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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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drex ryan,
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines,
Jul 21, 2010,

i am currently employed here in megatrend consultancy. i can actually prove with no bias that this company or consultancy firm is legitimate as regard to pisl. this firm has all the legal documents and are all updated. as regard the last comment posted before this, i know some people here in our country and city that had already made profits through transacting currency trading in megatrend .
Hidden yu,
Mar 25, 2009,

as a consultant in mega trend for a long period of time, i really know what there doing to the money and one thing also I observe that there is no primehill exist, they just invented that name, coz I saw documents and when I ask one of the acting managers they could not say something. and I proved to myself that they just prented it out, the documents thier giving to the client and everything is only from them, and also the appearing name mr. alberto cabella is the name registerd in the legal docs. but ever since I was not able to see him even in the strands of his hair.
Cebu, Philippines,
Feb 7, 2008,

I lost all my savings in this God-Forsaken forex company, They operate here in Cebu, Philippines as MegaTrend Consultancy or Mega Group of Companies. I noticed that they hire new marketing personnel almost every weekend and i've never heard of anybody making money with this company. They claim to be in British Virgin Islands but nobody could even confirm their existence! Even their so-called MANAGERS! Look at their website! Their charts is a snapshot from Year 2002! Their domain registration is from HongKong! This is a BS Company!