have seen systems that work and make money but when I was a beginner I could not appreciate them or fully comprehend all the subtleties....and they did not work for me.

Now, being more experienced and seasoned...I see a lot more.

My advice would be the following...start with Person's last 2 books Forex Conquered and Candlestick & Pivot Point
Trading Tactics. I think Forex Conquered is his best work yet.

If you like the material and learn from it, consider purchasing his $290 Forex Conquered DVD course. I am considering it myself merely out of curiosity. I am doing quite well trading right now.

I have to take issue with ALAN from AUSTRALIA's review. You made a lot of comments but provided no clear examples. What holes? What inadequacies? I would really like clear, defined examples of your argument. until then...your review sounds more like an angry NOOB that expected the 'Holy Grail' that was never promised and lost some money trading irrationally.

I am not trying to be mean toward you Alan. There are undoubtedly some people (myself included) that would have liked a really decent, honest review of the FOREX CONQUERED course and disappointed because you did not deliver any more than an angry rant.
Aug 25, 2007,

John Person, unlike many so called 'experts' has a simple trading srtategy that really works. Importanlty there are no proprietory indicators, meaning that if you follow the strategy by implementing the rules you can make money without buying or subscribing to any 'signal' systems. What I like about his work is that it is statistically backed up with historic evidence. The high and low close doji patterns, in combination with the use of pivot point moving averages makes a very compelling strategy that is easy to follow. Though he does sell his own 'signal'software, it is not necessary to succesfully trade using his methods. He has also written three very good books and has a good pedigree as a trader with 26 years of experience. Unlike another reviewer on here I find it difficult to fault his system, which is why I give it 5 stars.
Apr 1, 2007,

Although there is reasonable merit in incorporating pivot analysis within a worthwhile technical view of the forex market John Person's course is the LEAST valuable and generally expensive option given the blatant holes in and inadequacies of the stuff that he peddles. Just another marketing scammer providing a low value "throw together" product with the usual "guru" bs. All to take a ride on other people's dreams and aspirations. Anyway, what's new? There is much more relevant and valuable information on the subject that is freely available (or at reasonable cost) without having to waste your money on this snake oil salesman. I give it 1 star rather than SCAM in order to encourage developing traders to research pivots as part of their own worthwhile trading methodology.